Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Good bye old, hello new!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, to all of you out there in the big open internet world that lurk and look but I'll never know, maybe this year you will reveal yourself to me and we can be friends :-)

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Pintrest madness

This is what happens in my house when I go on pintrest to much and think "hey....I can make that shit too"!
I think that it's normal to use my ironing board as a saw horse to cut my wood on!

I thought....hey....if they can do it with pallet wood, then any old wood I find should work for this crazy shit.

Almost done with this bright idea....just so you know....I have discovered I work better with a hammer when I have a "drink"....I now get why men drink while they work on shit lol
And done!
So this is the guest bedroom downstairs, and thankfully I have a hubster who totally understands my need to experiment and do weird decorative shit! (p.s....he said he likes it...shhhhhhhhh, don't tell anyone I told you lol)
p.s.s.s....I sure did say shit a lot in this post LOL

Saturday, December 28, 2013

It's a Canadian thing?

So this post is a result from a conversation my hubster had with his folks back in Germany. You see....they are "not so on board" with my hubster's unique facial look he has been sporting for a while now.
He is sporting it because his wife LOVES it. I love how fierce he looks, I also think it makes him look very distinguished and one of a kind....I mean....how great is that.....to look unique and one of a kind. I think it's GREAT. His Mommy thinks not. Well that is why he married me and not his Mommy :-)
I love how with each year passing it gets more distinguished with the grey and black....now this look is not for everyone, which I totally understand, and if I didn't like it I would kindly suggest for maybe a break in the look. But either way, if it's what makes my hubster feel great, then who am I to suggest another look.
The one thing that gave me a terrific laugh when my hubster told me about his conversation with his folks was this.....his Mom said to him "As long as your wife likes it, it's all good...and besides....we see that it's a Canadian thing anyways, we've seen Ice Road Truckers, there is lot's of your kind out there" LMAO.....OMG....that was so freakin awesomely hilarious...I loved it!
I met my inlaws five years ago, for three weeks when they came to Canada....and I have yet to meet my dearest brother in law and his family. We have talked briefly via phone and emails, but I truly desire to sit down in a pub somewhere in Germany and talk the night away with this long lost brother in law of mine and pick his brain and learn everything I possibly can about him and my husband and hear all the fantastic stories about their life together in what seems like another time. I can't wait to hold two little girls that I have never met, but who have pictures of me and call me Auntie. To see the town where my husbands roots are from, to eat freakin amazing German food, and to some how come out of all of it without opening my big ass Canadian mouth with out offending anyone LOL. To walk hand in hand with my Ice Road Trucker look a like husband in a place that I have only to this day dreamed about.
Long live the fierce beards!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 27, 2013


I struggled with the title of this post....at first I was gonna type "Once again" but then I felt it was appropriate to call it Sheep instead.
Why Sheep? Well because I run into so many humans herding like sheep through their day of life. So so sad to watch. Today at work the subject of me being a vegetarian came up once again....and once again....I was attacked and told I was stupid and an idiot for not eating meat....now for more then a year I have learned how to deal with this....as I know that the people that do this to me are just dealing with their own insecurities of ME being a vegetarian....which AGAIN seems hilarious that they feel so threatened with MY decision to not eat meat.
Today one of my supervisors went off on a tangent about how I need to eat fish and chicken or else I am gonna get really really sick, and how he had a friend who was a vegetarian who worked out and was very fit and he got super sick and almost died and now he eats meat cause the doctors all say we have to have meat. So I smiled politely and asked him if he believes what all the doctors tell him. He did not respond. I asked him who benefits from us being sick? He did not know how to answer. I told him, that along with the medical industry, the government all profits from the world being ignorant sheep who just do as THEY say...heaven forbid if we have or own thoughts or idea about something and take a stand.
I was then told that anything I read is bullshit and that I am just wrong, we were born with teeth and we have been eating meat since the beginning of time and that's just the way it is. So I asked what I thought was a simple question? "Who told you that we have been eating meat since the beginning of time?"
The stuttering started....and the fractured answers started to spew.....and the blood pressure of all others in the room went through the roof except mine....and I knew I had to drop it. There is a time and a place to try to educate people about what they have been brain washed to believe. Today was not that day as these people are not yet ready to hear some truths. There is no point in speaking if your not going to be heard with an open mind and open ears.
Once day, maybe I'll see that day, maybe not.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Family time

