Saturday, November 30, 2013

Always fishing for enlightment

To stop learning, to stop yearning, is to stop growing. I hope I never stop yearning and learning. I like to surround myself with people who have the same thought process too...who seek all the time, who question all the time, who never find the answers but love what they find and love the adventure of looking.
My children help me with this all they seek their own adventure life and share with me what they have discovered, it grows my mind and spirit again and again. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with happiness for them that I literally will just sit down and cry, and it's not a bad thing at all, it's such a great release, to be so happy that I get filled with tears and let em go. It's hard when they struggle and you not only see their pain, but as a Mom you freakin feel it in your heart just like theirs, but you can't fix it for them, you can guide them, encourage them, listen, but we can't fix it as Mom's and that's the hardest part. advice for today is this....go for knowledge, for ideas, for love, for stars, for what ever you catch will not be what you caught last time, that's for sure!

Monday, November 25, 2013


Even though you see the snow, it was nice and warm outside today.

Win this funky hand made hippie banner by entering below.

I was bored one night, and so I descended to the basement, and this is what I created. A banner in the shape of an owl, with owl eyes and letters that spell out HIPPIE. It's very eclectic and may not be something everyone would want, but it surely is unique, and so if you would hang this in your home and smile whenever you passed by it, then my work was for not, and my soul will smile with you.

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Vegan swap box mania!

WOW....what a great week for vegan swap boxes.....I received two of them this week, as my October partner wasn't able to get her's out in that time, which was totally fine with me and I totally understood why.
So, then my November partner shipped her's this past week, thus TWO awesome boxes arriving in the same week, making it feel like Christmas.
Thank you so much ladies....I had such a fantastic time opening my goodies!!

This was my October box, one thing missing from this pic is a bag of dark choc covered berries which are in my locker at work for those snackish times. THANK YOU!
This was my November box.
Opened it up and to a AWESOME letter, to which I was given instruction on how and what to open up first....this swap partner was a much so, when I go to Vancouver next, we are hookin up for a kick ass vegan meal and some great conversation, but this is due to all the similarities she has with my daughter which means she's pretty much as fantastic as her, but not quite....OH COME one will ever be better then my kid....settle down lol.
So this is how it started.....
and then the next one....and so one with all the packages telling me which one to open up first, with a tutorial on each package I opened up in the letter.
All the packages lined up and ready to open.
Finally, all the yummy loot lined up and ready to be devoured! Thank you so much for the funnest package EVER!

Thursday, November 21, 2013


The beautiful girl in this picture needs you. Her name is Alisha, and she is currently fighting for her life in a hospital back east. Today she lays in a hospital bed with burns to 70% of her body and she is not conscious. She was taken out of her burning basement suite and now needs you to whisper her name to the universe and beg that this world still needs her.
I met this amazing soul at Shambhala this past summer, and was blessed to have camped with her in my group for five days. I had many days where I was able to sit with her for hours and have amazing conversations, the kind that just move your soul. She is an amazing human with an amazing out look on life for being so young. If you pray, please pray, if you meditate, please meditate, if all you do is speak, then speak her name as someone will hear her name and know she is still wanted here on this earth.
Alisha....thank you for showing up in my life and teaching me something in our short visit together, you have blessed my life. FIGHT.....FIGHT HARD!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cage fighting

When I think of UFC...or MMA...or cage fighting.....this is the man I immediately think of. George St.Pierre....and he is delicious! I have been watching him now for about 10 years...and when he gets on the big screen I turn into a different person....I am not sure who or where this person inside me comes from, but I turn into a complete lunatic....not that I'm not crazy prior to this, but it's a different kinda that makes me scream "punch him in the effing face, get em get em get em", but I scream this at the t.v like a mental ward patient lol.
My brother went to a pub with me once a long time ago to watch a fight and he too couldn't believe his eyes lol.....who is this and what happened to my sister lol.
Well for some reason, I freakin love watching UFC. I can't even remember when it started or why or where I was, but I love it.
I'm pretty sure that George here had something to do with it...I mean, seriously....look at him....I can tell you one thing...I'd have no saliva left when I was done with him! lol
However, last night in his defending fight, he got his ass kicked and he looked like this:

That's okay though....everyone needs a good beat down in the cage once in a while. Should he have lost? Maybe, but he didn't, and there was something that the judges thought gave them enough reason to give him the win. His opponent afterwards said he gave 70%, and how he really could have kicked his ass and the title should be his.....well....I say this to coulda woulda shoulda buddy, but you didn't....don't brag after the fact of what you coulda didn't and now your sitting there pouting about it and making want the title, then fight everything you have, leave no doubts in yours and everyone else's minds that you did the best you could. George admitted he gave it his all, but his contender didn' for that, I have no respect for him...and all for my Georgey.
Best fight I have seen in a while though....phew, totally worth the pay per view price!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Bitter men

