Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bambi on ice

 This is how I felt this morning on my walk/run....the roads were just icy enough to make it CRAZY to try to do any type of running or walking!

I really feel like I should have been like this guy....wearing my helmet, cause it felt like I was gonna fall and smack my head at any moment lol.

I do have these...but they are only good if they have something to grip into...not just surface ice particulates on the road....I really really HATE running in these conditions....makes for a longer and more stressful workout...I like mind numbing, non thinking workouts LOL....not the ones where I have to concentrate on every freakin step.
So here's to hoping it either warms up, or freakin snows a little so I have some grip!

Friday, October 26, 2012

The darkness......

I have been working some pretty crazy hours lately...and because of this, it has really messed with my internal clock. I am usually a morning person, not a night time person, but working graveyard shifts kinda changes that whether I like it or not. the middle of these graveyard shifts, I got thrown some early morning/day shifts. So now my clock is really all wonky lol.
So I was in bed pretty early last night and therefore I was up 4am type early. So I tried to keep sleeping, but tossed and turned...over and over....thinking I could hold out til at least 7am til the light started coming out to go for my run.
Well that lasted about half hour....and then I was done waiting in I just got up. I was out the door by 5:30am in total darkness....there were clouds, so I did not even have some moon for lighting. It was a BEAUTIFUL morning I have to say...for a fall/wintery feeling....not too cold, not to warm...just right. So I had a small flashlight with me which I started off using....and then I got all paranoid.....thinking...geez, what happens if the light runs out half way through this freakin hour walk/run, then I am really screwed lol...and then I got to thinking....what if there is a bear out here...and I shine the light in his eyes, who would be more scared...him or me...and would he run or would I run...would it be a stand off or just a full out me shittin my self LMAO.
So I decided.....screw it, turn to flash light off, let my eyes adjust to the darkness, and just enjoy it. So I just told my self that if it was my time to die via a big bad bear, then it was meant to be, I was not gonna get my self all in a tizzy over the worrying. I didn't take my music with me, so it was total quiet except my breathing.
I have to say, it was the most amazing, relaxing, zen like walk/run I have had yet....I just ran right in the center of the road and embraced the quietness of the morning. No traffic to worry about, no animals out, just me and the darkness..and I liked it!!!!
So back on graveyards means I will be running in the light again after I get off work, but it sure was a treat this morning!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Forming habits....

I have officially formed the habit of exercise....and I love it, in fact if I can't get to it, I am rather cranky and my whole day is ruined pretty much...I am now obsessed with making time every day for it. Yes I get aches and pains, my knees hurt, my feet hurt, it's raining, it's snowy, it's dark, it's cold...bla bla bla bla....there could be a million excuses to NOT work out....especially cause I do mine OUTSIDE.......cause I use what I have and that's my outdoors!!! Yes I have to dress appropriately, depending on conditions...yes I may have to layer my clothes, and strip half way through lol...but it beats having to DRIVE to a gym, and mindlessly run on a treadmill going no where (not to mention the fees one has to pay)....don't get me wrong, I love treadmills, I have's buried in the back of our storage container right now, so I as I said before...I am using what I have.

 This is me heading out yesterday morning for my wog.
All laced up and ready to head out.
Me taking my starting time to that I have a new stop watch...very excited I only had to spend a whole $9 bucks on it too!!! Don't need anything fancy, just something with a stop watch and the time really.
This is my "gym".
I believe it's best to get out and at it early, that way my brain has no idea what's actually happening you can see from the stunned look on my face...the "WTF am I doing" face...and I have already stripped of the hat cause I am warm enough already.

Brown spots are the Canadian geese bird poop bombs I am forced to wog around...sheesh, like can't they poop somewhere else..and it's freakin winter...why are they still here!!!!!!!
So happy I am done for the is a freakin mess, but who cares...I am done and ready to hit the shower!
Oh yeah, I forgot these girls...I pass them every morning while wogging, and in my head, I have deemed them to be my personal wogging supporters....I know if they could talk they would be saying..."you go girl" LOL....oh come on....let me dream okay LOL.
Oh ending time too....sheesh..forgot about that lol.
This is the scene this morning.....this is what I wogged in was a pretty brutal sand on the roads yet....super icy....I had to be pretty careful....but none the less, I got it done, and it was very pretty to wog in.
Now if I could only get the music fairy to come and put new music weekly on my MP3 player so I have a new fresh playlist every week LOL.