Monday, April 27, 2015

Music and it's madness

Every morning I have been getting up at 4:45am and going out side now to do my run or walk. It's been getting nicer and nicer and not as dark so I find it much more therapeutic to be working out outside then on a treadmill inside.
So this weekend my son came out for a visit and when he came he gave me access to his plethora of music he had just downloaded.
This may not seem like something exciting, but to me...I pretty much felt like I had won the music lottery. The reason being is because he has some similar taste in music as I do, but I don't have the time nor the slightest clue of who or what I want to download or where to find it or even what it's called.
So last night the hubster put a small portion of it (because we were able to transfer a shit ton and it all won't fit on my music thingy) on my ipod thingy.
Well I have never been so completely lost and transformed while walking at 5 am in my's absolutely insane how one can go from almost crying while working out because of the music and how it's mind blowing with astonishment and wanting to punch the sky as if I was Rocky running up some stairs in a old faded 80's movie because I am so exhilarated with sounds in my ears that once again transform my mind into another does help when you are watching the sun rise and you experience yourself running away from the light in the beginning of my run, and then on the way back from my run I run into the rising it's almost movie like...with amazing music in the background while your body and mind are on a trip of their own....just pretty much an epic mind blowing spiritual like experience I had this morning on my walk. Can't wait to see what comes up on the play list tomorrow morning!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Inner Journeys Ecstatic Dance

So I have always believed that everything happens for a reason....well another one of those things totally happened again.
I absolutely needed to work where I work so that I guy I work with would introduce me to his wife and her and I would just totally connect. That's the only way I can explain it...and by connect I mean "she totally get's my desire for weird hippy yoga dance desire thing"....and that is exactly what she took me to last night.
It was FABULOUS....I came out of it vibrating and functioning at a higher frequency and understanding and it was beautiful.
Here is a description of what I went to:

 To those who are called to the transformational power of movement, music and breath…or are curious about the connection between body and mind…we invite you to take a journey through the 4 elements of earth, water, fire and air, using the vehicles of dance and breath to transport you through an exploration of personal discovery, self-awareness, healing and remembrance of your true essence.

Each week we will dance to deepen our relationship with a specific element, activate the connected chakra center and embody our authentic dancer within. Through these sessions you will receive an introduction to pranic breathwork, the power of intention and energetic awareness.

Last night's element was FIRE....and was magical for me to say the least....I tried explaining to the hubster how it was, but unless you experience and have that euphoric enlightenment it feels impossible to explain...because one has to feel it in their own way, for my experience is not someone else's.


Monday, April 13, 2015

Province jumpers...fleeing for flat lands

This post is not what you may think it's fact I know it's not lol. This post is about a family of snails who hid inside a plant that my Mother gave me a few weeks ago and I brought it back with us for here. The plant is called Hen's and Chick's....and she has had this plant outside in a big pot forever...and since they were moving she gave it to me.
This pot and plant have been sitting on my dining room table for three weeks amongst all the other seedlings we are yesterday was transplant day....and I thought I would move this plant of my Mothers to another area.....but it took a pit stop off in the kitchen with me first....and so I turned around to do something else and then I turned around and saw a snail on the counter......I was like "what the heck...this was not here 1 min ago" I asked my husband if he did this....and of course he denied everything lol....and this time he was innocent.
So he comes over and takes a look at the snail, and we put it in one of the big potted pants we have cause it was just the shell....not sure if it was dead or then five minutes later I pass by this big ol pot...and I nearly pee'd my pants.
There was this snail all out and moving around. So I put a piece of spinach in the pot for him to eat...I thought he was cute....he did not like my I gave him a piece of apple.....wowzer....he totally went to town on that piece of apple. I must have sat there for 15 min in awe of how crazy this was to watch this thing eat.
Well it didn't end there....we still didn't know where the heck this thing came from....couldn't be here....we don't have snails or slugs hubster looks through the plant from my Mom's and finds.....EIGHT MORE pretty much we have a colony of snails....and they were very entertaining.
I have no idea what I am going to do with them....I can't bare to kill them...they are currently in a container with a closed lid with holes and lots of apples and lettuce lol. I so badly want to put numbers on their shells and give them all names lol.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Say hello to my little friend

My daughter came out with her boyfriend yesterday....we were celebrating his birthday...and when she walked in the door....she brought me this!