It has become quite apparent to me for some reason that there are a lot of bitter men out there in this world. I am not sure why I am becoming so consciously aware of this at this point in my life, but it seems that the more men I meet and speak with, the more I am becoming aware of how many men our there are hurt and still hurting from a past relationship.
This to me just seems so exhausting, and it makes me wonder....why are they still bitter? Why can't they get over it and move on and become happy healthy men again?
My ex husband HATED me.....and when I say hated....well at times I am sure he would have said that's an understatement. I would like to say I feel bad, but I can't take responsibility for how he feels and how he chooses to let thing affect him. I am happy to say now that over many years, I can sit down and talk with him and actually have a great conversation. He is happily remarried with two more kids and I couldn't be more happy for him. I am happy I can call him my favorite ex husband (well, he is my only ex husband lol) There are not a lot of people who can say that I am sure of.
My hubster now, he too has an ex that enrages him when he thinks of her...because he too was betrayed and hurt......and there are so many at my work that are this exact way....when they speak of their ex's they speak with such hate and anger.
So I asked one of them....then why do you even speak of her anymore? Why do you let her memory continue to have power like this over you? LET GO MEN AND MOVE ON.
Let go so that a GOOD woman can be let in, but please, go through the right amount of self healing before moving on to the next woman, she doesn't deserve your angry baggage.
It's just so sad to see so many men who could be happy healthy men be dragged down so far because maybe they lack to skills or knowledge of knowing how to heal or where to go to get healed.....or maybe some of them just like wallowing in their self pity and anger......GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Forklift school

This is where my morning started out at a table with a dude who told a MILLION ridiculous stories...and not very much book stuff.....not really all that shocking. I mean, how can you really teach someone about how to drive a forklift from a book. For a few of the newbies there, it was informative....for someone who has already been there done can get a bit dry. I took to doodling in my book for quite a bit of it.
I have been on a variety of forklifts for a variety of jobs I have had in the past.....from driving a stand up forklift that's more like driving a stand up video game (that's the only way I can describe it lol...cause it has a freakin joy stick lol) to driving small/med size forklifts of different kinds. I have been VERY lucky to have had some amazing co workers along the way who have taught me and showed me tricks of the trade that have helped me build my confidence in a forklift and build my skill set.
Today the instructor just assumed cause I was a chick I would need to "go last" after the "professionals"....well once the pro's were done I went....and well.....I am proud to say he informed me that I was better then the "pro's". To which I smiled gleefully inside....once the basic forklift was done.....I was sent to one I have never seen nor set foot in....and since I did so well on the normal lift, he sent me out to the field where this big boy was and told me "your a smart girl, go figure it out"....I had a small mild heart attack internally and then told myself...."yeah...that's right....I can figure this shit out on my own!"
So I spent a while out in a big ol muddy field with pallets and cones and other machines having a BLAST....I have discovered that I just LOVE this machine called a telehandler. I was on such a high, not only cause it's totally an awesome machine...but because it has some crazy ass components to it and I totally mastered it all on my own....from crabbing the wheels and maneuvering in some awesome ways to just all out sweet techniques.
Anyways....all in all....the day was a success, I was re-certified and I am good to go for three years...and I discovered a new love of a new machine....which my new job just happens to have and you can bet yer ass I'm gonna be ALL over it come Monday morning :-)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Beautiful day off activities

So I have had four days off this weekend and it's been pretty fantastic....we were able to get lots done around the house and get stuff done in town too. Yesterday we moved our giant rabbit downstairs to a more roomy and pleasant area for her where she could roam around all day and to crazy rabbit bursts like crazy....which by the way is hilarious to watch.
Yesterday it snowed.....for the last three Sundays in a row it was snowed, but the snow is usually gone by Wednesday which is soooooooooooo nice....we are not used to this happening.....we are used to when it snows in November it stays and never goes away until nest April lol.
This morning when I woke up it was GORGEOUS.....the sun is shinning and beaming in through the windows....I just got so much energy to bake, so this morning I am baking some cinnamon buns for a couple of boys at work who are the same age as my son, and they love cinnamon buns, so what a nice treat I will be able to share with them tomorrow.
So today is also Remembrance Day.....a day of reflection of a war that was fought many moons ago....a war I cannot relate to but I am told I have to. I am very torn about this, and the feelings I have about war and everyone telling me about freedom. When our troops go and fight in foreign countries in this present day and the media tells us they are fighting for our freedom.....I tend to disagree....they are not fighting for me....they are fighting for another country, not ours and that country is having their own dispute and it has nothing to do with don't tell me it's about OUR freedom....oh man.....I could REALLY go off on a tangent in this subject, but today is not the day for it. Today is a day of happiness and baking and relaxation time.
Happy Monday!

How can you wake up to this and NOT be filled with JOY!!!
Baking madness has begun!

The kitchen counter clutter has also begun lol
My giant rabbits new digs....yup, she has her own sectional couch, she might be a tad spoiled lol

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Buy local and support your local artist!

