Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Garden spot complete...finally!

Well yesterday we were able to get a trailer load of what I call "black gold" anyone's just dirt. However, like a I have stated before...out here...dirt is like gold because of the ridiculous price they want to charge for it. Well, my local Mayor knew I was trying to find a good source of dirt without having to offer my first born child for some and she told me about a place. Well, wouldn't you know it, I got a whole trailer load for $30. Freakin awesome! He loaded into our trailer with his tractor and off we went....and then the hard work began. I got home and had to unload it all now by hand. The wheel barrow I had was of help for TWO loads and then the tire went no help. So for the next four hours I busted my butt and got er done! I will not be planting anything in it this year because underneath the dirt is cardboard and it's gonna need some time to compost down. So this fall I will be adding mulched leaves and other wonderful nutrient based things to add to the soil as it grows for me into a wonderful new patch. I did however manage to transplant our rhubarb into it's new spot so it can start to get established. Happy gardening :-)

Monday, June 24, 2013


Nothing feels better then being done a 6am run.....why was I up at 6am.....ask the resident owl and the other 589 birds all chirping vigorously first thing this morning...apparently they were not happy till EVERYONE was up!


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Busy and fun filled days of summer

Well summer is upon us and my days are filled with endless things to do. Some are filled with things to do around the house and yard, others are filled with adventure of discovering and exploring the area around us.
This last Saturday was spent going to the next biggest city to us Lethbridge and checking out the local farmers market and garage sale hunting. Sooooo much fun to do in a big city cause there's so much more crap to look at lol. So while we were out looking for sales we managed to take in the entire city finally and see all ends of it, we even got lost and LOVED it!
Since we left all of our stuff back in BC in our sea can on the farm the house is pretty empty, however, we have found some great deals in our adventures, such as a great sectional for $20 to go downstairs (we even felt kinda bad only paying $20 for it cause it's so great, but they guy is moving and just didn't want to move it) Other great finds such as a super great Asian Market nestled in a obscure part of town that happens to carry some super great German things hubster has not seen or had in a long time, plus some super great Asian stuff that we have not had in four years of living in the bush lol. Pretty much when we go out it's like two kids in a candy store ALL THE TIME lol.
Today I spent the day painting the downstairs a bright white and it just brightened it soooooooooo much it was hard to imagine it before. Not that it was terribly dark before, but when you paint it a bright white it changes it big time! So there is only two more rooms downstairs left to paint....hubster's office and the bathroom. Hubster will be responsible for his office as that is the space he will spend the most in so I think he will not want me to paint it a bright fuchsia pink lol
Today before the painting began there was a knock at the door and it was the neighbors across the road inviting us over to look through their sun telescope. WOW is all I can say, that was a really neat experience that I can't say I have ever had....along with it he gave us a great tutorial on all the aspects of the sun and all things related to was like a mini science class in our neighbors yard lol. And while there, I found out that they often visit the local Hutterite colony here so now I for sure have an in to that place....FINALLY.
The before, plain guest room

The after pic of the crazy colored guest room, wonder who will be our first brave guest lol...I'm hoping it will be one of my creative kids who will come and add there own creative touch to parts of this room with some paint to make it even more adventurous
Plants that the neighbor sent home with awesome....she starts them in her greenhouse and has to many, so now I am the happy recipient of her plants

My garden SLOWLY being started....still need more dirt gggrrrrrr, however....they prices for dirt here are about the same as a gold bar....$150 for one cubic yard!!!! That's $1800 for ONE TRUCK LOAD....WTF!!!! I say na na lol.

My sunflower patch is finally starting to show signs of growing...altogether I have 38 that have sprouted....I can hardly wait to see them a month from now!!!
An abandoned store front in my village that I would LOVE to open up a little bistro in!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day 7 of rebooting

I got up this morning and went for a walk around the village and was blown away by some of the beauty so close to in this picture, I just love the luscious green colors with cute little creek running by.
I am on day 7 of my juice fast (feast) and it's going great. I really have no complaints really, there has been the odd time I crave some good food, but only cause I torture myself by looking up recipes on Pintrest for crying out loud lol so it's my own fault.
I haven't pooped in 4 days, that's about the only shocking thing to me, for someone who pooped like three times a day  lol...but I am giving my system a nice little break and recovery from the over load I have been doing to it for 41 years, I'm sure my ass thanks me LMAO.
I have noticed that I have a ton more of energy, I am more awake and mentally clearer, things seem.....crisper, if that makes sense. A week ago, I would have had an afternoon nap everyday, and now I couldn't nap if I tried....and I have tried, yesterday I tried to have a nap but I couldn't.
In days 3 and 4 of the cleanse I has some wild and crazy vivid ass dreams, so vivid I was a bit freaked out when I woke up, but last night I finally didn't have any. I have heard that this can happen, don't know what it means and don't care really, it was just a fun but weird little trip.
I try to take walks like the one I took this morning to keep my self active while on the cleanse, and it's nice to do since I have moved to this new village, gives me the chance to scope it all out on my speed, and since I go early no one can see me stalking their gardens or lawns or flowers or just being plain snoopy lol.
So for now I continue one with this little cleanse adventure and see where it takes me and what it teaches me about my behaviors with food and why. The pictures is already that much clearer to me :-)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


