Sunday, November 24, 2013

Vegan swap box mania!

WOW....what a great week for vegan swap boxes.....I received two of them this week, as my October partner wasn't able to get her's out in that time, which was totally fine with me and I totally understood why.
So, then my November partner shipped her's this past week, thus TWO awesome boxes arriving in the same week, making it feel like Christmas.
Thank you so much ladies....I had such a fantastic time opening my goodies!!

This was my October box, one thing missing from this pic is a bag of dark choc covered berries which are in my locker at work for those snackish times. THANK YOU!
This was my November box.
Opened it up and to a AWESOME letter, to which I was given instruction on how and what to open up first....this swap partner was a much so, when I go to Vancouver next, we are hookin up for a kick ass vegan meal and some great conversation, but this is due to all the similarities she has with my daughter which means she's pretty much as fantastic as her, but not quite....OH COME one will ever be better then my kid....settle down lol.
So this is how it started.....
and then the next one....and so one with all the packages telling me which one to open up first, with a tutorial on each package I opened up in the letter.
All the packages lined up and ready to open.
Finally, all the yummy loot lined up and ready to be devoured! Thank you so much for the funnest package EVER!

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