Well I was truly blessed this season....I feel like we have been having Christmas for two weeks now. First our daughter was out with her fiance, then my brother was out for four days, and we ended it off yesterday by spending the day in the city at our son and g/f house. This was the first Christmas that as parents, we got to go TO the kids place....they are old enough now that they can host the dinner...and it was SPECTACULAR.....my son's amazing g/f made a terrific vegetarian dinner.....I was so full and wishing for seconds but could not force anymore in!
My poor hubster feels like he has been discussing the issues of spirituality, the after life, ego, government, astral projection and a host of other out of the ordinary topics for the past couple of weeks....this is due to my side of the family being quite out of the box thinkers...so he is very happy to just sit and not have to use his brain for a while lol......poor guy....he did sooooooooooooo well and truly did step out of his comfort zone, but he does admit he liked it!
Family photo :-)

I love my kids!


This is what happens when I show up with crazy dollar store glasses at Christmas....copious amounts of fun and madness. When my husband and I first arrived, we were wearing these glasses as our son answered the door and he jumped.....it was so funny how these silly glasses just changed everything lol.
My daughter made these AWESOME owls for me!

Again....I love my kids!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays to all my fellow veg heads out there in the world! Happy Holidays to the rest of you as well lol.
I hope you are surrounded with laughter and love today!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Cousin love :-)

Well I'm not sure they are cousins really, but for the sake of this story they are lol. My brother brought his two cats Quazar and Charlie (both males) out with him for his visit here....and they have now met their cousin the giant flemish rabbit Aspen (girl). I am pretty sure I died from cuteness over load when they first met.
My brother arrived pretty late, 3 am in the morning actually, so Aspen thought it was day time and time to play lol....the cats were at first totally terrified as to why there was an animal bigger them then with giant ears...it was so freakin hilarious watching them try to process what they were looking at.
But it didn't take long and Charlie (the black one) was laying down and grooming Aspen by licking the top of her head, with the occasional pat on the head with her soft paw.
The cousins have been getting along ever since!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Day of fun filled activities

Well my brother is in town and that means action...after he had a nap to catch up on some much needed sleep we were off to town to do some discovering and I showed him where I worked. Then this evening we went to a restaurant/pub that was called the OWL...how crazy is that....I had no idea it was in Lethbridge.....found out it's been there for 3 years...and they had great vegetarian/vegan food too!
So my day was filled with much food and brotherly love!

 These first three pics are from where we had lunch at an amazing Indian place that had a uber fantastic lunch buffet...totally cannot wait to go back for that yummy one!

This place tonight....oh man, it was totally my kinda place...had a great vibe and great food and owls....everywhere....and so there fore it could be nor do no wrong in my eyes!

Friday, December 20, 2013

That working thing.....

