Thursday, January 30, 2014

Where did ya go?

Like seriously....where did January go? I cannot believe tomorrow is that last day of the first month of this year already!
First of mornings.....let me get this EARLY mornings...have been filled with treadmill time.....

Like I had said a few weeks ago....I have been going to this gym in the city...and I had a three day pass, but they only checked me off for the one day...and well....I guess the guilt has not gotten to me yet, cause I still have not paid lol.....and they are in fact greeting me each morning with smiling faces lol. Every day I think "today will be the day they FINALLY figure out I am treadmilling for free lol", but every day I walk in and they never ask me to check in, so every day I just keep pushing myself further and further.....and apparently this is the "ugly just finished my work out face" that I have.....

No wonder they don't as me to check in or pay....I LOOK ANGRY AND FRIGHTFUL lol.

The other thing dominating my time and mind has been the huge lay off's going on at work. My work used to run 7 days a week, and they just shut down the weekend shift, let them all go, and they also let go just under a 100 people from my shift...I was one of the ones that made the it felt good....but also extremely hard to see and watch people being walked out. Since this lay off, the people left have been going MENTAL with stress....and there are many changes now being that we all have to gather first thing in the morning like some crazy Chinese work camp and do our morning stretches.....I have heard they do this at Walmart too....well......I think that what in fact they all need to do is some freakin yoga so they all can just chill the hell out!

But one thing that greets me daily...either in the dark of the early mornings, or the light of the end of my the wild gang that roams the fields and sometimes back alley's of our little village.....and they seem to be growing and seriously out of control type growing....or they are gathering other village gangs to theirs lol....I dunno....but I stopped counting today at 30 of them. As long as this gang stays out of my garden come this summer we will be just fine co existing together in the village.....

I just had to stop today and take their pic.....and even when I get out of the car....they are not scared.....and they seem to have a lot of youngsters....seems they have the same problem as the local colonists around here.....PROLIFIC lol

The other thing that if funny about getting used to living in southern AB is how pissed off I get when there actually is's like we go for a while with no snow and then day of snow...and it's like it's personally insulting me with disregard of my needs DARE there be snow in the winter months dare I conceive of a winter where there is little snow lol.....yet alone only for one day....sheesh.

So....I look forward to February.....cause it's just that much closer to garden seed planning and warmer weather.....and of course....the one year anniversary of us finding this crazy village!!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Baby girl!

I am not sure when or how it happened so fast that she went from this.....

to this.......

but somehow 19 freakin years has FLOWN by....and my baby has made it 19 years on this crazy planet. She has accomplished so much in her life already and she has grown up to be the most magnificent human being, and really, I am so very proud to be her Mom, and so blessed to have such an amazing daughter.
Now that being said.......19 years ago....after she was born....oooohhhhhh boy.....were those some rough times. You see...she had COLIC...and that shit just plain sucks!!!! Yup....she pretty much screamed or cried for 7 months...and a light switch that had been turned it went...just like that...and what a bloody glorious day that was....but then she went from crying and screaming to the stage of stripping lol...yup...I could not keep clothes on that kid to save my life....she was a year old, she had just learned to walk....and she'd take off her clothes and try to escape all the time out the front door.....I even had a neighbor across the road call me to tell me she was on the front lawn...naked...AGAIN.....yup...that stage was a lot of fun lol.
There are so many stories I could share about her, but I keep them in my heart and memory for as long as I with that.....Happy Birthday kiddo...and when I see you tomorrow...I'm totally gonna pinch yer bum 19 times and I don't care if we are in public lol.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The "Girls"

Little over three months ago...I walked into these two guys lives because of a job....this is what makes life so unpredictable and exciting and truly amazing....because of that life was truly enhanced by their presence in it!
When I first started at this fact...within the first two days, I was told that these two guys were referred to as "the girls"....I had no idea who they I just assumed they were called this because they were lazy or something, or maybe it's cause one had long hair...I had no idea.
So as time went on and I got the opportunity to get to know them and work more with them, it quickly became apparent just how truly amazing these two guys really are. They are in fact so amazing that others, older then them, who had issues of their own, clearly felt jealous of them....and I see this now...and these men that are still there left to work, live such sad sad lives....that they need to try and elevate themselves over these two guys so they can feel better about themselves.....not only is this's pathetic.
However, what makes me smile and feel so proud to know these two is that they are much more aware of who THEY are and less concerned with others that they did not let these weaker men affect them.
I just wanted them to know and the world to know....that they two guys....well....they are super great humans, and your life would be blessed to have them in it...and I will be sad that I no longer will be working with them, sadder even that they won't be there to eat cookies I bring in (side note: I decided that I will not bake cookies for anyone else at work), and I will truly miss the amazing life conversations I was able to share with each of them, and I will miss be truly inspired by their youthfulness, their open minds AND their muscles...cause they totally saved my ass at work so many times lol.
So boys....please come back and visit....and I will promise to make cookies for you and cinnamon buns!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Door closing?

