Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Motivation makes it happen.....

The key to a great workout is MUSIC...if you get the right play list on what ever device you use it makes workouts more tolerable and often more invigorating and satisfying.
This might all be true.....unless your me..and you ask your husband to put some good workout music on the MP3 player. Well let me give you a run down of how my walk/run went this morning....
It started off with a song called "Evacuate the Dance Floor"....good song....gets the pace going for the start of the walk, arms are pumping...I'm feeling really good....next song..."Blue" by Eiffel 65...this is a song from I think the 90's....no problem....gives me a small flashback and a smile on my face.....I press on in my walk....next...."Funhouse" by Pink....oh boy, I just LOVE her...anything by her gets me going...always such a great rhythm.....so there are a few more songs that come one that are of good beats so this pleases me...but then this..... "HIGH" by Afroman.....WOW....really...is my husband trying to imply that I would have to be high to be walking/running at this hour of the morning...or because even if I work a graveyard shift I still come home and get out there and walk/run lol...okay....I have a small smile on my face wondering what he was thinking with putting this song on here for me...after all...it's a rather slow pace...and really ridiculous lyrics lol....so there are a few more tecno songs that come on....and they get me back in the mood again...but then...BAM....super slow song...called "Hallelujah" (now this is one of my fav song, but NOT for workouts) so now I'm thinking....did he put this one on here as a message to me....like I should be saying this while running...like hallelujah my fat ass can keep going LOL...sheesh...I am at this point really wondering what's going on....and just when I really thought my husband was nuts....I get this "Hallelujah" by Matthias Reim....GERMAN TECHNO....WTF
Is this his way of trying to get me to learn German...cause after 6 years of being together all I know is my days of the week, how to ask where the bathroom is and a few colors.....well let me tell you...German techno is is no way something that I want to learn while running...in fact it is so freakin annoying yet hilarious to listen too...lol...have you ever listened to angry sounding German techno? Come on...give it a try..especially when your right in the middle of the most heart pounding, must...keep..going..part of the run LMAO. After that, I was pretty much done....I just pulled out the ear buds and finished up with a warm down walk and a head shake...wondering if my husband was at home laying bed giggling at the concoction he created for me. 
So yeah...today's lesson is....GO GET YOUR GERMAN TECHNO FUNK ON!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Misty morning walks...

This was my walk this morning at 7:15am....just after I got off of working a graveyard shift. Everywhere else there was no fog....but because we are currently living by a lake..the fog and misty air just hovers around our area. So when I go for a walk, it's like walking in a giant cool mist humidifier LOL. This morning on my walk I came across two things...first was a gigantic toad on the road that had it's head squished.....yes...it was as equally traumatizing to see in real life as for you to read it here lol....secondly...a HUGE pile of bear shit....yes...I know what bear shit looks like thank you very much......we have some in our yard to as well, so the bear is near. I just didn't expect to see it right in the middle of the road...what I really wish is that I could have been witness to the bear taking the shit in the middle of the road...now that would have been some funny shit LMAO. So it seems I will have to take my bear spray with me on my walks in the morning.

Veg Head

It's been a little over a month now that I have become a full fledged veg head.....VEGETARIAN. Why you ask!! Why not I say. What do I have to lose really. Do I miss meat...the first week I did, but not now. I have been experimenting with different foods and combinations and have been pleasantly surprised by it all. My husband is still not used to me not eating meat...just last week he went to the grocery store and bought steaks and came home and said "Oh hunny, I got some really yummy steaks"...to which I replied "Well I am really happy for you and the kid, should be a yummy supper for you"....to which he replied "oh crap..I forgot" lol.....ohhhhhhh boy.
My Dad became a veg head about 20 years or so ago, and he's almost 80 yrs old! I have an Uncle who's been a veg head for as long as I can remember...so it's not like it's some new idea to me. I have friends in my life too who are veg heads, so I have been more then exposed to the whole idea.
I just decided once summer was over that it was time for a change. One of the first changes I noticed with in a few days was this: WARNING. THE NEXT LINE MAY MAKE YOU GROSS OUT....my poop LOL...yup...totally different now in every aspect. My energy levels are also different, but not drastic enough for me to say it's all because I stopped eating meat.
Anyways...this is a really fun journey, and I look forward to trying new things that go with it. The following are a few photo's of a few new things I like to eat!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

On the move again....

Well...we have moved AGAIN. Our first temporary home has been cleaned up (by my most wonderful husband cause I have been working insane hours at work) and packed away and moved to our latest and greatest new temporary home.
This one is about 5 or so km away from the main town area, so it is VERY nice to be on the outskirts of town. The most wonderful thing about this new place is that the home is on a bit of land and it backs right on to a lake....so every morning I get to look out at the lake and see the ducks swimming around, there are dear the roam through the property and just the nice serenity of the quietness. Complete opposite of our last temp home. But....I cannot complain to much about that old place, we were given a roof over our heads in a time of need and desperation so it was a GREAT gift.
We just have been given another great gift in this home. It again worked out so wonderfully for us. A friend has gone to the Vancouver Island for the winter and spring and needed someone to house sit for her, and she thought of us and asked if we would like to move in....well....who in there right mind could say no (country folk who aren't used to city living)....NOT US!!!!!
I really feel like I have moved into a castle in this home.....it's just what my country soul needed...and I have to say...I don't miss my old city neighbors one bit....it's was getting really really out of control with the horrible things that they were doing there in the city next door....I could do a whole rage blog just on the idiots next door....in fact, maybe I will do one, it may be therapeutic for me lol
As far as an update on our actual home in the country...in the next few weeks we will be taking down what's left of the old house and getting the area prepped for winter, so that in the spring we can start our new build and adventure. When we take down the old one, I think that's when it will really hit me....that there really is no more old crazy shit shack LOL.