Monday, November 25, 2013


Even though you see the snow, it was nice and warm outside today.

Win this funky hand made hippie banner by entering below.

I was bored one night, and so I descended to the basement, and this is what I created. A banner in the shape of an owl, with owl eyes and letters that spell out HIPPIE. It's very eclectic and may not be something everyone would want, but it surely is unique, and so if you would hang this in your home and smile whenever you passed by it, then my work was for not, and my soul will smile with you.

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  1. In my office at work! The oil and gas people would love it ;)

  2. I have two kites on the wall of my bedroom. This banner would make a lovely addition. :)

  3. I'm redecorating my bedroom and this cute banner would make a great decoration on the wall above my bed:)

  4. I would hang it in my living room, it's my yoga/meditation/dance/hoop/ weird hippie space!

  5. I would give this to someone. :)