Like I said before.....I work with all men...except for two other women that I rarely see, but when I do we gang up with each other like a crazed pack of wolves lol.....cause we are so excited to see another woman.
So I have not posted for a while just because I have been so darn tired, and my last weekend off, we had our daughter and her fiancé over for a awesome visit...so sometimes one just needs to sit back and enjoy life a bit.
That being said....work is really starting to bud in on the whole enjoying life thing. I currently work 4 10 hr work days, Mon-Thur 7am-5:30pm.....now add on another 45 min driving time to that each way and my day starts to get a little long...add bad weather winter driving on to that and it get's even longer.
So there is a change coming through the warehouse I work at and it would give me the opportunity to work 5 days a week, Mon-Fri, but from 7-3:30pm. YES....this would be soooooooooo great, I would not be so zombified for the four days, and I would get more then an half hour of conversation time with my husband before I go to bed and pass out.
So cross your fingers and toes that it will all work out in the new year....if it happens it will happen sometime in Jan, so send all yer good vibes my way pleeeeeeeeease :-)
Before I left work yesterday for our company wide xmas break of 7 days off....I gave each one a hug as I was leaving....they all just shit their pants....no one has ever shown any type of personal connection to each other there, and it's so sad......as I was walking away, I heard one guy ask another guy "dude, did ya cop a feel....I sure did" LMAO.....ummmmm WHAT.....well, I never felt it lol.
Maybe one day I'll be able to get these crazy cranky men to chill out and actually start caring about each other....I totally understand that some of them truly are mentally crazy and we have to work with each other...but maybe I can get the "old lady gossip syndrome" they seem to have to calm down a little...to bad we all couldn't get a 15 min mediation break....not that ANY of them would do it...but oh man....the results and benefits to these men if they DID do it would be truly spectacular.
Anyways....off to prep for the next round of visitors to the house....happy weekend all :-)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Warming up?

This is what I wish I had for the last week. Just to sit in a full body sweater....maybe that somehow would make the cold feel better.
It's has warmed up to a balmy -17 this morning....which is sooooooooooo warm compared to the last week which was never warmer then -30. So I mean, this is practically t-shirt weather.
Yesterday, finally after two days of NOT starting, we got our vehicle to start...just enough so we could get it into the garage to warm up and thaw out.
Thankfully we have amazing neighbors who let us take their truck to go to town yesterday to get groceries and stuff....and by the time we got back last night that is when we were able to get our suv started. Again, so great to live in a small community with neighbors like that!
So now hopefully we can all start the thaw out and we can pull off the socks in the bathroom LMAO.

Saturday, December 7, 2013


Last night our village lost power. Now normally this would not be a big deal...you light some candles and you get forced to sit and talk to your spouse lol. The reason this was a big deal last night is because the temperature was -37 WITHOUT windchill. It was freakin ass cold. So when the power goes out and your furnace is not running....things cool down fast. So at first when we looked out the windows into the darkness, you could see flashlight bobbing around in people's homes, you then could begin to see the flickering of candles.....but then....people were getting in their vehicles within a half hour...just so they could stay warm.
Our community has a lot of elderly and so a lot of their homes as well are not the most efficient either....why I am not sure, as this is freakin Alberta.....but then again....it's southern Alberta and apparently this is not normal for this area. So after half hour of being forced to communicate with my hubster lol....we get a knock at the door. It's our neighbors, and they are going around and checking on people, seeing if everyone is okay, if anyone needs anything, if anyone is cold etc.
WOW....is all I could think.....what a great sense of community. We then found out that others were doing this as well.....everyone just gets together and checks on each other.
So since we were just bored and getting chillier by the minute, our neighbors said come on over, as they had some adult bevies to keep our tummies warm and a propane heater. So off we went...we were the first to arrive....and then the post office lady arrived.....all in all...it was a great 3 hours we spent together. Lots of talking, story telling, sharing....nothing like a cold night with a power outage to bring everyone closer together!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Another chapter

