Tuesday, July 31, 2012

First step

Well we have made the first step in our journey this week. You may laugh at our first step, but considering this insane roller coaster ride that we have been on, ANY step to me at this point is freakin exciting okay!!!!!!! We made the call to Hydro to have our current service to our farm disconnected and have arranged for a electrician to go out there next week and disconnect the wires from the house and put up a temporary pole for us so that we can have power there while we build. The next thing we did was make the call to the "call before you dig" people lol. Once that call is in, they have 4 days to send us the drawing of where our gas lines to the house are, so that when the demolition guy comes next week we are good to go and he knows where stuff is too.
So you see, this type of movement to me is THRILLING...the fact that something is beginning to happen is beyond words. Last night we even finally came to consensus as to what house plan we both wanted. So we can now take that to the city today or tomorrow and get our permit pulled for building, since we found out yesterday that this to can take weeks to get from them....OOOOHHHHHH BOY....the things you learn that you never thought you would need to know.
So I will be taking pictures through out this process or journey as I call it, so that we may share with the world this nut job life we are living and creating in! Stay tuned!!!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Well, on the bright side of things.....

It's all mine!!!! Yup...yesterday I went to the bank and paid of my mortgage!! What a weird feeling. A feeling I thought would being happening much later in life. I was unsure of how to feel. I know I should have been happy....I high fived the lady who's pressed the "delete my mortgage button" lol. It's just that I don't have a home to go along with that pay off. So.....I have to look at the bright side of things....I am debt free, I no longer have to make mortgage payments, but now my life is going to go into double over time speed as I have to tear down the existing place and start from scratch!
Now THIS....is where the journey really begins!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Four blissful and eventfull years

On the the 21st it was our 4th wedding anniversary. Not a huge long time, but it was OUR time! The things we have done and gone through in those four years is amazing. When we sit around and think of the things we have experience in our 6 years together we often sit and laugh and say things like "what were we thinking" lol.
I cannot think of a better man I would have wanted by my side these last 6 years. When I dreamed as a little girl of the man I would think I wanted....it was not him lol....because this man I married is even BETTER then the one I thought of as a little girl.
So on our fourth wedding Anniversary, we went for Chinese food, nothing special, but very special to me. The night before, I was off work at 11pm....and when I got home we sat up talking about my day at work and his day....thought nothing of it...as this is our usual routine....when I had arrived home I brought my hubby some yummy snacks from work he likes and said Happy Anniversary, he joked and said..."but I didn't get you anything" I replied with...."oh hunny, who cares, I only brought you some treats, it's nothing major...sheesh".
So I told him I was tired now, it was after midnight, and at the strike of midnight we had kisses and wished each other many more happy crazy years together....I toodled upstairs and went into our dark bedroom to turn on the bedside lamp....and there...next my bed....was a dozen roses!!!!!!
I am spoiled everyday in ways that no one else would ever understand like me. I have been blessed tenfold when I met this amazing man. Thank you hunny for the last four years and all the ones to come!!!!!!!

We eloped in a helicopter!

Me sitting outside of the helicopter we eloped in!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My little city garden!

Beans, herbs and flowers....oh yes, and guard dog lol

Sunflowers growing tall

I planted three cabbages, and they are getting HUGE

One of the cabbages

Haney, the displaced pig

I went for another visit today to see my pot belly pig that is being taken care of by a good neighbor up the road. Since we had the fire and had to leave the property and live in town, it was better to take the animals to another place.
Haney has lost most of his hair for the summer, and the kitty who we go the day of the fire and was appropriately named Blaze is HUGE. The two of them together have escaped twice from there current home. It's quite hilarious actually, they went for a long walk down the road and showed up at the neighbors place who opened the door and saw Haney standing on his front stoop grunting, as if to say "hey neighbor, you got some apples for me and my pal, we've been on a long adventure" LMAO. If you have ever seen the old old kids movie called Milo and Otis....this is EXACTLY what it reminds me of, except it's a cat and a pot belly pig LOL.

 That's my passenger for the day's adventures....my dog Brooklyn who is very happy to have time at the farm chasing squirrels that make her crazy hiding in wood piles. It was a good day at the farm, got some weed whacking done, and took some loads to the dump....now I'm pooped. Time for a nap!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My little lunch adventure

This little place is located just down the hill from where we live. I have lived here now going on 4 years have never eaten here. Why you may ask? Well, really never thought about it or considered it, as it's part of the local convenience store, I really only stop there if we are really really desperate for gas. Since we are only located approx 21 km from the bigger town we do all our shopping there. Well...last night I spent the night in our burnt house.....it was WONDERFUL...wonderful to replenish my soul with the country. I took my dog and packed at 4am as I couldn't sleep, and I knew I would only be bugging my husband with all the tossing and turning. I think the dog thought I was nuts, but hey, she was up for it.
So we got to the farm and I slept on a blow up mattress and dog in the corner of the empty house. It was GREAT. Got up and started tinkering in the yard and it felt soooooooooooo nice.
Well I was very very lucky to have my daughter's boyfriend live just up the mountain road from us, and they saw my car there, and they brought me breakfast! Yes, I am totally spoiled by my wonderful daughter and her boyfriend. So after a short break it was back at it again.
I worked for another 4 or so hours and then had a little nap. After the nap I got up and had a little visit up the road with my displaced pot belly pig and then decided to head down the hill to store. I thought I'd grab a supper of champions (bag of chips and chip dip). But instead I asked if the little food place was open for business. You guessed it, they said yes. I had a deluxe cheese burger and fries. For a dingy little convenience store located in the middle of no where, it wasn't bad. I had the most wonderful QUIET time to myself at the farm and then this treat too! Long ago I used to go out for dinner by myself a lot. I LOVED it. People would look at me weird sometimes but I never gave a rats ass! Who cares if I eat alone....get over it..in fact....if you never have, then you should. I love that quiet time by myself but yet still in public....it's hard to explain, but it's great. I used to do that at Timmies in the city a lot too. I often will get a Saturday morning Timmy time to my self here too.
Anyways, this little afternoon get a way to place I had never thought twice about was a good quiet spot to eat. It was nice to have the place to my self too! Will I go back? Sure....for some quiet time again!!!!
This crazy little place even has it's own web page lol...here's the link: http://www.forestgrovestore.storefrontonline.ca/

Monday, July 16, 2012

My new best friend!!!!

I just LOVE this thing. Today I went to our local Stihl dealer and bought this as a treat for my self. I have been using all kinds of share shed whackers for the last few years, but today....I got the top of the line!!!!! I had the poor sales people take every kind they had outside so I could try them all. This way I would know what they all felt like and know which one would work for me and my needs. Well I could hardly wait to get it home to show my hubster. I don't think he was nearly as excited as I was lol.
So off I went to the farm and whacked my heart out for 5 hours today and it was awesome. I have since discovered that I should probably wear some ear plugs as my one ear is a wee bit deaf right now lol. It took a few hours to get used to the new toy, learn all it's in's and out's, but in the end...it's such a dreamy new toy for me and I am soooooooooooooo happy!!!!!! Happy Whacking!!!