Friday, November 28, 2014

Snow day

Yup, I took a snow day from work's not for trying though....I was up at 4:30am...started the car just after 5am...and left the house about 5:30am....only to be in a snow blind titlawhirl spin on the hwy ten min up the road. No I did not pee in the seat....I am ever so thankful that I pee'd before I left the house though....cause spinning on the hwy at that time of the morning in snow and ice is like...ummmm...there is no description for that's just shit and that's all there is to it!
So after calling work and getting my blood pressure down from the excitement I was not going back to bed....I was wide awake and ready to take on the world....the hubster....was not :-)
So I only banged around the house for an hour or so, and then I could hear that he fell back I cruised the internet in blissful alone time and quietness....but that only lasted so long and then I was antsy again....that is when things got out of control....a whole large pot of coffee was made and all the xmas decorations came out.
So between bathroom cleaning, floor washing, box unpacking downstairs then coming back upstairs and being distracted by pretty xmas things again, my house got xmasfied lol.
So by noon my hubster was completely messed up by me being home and not at work he started drinking lol....and so in his drinking state he suggested that we put up the lights around the windows using the glue gun....yeah...that's what I said...WTF.....and so it happened....I got out the glue gun from the "oh this shit is from the 90's box" and he went to town on the windows and lights....and did a kick ass job frankly.

So although I didn't go to work, I managed to get a crap load of stuff done today AND I'm still up at 9:30pm at night WITHOUT having a nap and I have been up since 4:30am....did my hubster spike my tea? So now I have no clue what things we will get done tomorrow with being able to accomplish so much today....oooohhh boy....we might actually get shit that NEEDS to be done from like a long time ago done...whoa....crazy talk!
Happy weekend adventures to you all :-)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

City visits that warm my heart

Another MMA fight night enjoyed with my daughter in Calgary

We were super close to where the fighters walked in and got lubed up...which was sooooo spectacular, I mean...who doesn't wanna watch a man get lubed up for the ring!

The cage that captures my insensitive side...the side that loves seeing grown men beat the crap out of each other for what seems like my sick pleasure lol.

This guy spent the entire night doing different self portraits of was rather we dubbed him "selfie dude"...we only wish we knew where he was posting or sending all these selfies too!
Saturday morning breakfast with my kids is always the best!!!

My son had the most epic breakfast out of all of us!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Media propaganda

Yesterday on facebook was the sense that EVERY post was all about "Thank you troops for saving our lives" bla bla I the only on this is AWAKE on this issue? How can I be the only one that thinks this is ridiculous?
Fighting is not saving me....our country fights because we vote in needless leaders who media propaganda this idea to death and brain wash us into believing this shit...that magically we would all die if they did not send us to war....ummmm NO....the gov't makes money off of war, plain and simple...I will not stand by and become one of the sheep that sit back and thank the troops. If you are a troop, I feel so sorry for you and that you have lost your sense of self and awareness and that  you think it's okay to fight or kill.....and that you would do it all "in the name of your country"....well....don't include me in your country then....cause I don't believe in war...and I'm not some pot smoking, non bra wearing crazy 60's hippie freak...I'm just a woman who is NOT falling for the bureaucratic bullshit that everyone seems to be soaking up. Please...if you feel this thought process is invalid....I would LOVE to hear how you would reason that the war is right or good!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November winter

There seems to be no denying is here, to probably stay...not melt away. This week is a cold one...cold enough that I am wearing long underwear to work already and it's only November...sheehs.
Thank gawd I was wearing long underwear at work actually, as I blew the ass out of my work pants on Monday, on my FIRST delivery....yeah...that was a great way to start the day...and yes...I was the "butt" of jokes for the morning.
This fall has been a busy one, busier then usual I'd say...I'm not sure if it's because we are closer to cities now and there is more to do, or closer to family so that makes it feel busy too...or the fact that I'm just getting out and doing more...either way, it feels good!

Two weeks ago I joined a roller derby league in's kicked my ass....not the people...yet....but the fact my body is NOT used to purposely falling so that I know how to get up type falling while rolling on four wheels at great speeds....AND not using  your hands to do it....SERIOUSLY...I think the last time this was done by me was at the age of 8! for the last week I have felt like I was 80...and I did not go to last weeks practice due to a snow my body has one more week to recover, or should I say prepare for the next ass kicking on Sunday lol....and I can't even complain that I'm old, cause there are other women my age doing this that are older or same I just gotta suck it up lol.

Last week my son turned 24....yup....I'm pretty sure that makes me some level of old somewhere lol....he also moved into a new place...which is very exciting, since he was in a apartment for the last 3 yrs that had no elevator and he was on the top floor...and this new place has a nice big back yard for gardening and hammocks!
When I went to the big city for his birthday, we had a great dinner together with my sister and brother in law and his girlfriend...and then we played laser which I have never laughed so hard in my life...between laughing and screaming, not sure which I did more of...but it was a blast...and the important thing is that I did not come in last lol.....second last, but not last lol.

So this last weekend I was invited for to a fancy day and evening of learning and cooking Ethiopian food....filled with AMAZING conversation with some super fancy ladies. It was really really great to be with such empowering, educated women around my age for a girls evening of good food and good convo!

This next weekend shall be filled with more fun, as I head to the big city of Calgary for some mother/daughter time. She is taking me to some more MMA fights....oohhhhhh yeahhhhh...I am sure we will both be drooling and screaming like lunatics....for we both love a good fight....and she's even gonna join a MMA gym to start training her self....more for the fitness effect, but hey....I'm pretty sure it's for the "atmosphere" of fighters lol.