Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We'll be on the road again....soon

Well next week this time we will be on the road to Alberta for another life adventure. It was four years ago that we went on a adventure and came here around the same time.  Funny how life works out. We have NO idea where we are going to end up and that's the fun part!!!!
We are looking to buy a home in Alberta or possibly Saskatchewan, who knows where we will be led, and by led I mean, I have no idea what plans someone up the sky has for me, cause really, it don't matter what I want, He usually has a mind of His own really, I'm just along for the ride :-) However.....I have put in a small request...well, maybe more like a sort of demand that He takes me to Alberta mostly....and if He doesn't that I will be rather mad lol. I'm sure that went over really well with the big guy in the sky lol.
Anyways.....we are not selling our property here in BC, we will keep it and sit on it a while, but for now...we are looking to move.
I am excited beyond words, and totally freaked out at the same time, cause really, when you have no idea what's gonna happen it's unnerving a bit....but thankfully I am married to someone who had just as much adventure in him as I do, so it works out great!!!!
So I will take a ton of pics of our one week adventure next week and post about our crazy discoveries!
Can't wait for the next step!!!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Yummies I like

So on the first of January, I went full vegan, and tried to go off of which I thought I was in some horrendous pain experiment by the aliens lol. Man was that head felt like it was going to cave in from with drawls of sugar. I lasted a week, how pathetic is that!
The one this that has continued on is the vegan lifestyle, and I quite like it. I have been experimenting with new ideas and finding wonderful new foods.....such as Chinese broccoli....I have never heard of it (again, how pathetic is that) and found it at Super Store for cheap and it's DELICIOUS.
Anyways....this new eating journey is turning out to be quiet fun at times and challenging at others, like when we want to eat out and can't find a single place to eat so we just stay home lol.
Here is a link to a really great video about being vegan, it's well worth taking the time to watch. ( just copy and past and watch!!!)

These are a few things in my kitchen I love to eat.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A suprise in the mail!

A while back my husband and I were watching some t.v and he had recorded a show about some women in the US who had their own show.
So I thought it was gonna be watching another one of those desperate housewife shows. Well, it was to some degree but then some of it was not. Well one person on this show caught my eye..her name is Lana. There have been some interviews with her, one I watched was on Dr.Phil. Well she struck a cord with me when it came to parenting. Now everyone has there own opinions, and she does as well. I just happen to agree with her. I think what she is doing with her children quite frankly is FANTASTIC, I also think that there are parents who shame her but do the EXACT same thing as her but on a much smaller scale.
Her daughter is rewarded with large shopping expenditures, and other things, but really, her daughter works darn hard, and she is learning that she has to EARN things....which is more then I can say for some spoiled brats out in this world who get anything they want WITHOUT earning it.
So I thought I would find out what this Lana's web site was and send an email to her. So I looked her up, found her "people" and sent off an email. Well within an hour, her peeps sent me an email telling me they forwarded my email to her.  Then within another hour SHE....Lana...emailed me. WOW!!!! Not in a million years did I expect that at all. My only intention was to say I thought she was doing a great job as a Mom and that was all. Sometimes I feel that Mom's just need to hear some positive feedback once in a while and that was what I wanted to do. I don't think it matters whether you have a billion dollars or 5 dollars, a Mom is a Mom, and that's what I have in common with Lana.
Well this is what I got today in the mail from Lana. THANK YOU LANA!
She sent me a t-shirt, a ring and a signed picture. So like I said before....we all have our own opinions and beliefs on things, but in the end, Lana is just like me, a Mother, Sister, Daughter, and a pretty fierce woman!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Alone time

Anyone who has ever known me, past or present knows that I like to have my alone time. Even back in high school, I had lots of friends, but I liked to be able to have some alone time. I loved going for dinner by myself, coffee, shopping, pretty much anything. I never had the need to always HAVE to be with somebody to do stuff.
Back in the day as a single parent going to Tim Hortons was my thing....having coffee and reading the paper was the most wonderful luxury ever.
Now being married, my wonderful husband understands that I still need that "alone" time, and he sometimes teases me about it, but he is very gracious and understands my need to be alone.
This weekend my husband took me away for two days to Kamloops. I have had the most WONDERFUL weekend ever. Shopping, eating, more shopping, just driving around aimlessly and just having alone time with my husband.
Well this morning at our hotel, I was able to get some of that me "alone" time. My husband loves to sleep in, and I am not a sleep in type person, so I slipped out to the breakfast area for some breakfast, and this is how it looked for me this morning. Had my paper, coffee and good eats....AND, I was alone, no one else was there yet for their breakfast, so it was PERFECT!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

To fart or not to fart, that is the question!