Well...this Monday morning at work started with a full staff everyone from the entire place..(which is freakin 300 peeps huge) all in a the lunch room meeting area at 7 am....THIS has never happened in the history of this needless to say....people where shitting their pants lol
And they had good reason of Feb 3, there will no longer be a weekend shift...which works Fri
Sat Sun, and they work 12 hrs shifts. And the other peeps (which used to be me) who work Mon-Thur 10 hrs shifts will now work Mon-Fri 8 hour shifts....AND they are laying off 20% of the basically they said around 60 people....who will know by next Monday if they have a job. We were all told it has no baring if you have seniority or's based on job performance, sick days taken bla bla bla....
So as you can imagine.....after this meeting....the whole work place turned into a massive island of Survivor....with anyone and everyone running from this person to that person, kissing ass here, kissing ass fact...I really should have recorded the whole thing, cause it was pretty damn funny watching some people loose their minds over this...and the people who were kissing ass were kissing the wrong ones it made me laugh even more lol.
So as for what the rest of the week holds.....who knows.....will I get laid off? Who point freakin out or worrying about it...just gonna keep going with the flow :-)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Good morning Sunday :-)

GOOD MORNING!!!! Woke up full of vim and vigor.....took away all the recycling this morning, cleaned up the mess in and around the garage, and just kept on going....once things were a bit tidy, I treated myself to a wonderful peaceful fire pit with Bailey and some coffee added :-) What a perfect and glorious January Sunday morning :-)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Free for all?

So I started at a gym two weeks ago.....I checked out a few of them over the holidays...just to see which one was gonna be more pleasing to me and the cost of each of it turns out....there are quite a few more gyms I have not seen yet but I am now hearing about from others. However, while I was at one checking it out over the holidays, they gave me a three day free pass. So on the first day, I checked in at the front desk and gave them my pass card, to which she entered my info and told me that I should just give them my name when I come in and once I sign up, just let them know I am in the system already.
Well....I have yet to "check in" at the front again....I just walk in everyday, say good morning to the regulars, smile at the desk lady and proceed into the gym and work out for an hour....then as I leave an hour later say goodbye. it has me VERY long can I get away with this....can I go there for a whole year and NEVER pay a dime? LOL.....STTAAAARRRTTTTT TTTHHHHEEEE CCCAARRRRRR (you know that funny Ikea commercial with the lady that comes out yelling this cause she got a good deal)
Anyways....the honest part of me thinks I should own up tomorrow and pay...but then the deviant side of me says....NAH, lets do this fun experiment and see how long I can go for free...and if in six months they still say nothing...totally call some famous news cast and tell them of this hilarious thing I pulled off lol!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Well today was my three month work probation end I walked into my bosses office and gave him a chance to get rid of me and back out of our deal and be free and clear of me....but nope....that sucker wants to keep me around....AND...he even told me that in my evaluation that "I get along well with my co workers" I could not resist.....and I asked...."Did you fill this paper work out today or like a while ago....cause you do remember me telling one of my co workers to eff off and calling the other one a rather naughty naughty few words as well...WITH my outside voice WHILE you were standing right there?".
To which he answered...."Yes, I do remember, and this is how I see it....for a female who works in a male dominated industry, I never have to worry about you, and I know you can handle your own and I kinda like it that no one will mess with you and your not afraid to speak your mind and everyone know exactly where they stand and where you stand....that...and it's fun to watch."
Good to know I am a source of entertainment for the big boss :-) That being said....there really never is a dull moment at work when you work with so many different men and their "wonderful" personalities :-)

Monday, January 13, 2014

The dark side has come for me's happened....I have a cell phone...again. It's been a WONDERFUL five years cell phone free. I did not want sort of just happened really...all due to my big brother who came out to visit at Christmas. He and my sister are "addicts" lol. I was looking for something to play my music on so I have something to listen to when I am working out at the gym, and he informed me that he had a spare cell phone he had and I could use that to download my music on to....well....he then informs me it still activated and low and thing I know I have a million emails from him telling me all the features of the phone and how to do this and that and so on and so on......AAARRRHHHHHHHHUUUGGGGGG. My mind was boggled. Cells phones have changed so much since I had one....I almost feel "old" lol.....when I did have one it was a blackberry and seemed so much easier to use. The whole texting thing is also over the sense that now that people know I have it, they want to text all the time....again.....GGGRRRRRRRRRR. If you want to talk to me......FREAKIN CALL ME. It takes me longer to text then a quick phone call would take.
And when you don't text back in quick sequence..ooohhhh boy...more chaos's like there is some unknown etiquette to how fast you must response. What bugs me is that when I'm driving and texts are coming in and people want to know WHY.....WHY am I not responding...OMG.....I'm driving!!! I am not one of those people who text and talk or pull over cause OMG THE PHONE RANG for crying out loud....YOU WILL WAIT....dammit!
There are a couple of boys my sons age at work...and they are so very kind in teaching me the lingo and protocol of cell phones in this day and age lol....I even learned how to download my first app....OH BOY....but...that's where it stopped...I have no desire to download games, free or not..I have no time for them anyways...I HAVE A LIFE.....weird I know right.....that I would rather do other things then spend time on the cell phone.
However....I do find it handy, don't get me wrong....the convenience is great, but other then that....I can see why society is the way it is now....good grief.
In my brothers words "you can't cherry pick which sources of technology you will shun...they are all good in their own way".....yeah....I know....but I shall still shun secretly all I want lol
My favorite feature on this phone of my brothers is the feature where I don't have to try and text....I can just press one button and speak into the phone and then it types it all into the phone for me so I don't have to....but for some reason when I do this I speak in a robot voice thinking that this voice will be more pleasing to my phone LOL!
So yes...I have come over to the dark side....but I will not answer the dark side at the drop of a's turned OFF most of the time....this way I feel like there is some type of control lol...for now!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Busy Busy