My baby girl is embarking on the next journey of her life. MARRIAGE! Yes...that's right....that's exactly what I said too.....am I old enough to have a child getting married? LMAO.
I have never been more proud as a Mom of such an amazing human like my daughter. Yes she is young....but she is NOT stupid, in fact, quite the opposite. She is a brilliant young woman with a good head on her shoulders with nothing but the future ahead of her.
Because my daughter is so young (19) she has been welcomed with some heartache with the announcement of her engagement and I feel so sad for her in that respects. This is HER day...not anyone else. It's her day to feel the amazing love a man that wants to spend the rest of their lives together. This man that has asked this of her loves her more then anything, and I have seen this. I have seen how he makes my daughter feel, and I see how she shines with him. That's important....does he bring the best out in my daughter....YES. She brings out the good in him too!
Will they make mistakes in life and marriage being so young? You bet your ass they will....and that's okay...cause that's LIFE. You can't have life with out going through trial and tribulations. So for the people out there making a big fuss.....CALM DOWN......first of all....they are not getting married for a few years...they are grown adults, who are living THEIR lives.....why can't people just be HAPPY. I am over the moon with happiness.
My daughter just about shit her pants when I asked "when do I get grandbabies?" LOL
It's funny....when my daughter first told me, she thought she was gonna get a big ol lecture from me about being too young and on and on.....so when I exploded with delight, she didn't know what to do.
I want to be the parent that my children can hardly wait to share their news with...not the one that they dread having to talk to.
I can hardly wait to share in this momentous life experience that my daughter is going to have and a life journey she is going to embark on!
Her father, not so happy. He is worried about his baby girl. I am not sure if this stems from our own failed marriage. Her father and I got married when he was 19 and I was 22. We were young and dumb and doing it for all the wrong reasons. That mistake cost us both dearly, both mentally and emotionally. I'd like to think though that our daughter is moons ahead of us though in the intelligent department. She is not making a silly rash decision, like I feel her father and I did. Our short marriage at our young age was not a good experience, and for that reason I can only assume this is where his fear and anger comes from.
I hope for his baby girls sake, he can see the good in it all. She is not us....she is BETTER then us, and for that I am grateful and pleased.
Congrats to my daughter!!!! And may your life be filled with many many blessings! I LOVE YOU!
The birth of a GREAT human, and my precious treasure.
She was ALWAYS smiling as kid.
I think it scares a lot of people that she has the some of her Mothers weirdness lol
The happy couple!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Snow day number TWO

Well this really is a rarity....even for me....to not go into work TWICE because of snow. However, the storm along with the wind here as really really bad. When I called my boss this morning to say that I was not willing to risk my life to come in....he agreed 100%. And let me tell you, not having to feel guilty about not going into work and your boss agreeing that it's not worth the risk, makes the snow day all that much more enjoyable at home.
So this lunch hour I bundled up and went outside, did some shoveling, some picture taking and just enjoyed the beauty of the snow and that I was not trying to drive in it at the moment. Happy snow day.....again!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Snow day

You would think that this is not bad....but this was as clear as it got...and this only lasted 20 seconds.

Again, one of those rare moments I was able to see the road on the way home today.
Snow is blowing so crazy that it's starting to pile up on the windows....the drifts around the village are also insane!
I left for work today at 5:30am.....and by 9am I was sent home by my boss, who said he would rather us be home then on the roads later at night in the dark risking our lives. There is a Alberta winter storm warning, and boy, they were not kidding.
I have lived in Alberta before, so winter storms are not new or shocking to me, I have driven in some good ones.....but it's been a long time since I have experienced one like this.....driving the entire way on the side rumble strips just so I knew where I was and that I was still on the road somewhere. Everyone on the road was driving with their four way flashers on too....cause no one knew where anyone else was on the road either, yet alone them selves lol. So....I did two hours of work and then came home, thankfully I have a understanding boss!
So, for the rest of the day....I think I shall drink tea and turn it into a craft day. Happy snow day!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Death and the other side

Well, I wish I had better news, but I don't. This is an update on that girl Alisha I had posted about a while ago. Well, she is no lo, nger here with us, but on to her next journey of life where ever that may be. Maybe it was for the best, since she would have had so much suffering here on earth with all of her burns. However.....she was never able to recover from the brain injury suffered from the smoke inhalation.
So Alisha, where ever you are....travel safe, and I will think of you at every music festival I attend and I will look up to the sky and smile at you!
I also lost my Auntie that past week, she had a great long life. She was my Dad's oldest sister and was 90 years old. She was a feisty, fun loving free spirit, who told some amazing stories to me over the years, stories of my family that I never knew or met, stories and dreams she had but never fulfilled. She was an amazing woman as well.
So as I continue on my earthly path here, I too will look to sky and think of her often as well, and think of what family means to me and how important it is to pass on the stories of our lives to them.