Today I went to my first Christmas craft show...and I have to was rather exciting. I have lived in a very small town for the last five years, and so going to the Christmas show in that town was....well.....alright. I mean, it would have been better if the people made different things each year, or others joined in, but that usually never happened and so you pretty much saw the same stuff year after year.
Well being near the big city here in Alberta now.....I GET CHOICES AND I GET TO SEE NEW FUN STUFF!!!
So my hubster was gracious enough to drop me off at the fair and let me doddle for a while and not feel rushed, I had such a great time looking at so many fantastic local artists.
Since both of my kids are SOOOOO talented, I very much believe that one should buy and shop local and support those who live HERE or at least in Canada.....the days of internet shopping are so crazy and you can buy anything and everything from China or beyond, I think it's important to show those HERE that they are important to us HERE!
So today I purchased from two localish area artists. I couldn't resist and owl shirt and a little owl stuffy that was just so darn cute.
I was able to have a little chat with each artist and they too felt the same as I....SUPPORT LOCAL.
This talented young lady made the owl stuffy and a bunch of other fantastic stuff.
Front of the owl stuffy filled with grain.
Back of owl stuffy with cute little saying.
This amazing woman draws ALL of her OWN stuff, then silk screens it all to different wears, from shirts, to bags etc. Her husband(boyfriend?) supports her gleefully. Amazing pair of humans these two!
This is the awesome owl shirt I bought from her, truly great artist talent, saw her sketch book....totally amazing!
This is another fair happening in the northern part of Alberta in Edmonton....I heard it pretty fantastic...and I would LOVE to go and take this in...anyone out there wanna go, I have 5 or so $1 off coupons for it.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The art of soul searching

Everyone goes through it.....some do it when they are young, some go through it when they are older, other seems to search their whole lives for some type of meaning in life.
For me, just when I think I have figured it out, I know I really haven't, because really....that's one will ever have it all really figured out. That would be way to easy.
Not only do I have to endure my own search, but now as a Mom, I have to watch and listen to my children's soul search and seeking of all things meaningful. What I didn't think I would discover was how much of an influence my children's own search would influence my own search...which in actual fact is truly inspiring. I just love hearing all of their new discovery's and how it's changed their life and why, and I can hardly wait to hear over their life time what new things they discover.
Well at my new job, I work with a couple of younger men who are the same age as my son, and they too are in the midst of soul of them has such a unique and interesting life story already, and he likes to talk to me at work about his thought process and he likes to bounce ideas off of me, but also to inform and challenge me too....what a great gift to me really, to be able to have such great intellectual conversation while working and getting paid :-)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hootie comes to visit

Except this Hootie is a big freakin owl right outside my back door in the tree...and not just one....but TWO of them. They were so majestic to watch, it was like I was hypnotized for hours, I couldn't stop staring at them, watching them spin their heads in that crazy robotic motion they do, then watching then clean them selves and seeing and hearing them do their "hoot hoot"...never have I been witness to so much, right in my back yard, so close!
I'm pretty sure they are here because I have spread my new rabbit's poop in the garden, and they can smell the fur and scat all over the place and they probably think it's dinner time lol.
Sure wish I had one of my daughters snakes frozen rats in the freezer right now, so I could thaw it and throw it his way.

He was keeping a close eye  on me.
It's harder to see in the pic, but there is one off to the left in that tree, and then the bigger one in the tree off to the right.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Deja Vu has struck our family again. Last Sunday my sister's house in Calgary was the victim this time. The daughters snake heating pad. She had just been given it by her boss at the pet store she works at...and it was the first night being hooked up. All night was fine, but then the morning came, my sister and BIL left and in that hour and started.
It could have been a billion times worse then what it was, but none the less, still devastating and damaging. They came home to a house full of smoke. They were able to rescue their two dogs and three cats, but my daughters beloved snake has gone to "the other side". She loved that snake so much, she got it as a baby and has raised it for the last three years, being solely responsible for it.
Not only did she need to deal with the loss of her snake, but she had to deal with the devastation of living through another fire in less then two years.....but this one consisting of her losing most of her stuff, and my sisters house being devastated.
It's times like these that one is reminded once again how precious life is and how we take so much for granted, and that stuff is just stuff and that there is so much to be thankful for. I can relate to everything my sister is going through, with insurance, frustration, anger, stress and just pure exhaustion. Your life gets turned upside down and you just crave some type of normalcy.
Please send your positive thoughts and if you pray, the please do so for my sister and her family and that there may be a positive outcome with insurance and that she may find some peace amongst the insanity that is her life right now.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Time management

Can anyone else relate to this? Weekend comes and that's the time you have to "fit" in all of your weekly tasks that don't get done cause either your to tired or don't have time.
Well I fit into the "I'm to freakin tired" category. I get up at 5am and I get home by 6:30pm and once I walk in the door, I shower, eat, make my lunch for the next day, talk to hubster for 1/2 hour, possibly watch on show on t.v and that's it.....the bedroom darkness takes me away lol.
Today, being my first day off of three, I managed to bake cookies and make cinnamon buns and sweep the floor, wash the dishes, and have the most FANTASTIC two hour nap that felt like the most refreshing religious experience ever lol. Who would have thought that a nap would feel like a religious experience!
Feeling this good who knows what the heck I will accomplish tomorrow lol. Happy Weekend :-)