Well the start of the year has turned out to be busy filled with long days...and I am not sure how it happened and was just as surprised at how it just took over so fast lol.
One of the main reasons the days turned into even longer ones for me was that I started heading back to the gym once again...only until we get back to our property and get my treadmill out of our sea can back on the farm.
This being said...I start work at 7am and the gym opens at 5am, but I live 45 min away from the gym in town near my work, so I get up at 4am to go to the gym.....then after gym I head to work, eat my breaky at work before I start...and my day ends at 5:30pm and then I have an almost hour drive home. So I get home, shower, eat, pack my lunch for the next day, chat with hubster for a short while...and off to bed again....soooooooo....this is no life for me or my husbster I was as of Monday, I have been fortunate to switch departments at work and I will now be working Mon-Fri 7-3:30pm. FANTASTIC is how I see that...I will still have early mornings, but at least I will have more time at home with hubster at the end of the day and to me that is way better and worth  more then getting a Friday off that I basically am exhausted on from the previous four days of craziness.
So this weekend, being my last of having three days off, we spontaneously Friday morning headed for the big big city of was a last minute thought, and it turned out to be a great day for hubster and I, just what we needed.
We had a great day stopping at all the stores we wanted, taking our time lollygagging where ever we went, and just having a good time together.
One of the things we saw on the road while walking down town was this tiny's like a smart car...and my hubster was telling me how he had read about it can rent this car at anytime, or reserve it ahead of time, you go on line to see where the nearest one to you is, as they are just parked all over the place and there are a ton of them, you use your cell phone to scan on the front of the car and it opens up the car, you pay by the minute or a full day's the craziest thing I have ever heard of, yet once I saw it I knew it was the smartest thing I had ever seen, totally brilliant!

It's called CAR2GO......and they have over 300 cars with no fixed rental stations, when your done, you simply park it and leave it. Best idea ever!
As we were wondering around this area called Kenzington, we came across a pub with some signs that made me and my hubster smile :-)

And then there were the HOURS that we spent at IKEA....every time we go there we wander and wander, and while wandering we wonder and wonder.....which cupboards should we get lol...and so we take pictures of ideas we like and then come home and ponder and wonder some more lol.
We think we like these....but not sure if they are too big...but then we get home and we say....why buy new ones...the ones we have are great, why not just refurbish those ones with a new coat of knows what we will come up with.....for now...on this snowy Sunday morning, I am going to go back to looking at seed catalogs and think of spring planting :-)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

And sew it begins :-)

So my santa hubster brought me a sewing machine for Christmas and then for my birthday a week later he brought me a bunch of accessories that are AWESOME. So yesterday we went to town and I picked up some material and a cutting board and came home and got real serious about organizing my sewing/craft area. mind just exploded with endless possibilities of creation last might have been the rye and coke though too, not sure. It's not often that I drink, but it seems that when I have, I build wood walls and craft some pretty creative shit, so I'm just goin with it lol.

Yup, I'm pretty much blissful :-)
This is the fun material I bought for my first sewing experience in a looooooong time.

I hate how that thin paper from the pattern NEVER goes back in the pattern package EVER the same way it was when you pull it's like it inflates like a self inflating life boat for crying out loud!

This feels like a grade 8 sewing class flashback!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Great start to the new year!

Best day EVER...time on my birthday with my children....what more could a Mom ask for.....nothing! Spending time with my kids fills my soul and I love that they are adults with their own lives to live, I have to take advantage of any time I can get with them, yet alone BOTH at the same's like I hit the jackpot today lol!

Not only did I get to see my kids, but I was totally spoiled by my husbster who has continued to enable my horrible owl addiction by giving me more owl necklaces and some amazing sewing accessories....AND...a new blow dryer....first time in my life I have not had to buy my own blow crazy is that....when I was young I remember using my Dad's (when he still had hair lol) and that old thing would blow yer head off after that I bought my own....and until today, that's just how it was....but then my awesome hubster got me a sweet ass blow dryer and it sure feels great to have someone who knows me so well and loves me so much.....I truly am the luckiest gal around today!