 I am giving my body a reboot. I went vegetarian last August and then tried Vegan at the beginning of the year, which I failed miserably to some degree. I don't drink milk now....ever...and this is where I fail lol...when I take cream in my coffee, or there is something made with milk, which seemed like everything lol. I lived in a small town and the options were very limited to me, which is no excuse but I used it as mine at the moment. Not good.
So because I was still eating cheese and things with milk products I still felt gross and felt like I really wasn't caring or taking care of myself.
And then I watched THIS!!!
I have never done a juice fast, or made juice or done any kind of the whole concept was new to me and weird. I did a bunch of research like crazy, got a pile of books and made the decision to try it out. I am currently at the end of day 3 of my juice fast. I have not killed or maimed anyone in my family or the general public lol. I have been told and read that day 3 and 4 are the WORST for your body detoxing. I have to say it hasn't been to could all change I am well aware of that.
Today we went to the city for some shopping and even entered stores such as Costco, Superstore, and even a freakin Dairy Queen cause I had to pee there really badly lol. Yeah, that's one thing, the peeing that seems to happen at all the wrong times lol. Like while I'm in the middle of walk in the morning and I have to find a freakin bush or something like a crazed wild animal LOL.
I am not having any cravings really except for when the t.v is on and I see some food commercial and for a split second I think "oh man that would be yummy" but then I remind myself that I no longer want that horrible crap in my body anymore!
I am able to gauge my body and it's needs now by day 3, I know how long I can go without needing more juice, or when I feel a certain way I know I need to start making my juice. I try to change up my juice itself along with the drinking device I deliver it to myself in lol. A good ol wine glass hold 2 cups of juice lol, and same with a beer glass lol.
I am experimenting daily with different things to juice as well, like today I discovered fennel bulb...I even added a little raw garlic and boy did that juice have a great kick to it, I loved it!
I am shooting for completing a 10 day juice fast, but if I feel great and mentally I think I can keep it going then I am gonna go for more, but I don't want to start off by saying that I'm gonna do a 60 day fast and then not make it all the way and feel like a failure. I have seen so many people want to with good intentions, but then go to 2 juices and one meal a day.
So....I take each day one at a time, so far at the end of this day 3 I feel good! I am giving my body a healthy reboot, detoxing from dairy, caffeine, advil's and many other naughty things! If anything my body is in shock from all the healthy doses of daily raw vitamins it's getting lol. Once I am done this fast, for however long it lasts, I really do want to be on the path of vegan/raw food lifestyle, it really does just make sense in a world full of so many sick people, I really have nothing to loose!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Better late then never

I have yet to put in a big garden at our new home....I have been busy with stuff inside and's so hard to decide which one I want to tackle each day. I did however manage to finally decide WHERE the garden would at least go. I was dreading the effort of digging up the lawn for the garden until I found a web site that showed me how to do it all painlessly. All I have to do is lay cardboard down and then throw some dirt on top, that way the cardboard composts down and kills the grass and no digging and swearing for me...pretty much a win win!
Today I was able to liberate my raspberries, when we first moved here I gave them a massive haircut, as they had not been trimmed in grass has been growing between them for a month or so and needed to be weeded. So I spent the afternoon getting it all cleaned up.
This will be the garden spot!

A awesome little raspberry patch!!!

I this space next to the neighbors fence I was able to plant garlic, swiss chard and lettuce!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Morning trail walk discovery

Well once again I have been pleasantly surprised by my new little village. Today I went to go for a morning walk to see what kind of route I would like to make a permanent one and to my discovery I found a nature walkway! It took me about 50 min to complete it round trip and I was in awe of the beauty so close to the house and a great walking route such as this.
This is where is starts

Great walking path!
I came upon this awesome but weird water system lol

Such a cute little river

All along this walkway there are signs like this informing you of what you may be looking at and all the different wildlife in the area, just LOVED that neat extra aspect.
Cute bird house along the way

Carmangay train bridge that is ALSO along this awesome trail

Stairs place perfectly along the trail in the middle of no where lol

Ah yes, even some benches if you need to take a rest along the way!