Since I have been running at the gym, I have come across a serious problem! may be like my husband and say " I didn't realize this was a problem for you "...well it is....because.....since I was road running before this, there was never an issue, I could just let them rip as I as running cause first of all...IT WAS OUTSIDE....and secondly.....NO ONE AROUND ME.
Well, now there are people around me or in the same general area and I can't let them rip when ever I want. And it's not like I know when the farts are gonna need to be expelled...and it's not like all the time that I need to fart, but the fact that I now know I can't just fart when ever I want is the problem, because I am now constantly aware of the lingering possibility that I may need to fart but won't be able to...UNLESS...I am alone and in that case I am a happy farting runner!!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

I bit the bullet...

I got a three month membership today to our good ol workout gym here in my small town. ONLY because running into a headwind of -29 REALLY REALLY SUCKS!!!!!
I found that my motivation was getting worse and matter HOW many layers and clothes I was wearing. So rather then slip back onto the world of excuses which I found my self doing...I decided to bite the bullet and get a membership for a few months till the harsh cold passes.
It KILLS me running in a ROOM....when I have been so used to running in the beautiful open spaces with wonderful scenery and fresh air. Even worse....when the person next to you is more worried about how their hair looks while on the elliptical...makes me want to reach over and push them off LOL.
HOWEVER....I have to say...running on a treadmill tonight felt like running on clouds compared to the hard pavement I have been on..and NOT having to wear a million layers...wearing a tank top and actually seeing the sweat drip off my felt pretty darn awesome. And it's THAT feeling that makes me want to keep going and going and come back day after day.
Another thing I thought would never happen to is "evening running sessions"...I for some reason have it in my head that I can only run in the morning....well...since I am working graveyard shifts....I am now running before work, and I have to say, I rather like it....cause really, when you think about kinda is my morning!
So for the next few months, this will be my gym....until the open road calls me back with warmer winds :-)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A cold afternoon at the farm.

Trees fell on neighbors fence, we had to tidy it all up

It was sooooo exhausting

The snow was so deep, at times right up to my butt

Wearing my "Love Tims" toque
Our old farm house..sitting empty and lonely and snow covered

One of our old cars completely covered in snow!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

A little visitor at work

It's not every day one gets a visit from Roxy Foxy.....this is the name I have decided to give her, and I have also decided it's a girl too! I was working a graveyard shift last night when this little fox showed up outside the door of my work, she just sat down and was watching me through the I got a hot dog for her and went outside and fed her.
 I have seen some VERY interesting things over the last year or so working in a convenience store in our small town..and now I have this to add to my list of things.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New year, new starts

And so it begins again....another year....I wonder what this year will bring me. Today is the first day of me going off all processed sugars and eating totally vegan...even though I have been pretty much fully vegan for a bit now....I just have to make sure I am fully aware of it all the time with eating out in restaurants, as that is where it can get tricky.
I have been told that days 3-7 are the hardest when eliminating sugar and processed foods...ohhhhh boy.
I find that as long as I pre plan my meals and make sure good snacks are always available it will be all good. I picked up some nice soft mats and I hope to learn some yoga this year as well.
This will also be the year to find a new home...not sure where, not sure when...but I do know it's going to be an adventure that's for sure.
This year my baby girl graduates!!!! Ohhhhhhh I can hardly wait for the dress shopping and all the things that go with the excitement of grad.
My sister turns 50, my Dad turns 80, my oldest brother turns 55, and my sister and her hubby will celebrate 25 yrs of marriage, I will celebrate year 5 of mine.
So much to look forward to, so much unknown....oh well...let it all begin..HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!!!