Thursday, October 30, 2014

Village prop

Some villages have a giant egg, another has the largest kielbasa, hockey stick and the list could go on...I am speaking of other Alberta towns I have been through.....well village will have one of those ridiculous calling cards too. A gigantic windmill blade. How this came to be is quite a story, that I am sure no one will ever really hear about either.
When they were putting up all the windmills last year, there was an accident, and one of the windmills got dropped....major shit hit the fan with the company, it was shut down for a few weeks and all kinds of protocol had to be established.
So life went on, and it was all completed. Except they had this one blade of a windmill...they were gonna scrap it, until my village stepped in, and said they'd like this company said sure....I have no clue who's paying for this or funding it, I had no idea it was even happening until today when I was driving home from work and I drove into my village and THIS is what I came upon.

So I am not sure when this thing will be erected, but it sure is gonna be a mammoth looking thing in our tiny village that's for sure. So once it's up I'll take more pics, but for now....this big blade sits across the village practically lol. Long live the corporate companies who have nothing but money to blow!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The death of Bathroom Bob

I am so sad I have no pictures of Bathroom Bob. Bathroom Bob came into my life two weeks the Bathroom....hence why he was then named Bathroom Bob. He is a moth...a gigantic one, who somehow showed up in my bathroom and their he stayed. He would move from wall to wall, or mirror, or where ever he felt at home I suppose.
Well, I have not seen Bathroom Bob for two days...and Bathroom Bob had not become Livingroom Leo, or Kitchen Ken...he is GONE.
The hubster did say he saw him fly behind the mirror the other day, so I looked there tonight...but Bathroom Bob :-(
So was so nice to be greeted every morning when I did my morning pee, or after work when I was taking my contacts's just not the same....I have no one to talk to in the bathroom now.'s hoping he had a great life (but seriously, what is the moth life expectancy anyways? lol)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Fight night

I have a small addiction....thank gawd there is no rehab for this.....I'd never get out alive. I have loved UFC, MMA fighting for about 15 years-ish. I cannot remember the first fight, but I remember most of them...and how my love for the sport just grew and grew.
My brother used to go to a local pub with me years ago and we would watch the fights on the big screen, and he would laugh hysterically at how his little sister would turn into a crazy person yelling at the screen "punch him in the head, break his arm" and so on.
I am not sure where this came from or why it started, but non the less...I freakin love watching the fights.
This past weekend, my daughter came out from the big city and her and the hubster and I went to a live MMA fight night in our southern city of Lethbridge.
There were a total of 17 fights and it was hear the head punches live...and the leg getting smacked and seeing the knock outs right in front of you......OOOMMMMGGGGGG. I know, it's sick...but it's my guilty pleasure.
I posted some pics on my facebook page and I have a cousin who saw my post and responded with this:

"Ok so you stopped eating meat cuz you couldn't stand how we kill animals.... But you go and watch people be pulverized by another human with something some moron called 'sport'???? ... And consider it 'awesome' when someone is removed on a spine board..... HMMMMM"

I responded to her with this statement:

"Trying to tell you about my love for fighting over the last 15 yrs would be like trying to get you to smell the color orange! You just won't get it...and just because I have been a vegetarian for two yrs has NOTHING to do with what people WILLFULLY want to do in a cage as apposed to what happens to animals who have NO choice...a rather LARGE difference I'd say."

I can hardly wait to watch some fights live again....I have the girl child looking out for more of them in her bigger city. cause I totally would drive and hour and a half for that awesome stuff!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Thanksgiving sibling style

I truly have to most amazing siblings ever. The two of them that are here in Alberta create magical memories with me. I have one more, he is in BC and I rarely get to see him, but I am sure I would create memories too if he was closer.
Back to the two here big sister is so caring. Her heart is larger then life when it comes to caring and compassion. Our oldest brother does not have his own family, and he's a truck driver, and so on special holidays he has no one to make him a home cooked meal to celebrate, and being a trucker, he is most often on the road.
So this holiday my sister brought it to him. He was delivering a load in the city and had a small window of time to meet up, and so my sister cooked all morning, and packed up all the food AND the good china with the GOOD silverware and all, and we all surprised him at his drop spot with a Thanksgiving picnic outside. It really was amazing!

