Saturday, November 16, 2013

Bitter men

It has become quite apparent to me for some reason that there are a lot of bitter men out there in this world. I am not sure why I am becoming so consciously aware of this at this point in my life, but it seems that the more men I meet and speak with, the more I am becoming aware of how many men our there are hurt and still hurting from a past relationship.
This to me just seems so exhausting, and it makes me wonder....why are they still bitter? Why can't they get over it and move on and become happy healthy men again?
My ex husband HATED me.....and when I say hated....well at times I am sure he would have said that's an understatement. I would like to say I feel bad, but I can't take responsibility for how he feels and how he chooses to let thing affect him. I am happy to say now that over many years, I can sit down and talk with him and actually have a great conversation. He is happily remarried with two more kids and I couldn't be more happy for him. I am happy I can call him my favorite ex husband (well, he is my only ex husband lol) There are not a lot of people who can say that I am sure of.
My hubster now, he too has an ex that enrages him when he thinks of her...because he too was betrayed and hurt......and there are so many at my work that are this exact way....when they speak of their ex's they speak with such hate and anger.
So I asked one of them....then why do you even speak of her anymore? Why do you let her memory continue to have power like this over you? LET GO MEN AND MOVE ON.
Let go so that a GOOD woman can be let in, but please, go through the right amount of self healing before moving on to the next woman, she doesn't deserve your angry baggage.
It's just so sad to see so many men who could be happy healthy men be dragged down so far because maybe they lack to skills or knowledge of knowing how to heal or where to go to get healed.....or maybe some of them just like wallowing in their self pity and anger......GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!

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