I just loved my new found path!!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

A bit of paradise in the middle of no where

We went out for a little drive on Saturday and we came across this little beauty of a spot not far from our place. Couldn't believe how great it was there, we now know we don't have to go far for a great camping experience and some awesome boating too!
Welcome to Little Bow!

You can start to see the river as you are coming down this hill that appears out of no where in the flat lands lol

Half way down the hill you can see the forested camping begin

It seemed liked hundreds of trucks with boat trailers were there, this is a SMALL snippet of some we saw
Boat dock and launch area
Nice swimming area

Even better, sandy beach!!!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Feeling settled

We are coming to the end of our first week here in our new home, and it feels divine!!! For the first time in my life, I was able to paint the walls that were MINE. Yes we owned our own home before this, but it was the "shit shack" lol...and it was a log home, so there was not a freakin normal wall in that house lol, so there for no painting for me, and all walls previous to that were "rented" walls.
So yesterday I started with our bedroom, two different shades of purple.....YUP...we went CRAZY with color and I LOVE IT! I am so happy I married an adventurous soul like my self who would be willing to try all kinds of fun colors. The thing about paint...we can paint it all again next month if we want!!!!
I will post pics laster this week of the final product in our room for all to see :-)
Living so close to family again is wonderful too, had my sister and son pop in for a surprise visit this week which was being close enough for random drives to happen.
I have been doing LOTS of weeding and digging and just general clean up of the yard, this place sat empty for almost two years so there hasn't been anything done to it for quite a while.
Here's a peek into my week of getting settled :-)
The painting supply corner lol

Boxes getting emptied and thrown down the stairs to the basement, cause seriously, who's gonna walk down there to place an empty box nicely....NOT ME!!!
Going for drives and seeing the pretty mountains far far off in the distance, we are discovering some other small towns we have never heard of and it's so much fun!
Deck bliss

Growing bliss

What was not bliss was digging the very deep seeded ugly ornamental grass weed like things out of this spot in preparation for my garlic and lettuce in that spot!
My mom bought me this herb kit which I can now finally have a bright sunny spot for!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


We moved this week, from BC to AB, this is not a new trek for us, as we have done it twice already in a few months with a loaded trailer, bringing supplies and things we need. The last few trips were painless and with ease. This trip not so much, this trip was filled with construction and FLAGGERS. Flaggers from HELL.
Now I know it's not an easy job, there's not a job out there that doesn't come with negatives and I am sure there is a lot of scary stuff out there as a flagger in the middle of my experience this time in traveling I can see why these flaggers would be afraid. Afraid of ME....because of her stupidity (and yes I am picking on one particular girl in Salmon Arm B.C) she just about caused a major pile up of cars. Well I shouldn't say stupidity, her out right need to be a bitch!
Our vehicle was pulling a fully loaded trailer so stopping at ANY speed is difficult, be it the 30 we were doing...when the required speed of 50 was being asked of us by ALL THE FREAKIN SIGNS ON THE ROAD, and then there were a few trucks and trailers behind us as well, going the same speed as us.....SLOW...however the cars in front of us, that were way up ahead were going way fast. So when we get to this flagger she jumps out in front of our SUV and just about hits the hood of our car waving her "slow" sign like a psycho path, my husband had to SLAM on his breaks and veer to the left to avoid hitting her, plus the truck behind us locked up his breaks, my husbster was worried we were gonna get nailed from behind...ALL BECAUSE THIS WANKER FELT WE WERE GOING TO FAST!!!! We were going 20 km UNDER the freakin speed limit!!! My window happened to be wide open as this happened, and I hear her say...."geez you guys, you need to slow down" you can well and my extrovert personality did not take this too well. I'm thinking in that split second, she just about killed a few of us with this crazy antic of her's, and then she has the gull to say this.......well lets just say I lost my shit!!!!!!! Had my hubster stopped there at that moment any longer, I would have been out of the vehicle and probably been in jail in B.C waiting to be bailed out lol. However, when I was done yelling at her she was not talking anymore. This I was hoping was the end of wrong was I.
After a few hours of my blood pressure coming down we are now waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down the road, having a peaceful but long drive when AGAIN...another construction we didn't have an "incident" this time....but you could see them being on the verge of a stupid move lol....and the glaring they do....I swear....I just want to drive back that same route with a paint ball gun and give them all something to really glare about and a reason to might just be worth waiting for bail lol......NOT....I'd never give them anymore of my energy those sloths!!!!! Except for one last rant here :-)