Thursday, January 26, 2012

"The Hill" pictures

This view is the "Lord, please let there be no logging trucks".
Nearing the end...heart is really racing at this point!

Coming around the bend, seeing the highway, full on praying starts if you feel the tires doing NOTHING lol

The first "S" corner

View looking UP part of the hill
Near the top of the first half of "the hill" 

The Hill...

We live on a mountain. And to get off the mountain, you have to drive down "the hill". The hill is great...except for winter...when once you get to the bottom of the hill you come to the main highway. On this main highway are all the logging trucks and traffic heading to town, cause we all live out in the middle of no where lol. When I say highway, I don't mean like the ones you have in major cities. This is just a "main" road so to speak that is more main to us then anything. Does that make sense lol?
Well when this road is a slippery slip n slide you sometimes have those "life flashing in front of you" moments when you start to slide out into the main road and one just has to pray instantly that there are no logging trucks coming!
I'm gonna take some pictures today of this hill on the way to work and post them tomorrow for you so you can have a glimpse into the wild winter ride! The locals up here say "you haven't lived until you have experienced "the hill". CRAZY freakin locals LOL

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gardening in January....ummm what?

Yup, that's right....even though I have a ridiculous amount of snow on the ground, and just last week it was -42 at our house...I am thinking about gardening outside. Here the reason why!

I found this link from blog surfing the other day, and I can hardly wait to try it out myself. I bought a bag of soil from the feed store today. It's frozen solid lol...but I brought it inside to defrost, and then I am taking a bunch of two liter bottles and mild jugs just like the lady did in this link. Tomorrow after the soil is thawed, I will begin my new gardening adventure and try this out! Can hardly wait to see how it all pans out in a few months or so. It's crazy how excited I am to be able to buy seeds and soil in JANUARY! Even more excited that I can just sit back and wait to see what happens!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Old man winter

Yup, he's here now for sure, wasn't too sure about him for the last few months though, we have had unseasonable warmer weather for this winter so far, and half the amount of snow. But yesterday and today and for the next few days, we are projected to have a VERY cold few days. This morning, with windchill factored in it's -38. Two of our three cars are frozen solid, meaning...THEY WON'T of them did, thank goodness.
I was looking through pictures of last year at this time, and we had just about over half the amount we have now, so this is nothing compared to how bad it could be. Weird how I am counting my blessing at this amount of snow lol..something is wrong with me lol.
Anyways..I think I shall huddle by the fire today or do some baking and warm things up even more. Then...look through seed catalogs and DREAM!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Oldie but goodie.....cinnamon bun recipe

Well compared to some peoples recipes this would not be considered old, but to me it's old, cause it was the first recipe book I ever bought and it has stood the test of my time with some favorites.
My son who is now 21 is the reason I still have this particular recipe for the cinnamon buns. And now with great pride, I have passed this on to my almost 17 yr old daughter who makes an awesome batch of buns as well.
Last night after work I came home and made some buns for my daughter. When she walked in the door and had the huge smile and wide eyes, it makes it all worth the process. Same with when my son used to tell me when he was little that I made the best cinnamon buns EVER...even better then Nana.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Winner is.....................

BEE W BEDARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah for you, I have sent you an email, so let me know where I will be sending my first giveaway package too!!!
Have a great day all!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Running in the country vs the city