The picnic table set up, my sister even brought decorative pumpkins for the table!

The crispy leaves under our feet, surrounded by big rigs and beautiful weather!
My son doing his puffer fish face....I'm not sure this family EVER takes normal pics lol

My amazing big sister who brought ALL of this together!

My big brother, who is loved by all of us and loved this experience!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Fun filled weekend

My weekend started off by driving to the big city of Calgary to see my daughters very first place of her own...she is renting a basement suite with one other person and it's just so amazing how fast she is growing up....just yesterday she had come back to the country with me to tend to some other business you will see further down, and we were watching home videos from when she was a year old and two years old...OH MY...what a flashback....such a cutie pie.

So after I checked out my daughters place we headed on over to a Starbucks for a morning coffee....and the craziest thing happened there....I ran into a gal I went to school with almost 25 years ago and have not seen her since....the crazy thing is that we BOTH lived and went to school in another province and here she another province, in a big city at a Starbucks that I have never been to in my life up until Saturday and SHE notices me....CRAZY! we chatted and took pics...unbelievable...still blows me away.

After that we went and picked up another beautiful sons girlfriend and we had a girls breakfast in the city at the most AMAZING lil breakfast place...and I had the most yummy veg benny EVER...OMG...just looking at the pic again makes my mouth water!

Of course my life is always filled with some sort of randomness.....this day was filled with asking a stranger if I could take his picture cause I thought his mustache was FABULOUS, and the second pic is of I guess Calgarians transport there small cars tied with string to hold it mostly in the car!
My day in the city ended with meeting up with my big sister for a wonderful supper together...which always includes a good dose of laughter!

My weekend ending with watching my daughter prep the buffalo heads for their processing. I cannot even tell you how crazy this whole things is...there are no words lol...really, shocking I know...but it's just so hard to comprehend what I did, what I watched and what will happen in my backyard over the next few weeks lol.
Happy Monday to you all!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

"Heads" up

There are no words to describe what you are seeing this vegetarian doing here....but rest may look like I'm smiling, but this is NOT a smile, but more like I am gritting my teeth.
Two days ago, when I was working, I had to do a pick up at the hell on earth place called's basically the place where they kill horses, buffalo, and any other kind of animal you want processed. When I call it the "hell on earth" place, I say this because, as a vegetarian, when you see the horses all lined up for the bullet and they are freaking out cause they know what's coming, there is something that happens in your mind and soul that just freakin makes you go to a "happy place", cause it's just so horrible there.
Well...being the good Mother that I am (lol), my daughter and son have been requesting some "bones" or skulls of any kind from me....which is so odd since I'm the freakin veg head in the family....but they know that their Mother's interesting life takes her places that are often just weird and lively :-)
So here I the "special" place, and I worked up the nerve to ask the ladies at the front desk of this place if they have which I was told..."we have what ever you want....even penis's". WOWZER....yeah, now try to imagine me keeping it together while I am told this. The list went on and on of what I can get...but I was told if I want a skull I have to take the WHOLE FREAKIN HEAD....and then she asked if I wanted a fresh one, like one just killed still warm and bleeding out.....AGAIN....WOWZER...thank gawd I did not have a container to hold the giant head in cause she told me it would be bleeding out into the container...yeah....that would be a lovely ride home I'm sure.
So I took two old ones, but they still have the dried up eye balls and brains inside and all kinds of other disturbing attributes to them.
The hilarious part of my day was bringing these things back to my warehouse at work and having to off load them there....the all know I am a veg head so when I asked them to help me unload some heads they all nearly freakin passed out, from disbelief and then disgust lol....oh sure, it's all fun and games to shout out "meat jokes" at the veg head, but when the veg head brings back some "head" they all freak out LOL.
This should be a fun process watching what my kids do with these crazy heads!
(I pray I don't go to vegetarian hell for this)