He is the cutest, chubby albino pac man frog I have ever seen....and I have named him Fat Frank Frog!
So welcome to the family Fat Frank!!
Also...we actually had a birthday part daughter asked me to host this party for her boyfriend...and she wanted me to pick up the I did....she did not specify what kind of I decided to go with a Hawaiian theme....and it turned out hilarious!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Art of the youth

I was at my son's in the city yesterday....and my mind was blown away.....blown away by the talent that lives in his house. He has several roommates and they all have individual talent...some musical, some drawing, woodwork, fire spinning, you name it....they have it....all kinds of different perspective art....and I just feel like the world should see it and hear it and experience it.

These are my son's prints...he drew all of these himself in his art book...and then turned them into prints...sometimes he spends hours creating mandalas of various forms and it's just truly inspiring to see the end result of his time and concentration.

His roommate Brandon....creates these pieces from wood...he has this machine that cuts out his design concepts that he puts into it and makes these amazing things like tea light candle holders on the top this giant hanging lamp that in person is just mind blowing!

This is another roommate Kali....she is musically amazing along with a crap load of other talents...but the talent I witnessed yesterday was fitting into a bathroom sink to do her makeup....HOLY COW...this is something I have never seen done lol.

Anyways....I just needed to share with the world how awesome these young adults are and that if you ever wanted to purchase something truly original and epic....I know just the people to hook you up with!!!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Yoga so good

"My yoga teacher took this of me today. When I look at this my first reaction is of disgust. I didn't see what my teacher saw. "Look at your top arm and leg. The openness at your chest and hips is beautiful!! How straight your are able to get, and how you are supporting yourself and balancing on one arm and leg." Years of hating myself won't go away over night, but with the help of supportive friends I'll get there. Yoga is for EVERY BODY."

So my son's girlfriend posted this on her facebook today....and so I copied and and thought it was a great blog post for me....because today I went in my lil village here to yoga....yup...this lil village that doesn't even have a store, gas station...pretty much nothing.....except a great library has a yogi living here. Her name is Sheila and she has been doing yoga I found out today for 35 yrs....she's a senior and she kicks ass!
So today at noon cause I had the day off I went and oh was such a great experience.
It does not matter your level of experience or how good you's the fact that you try...and it's freakin amazing just how great you feel afterwards.
So I just wanted to share this positive post of the guy above to who is trying...he's one step ahead of everyone who's on the couch!!!

The learning curve

I started a new position at work. I went from truck driver to dispatch office girl. I literally hugged my truck good bye, because for the last ten months it has been my office, my refuge, my zen place, my everything really. I never would have thought I would bond with a job the way I did with that darn truck.
Now....I am back in the "walled cell". It's been seven years since I was in a "office" job.
This is what I know about being both the trainer and the trainee in a new position. It is difficult in BOTH scenario's. When you are teaching a new job to someone you have to first figure out how they learn best...this often means having to put your own ideas of how you want things to go aside. Being the learner of a new job means you need to listen, write things down, and try try try to soak it all in and hope something is retained.
The first couple of days last week are pretty much a total blur to me. This week...more blur with a bit of clarity. I will be the first to admit....learning something new is hard...but I love it. At first my trainers were totally awesome, super positive and helpful...but things in the office are happening that are way over my head and have been stirring before I got in there but are now affecting me. Yes...there is ALWAYS some type of drama when you work in close quarters with others....but it's like 6 freakin days in lol.
Being older and often not wiser...this is what I have no give a shit lol. Other peoples drama is not my drama....I will continue to be ME...and that is pretty much HAPPY....cause you can't get down unless you allow someone to get you I have taken upon my self to just keep plowing through the best way that I just learning what and when I can and just being happy.
So far, this is working magically for me and I love it. Also..I get an hour for lunch so I take a 45 min power walk everyday and it's pretty much the most amazing zen therapeutic thing in the world and it produces a force field shield of protection from all negative Nellie's and makes me even more uber happy, which might just irritate those who are not in love with their own happiness. I'm hoping that some happiness will fall on them and they too will want to be happy lol.
Either way....I freakin love my new job...yes it's hard and everyday it gets better and easier...and soul will not be sucked from me...just the soul will overflow onto others!