My name is Robyn and my ass is BIG. lol. Okay, now that we have that out of the way, I can continue. Three years ago, we moved from the big city here to the country. When I was in the city, I had my very first running experience thru the Running Room. I went on a weight loss journey that saw me loose almost 60 pounds. Since then I have gained back 30.
Thru the Running Room, I had joined the Walking Club, and with them I went out once a week in the evening after work for about 2 hours followed by a seminar of some sorts put on by someone who spoke about something lol.
In any case, there were some amazing people who were encouraging about running. Yes my ass was big and so was the rest of my body, but that did not mean that fat people could not run. I had never tried running on my own, not something I ever thought possible. However, with the positive affirmation from a few I began. It was painful and terrifying, but yet invigorating. At the end of my full on weight loss and running, I was running for a whole hour every day in the morning and then another 20 on my lunch break. And the weight was flying off.
THEN...the excuses starting coming back....and I stopped slowly....then we moved to the country....I wanted to keep up the good health plan, but my days were spent outside burning, raking and cutting and chopping and cleaning. Why you say?....well I bought the biggest shit shack in the country along with 12 acres of disaster. It had not been taken care of at all, so I spent most of all of my days outside cleaning up.
So now that three years of excuses has gone by, and failed attempts at re igniting my passion for running have come and gone it's TIME....and this morning I went to get on the treadmill and it was making some special noises. Not the usual grunting sounds it makes from me getting on it, but some odd ones, ones that made me think this is not such a good idea this morning.
Well....I was dressed and ready to work out and my attitude was great this morning so I didn't want to waste this moment. So I got dressed a little warmer and went outside. I live on a mountain, so getting OFF the mountain took me about 20 min to walk down. I had to walk like a freak taking baby steps cause it's sooooooooo icy out there. Once at the bottom of the mountain I was warmed up enough from the walk down that I didn't need to walk all that much to be warmed up. So I found my self a landmark to mark my start and I was off and running. It felt GREAT. To be running in the country and to take in the fresh air and the scenery....yes it's scenery that I have seen for three years, but when your running it's totally different. It was the most amazing 23:10 I have had in three years. I feel as if the fire has been started in my running soul, and I shall continue this journey. I am not fast in any way shape or form, but it felt good, and that's what counts.
The funny things is that there were two cars that slowed down to see if I was okay...LOL...only in the country would that happen, in the city you could be on the ground with crows pecking at you and people would drive on by LOL.
Yes there are pros and cons of city and country running, just like there are pros and cons of winter and summer running, either way, all I know is that I don't want excuses for any of them, I want to just get out there and run, even if I look like a flailing cow LMAO.
So please, if you see a fat person running on the road, don't point and laugh, but be encouraging!  

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Is it just me......

Or are kids these days just freakin out of control spoiled brats and undeserving!!!!!!!!!!!!
Phew, glad I got that out of the way. LOL
Here's my problem, and I just had to post about this to get a little venting out of the way. However, before I start, let me just say, I myself have two kids, a son 21 and a daughter soon to be 17, both have jobs, both have well adjusted lives even though I was a single parent for many years, both have had their ups and downs in life...yet...they are fully functioning adults in the world.
So why is it that there are so many BRATS getting away with crap in this world. It seems like they are all a bunch of goats in this world following all of the newest trends without blinking and eye or using their own brains. Heaven forbid if the power went out or the internet goes down and they had to do something....LIKE USE THEIR BRAIN. I work with a few of these degenerate youth, who believe it's okay and actually is pretty much expected by them, that they get PAID to work AND text and update their facebook status's rather then actually get WORK done. If they stand around at work for more then three seconds  I hear things like "I'm bored" & " what should I do "...ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING motto is this..."IF YOU HAVE TIME TO LEAN, YOU HAVE TIME TO CLEAN"...or LEARN SOMETHING doesn't matter what job you have...there is ALWAYS something new to learn, you just have to ASK...I know...weird concept for some of the youth out there.
I sometimes feel like asking them if they have a bladder infection and if they need to go to the doctor cause they are going to the bathroom so much  to text in private so they don't get in trouble. Seriously...what are these kids ever gonna do if this country actually went into a REAL recession where you work for NOTHING and BEG for everything, and GROW everything yourself just to LIVE. Currently I think they'd all just fall over and curl up into the fetal position and die, cause heaven forbid if they ever had to actually do some work!

WOW.....I sure do feel better venting about some of the degenerate youth out there....I know I know, they are not all bad, there are some out there that I have worked with that are AMAZING. It's all in the attitude and what's been shown and taught to them and the willingness to learn from their elders.....uuuuggggggg....I am now considered someones elder....okay, that's it, this post is over LOL.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, New things..FIRST GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!

Why.....WHY NOT...I see so many others doing giveaways, and I have been part of so many, so now it's my turn for MY first giveaway. Here's what is up for grabs.

These are four pillow covers, two beautiful smaller crotchet covers, and two larger white linen designed ones.

Here is a closer look of the larger ones.  ALSO up for grabs is the following:

This is also a linen and crochet table center piece or for use in anyway you like.
Now for the details on how to win ALL of these beauties!!!!!!!


Become a blog follower via Google Friend Connect of An Extrovert in the Countryside, and leave a comment telling me you did this, as well as a way to get a hold of you.

Second Chance:
Tell me about something that you found or given for free and why you think it was so great! Again, leave a way to contact you.

THAT'S IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This giveaway is open till next Monday Jan 9, 2012. I will do a draw that night and post the winner on Tuesday Jan 10, 2012. If you do not leave an email, I can't get a hold of you, so please leave a way to contact you if you win.
This contest is open WORLDWIDE!