Friday, November 1, 2013

Time management

Can anyone else relate to this? Weekend comes and that's the time you have to "fit" in all of your weekly tasks that don't get done cause either your to tired or don't have time.
Well I fit into the "I'm to freakin tired" category. I get up at 5am and I get home by 6:30pm and once I walk in the door, I shower, eat, make my lunch for the next day, talk to hubster for 1/2 hour, possibly watch on show on t.v and that's it.....the bedroom darkness takes me away lol.
Today, being my first day off of three, I managed to bake cookies and make cinnamon buns and sweep the floor, wash the dishes, and have the most FANTASTIC two hour nap that felt like the most refreshing religious experience ever lol. Who would have thought that a nap would feel like a religious experience!
Feeling this good who knows what the heck I will accomplish tomorrow lol. Happy Weekend :-)

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