Saturday, August 11, 2012

Not happening...yet...

Well just when I was getting all came to an end. We will NOT be building this year. We will be waiting till next spring. It was really a touch and go situation with the timing of everything....and I really was hoping we might actually get started, but in the end, it is not to be. When one door closes another opens...this is my mantra for many things in life.
So we will wait, we will have to be "city folk" for a time longer. At the end of the day, I would rather wait to build and not be in a rush then to be like crazy lunatics madly trying to get stuff done before the first snow fall here, which can happen as early as the first week of September. This way we can take our time and really plan out properly, rather then rushing and making hasty decisions.
So this is going to be the longest fall and winter I have ever had I suppose....waiting....waiting for the snow to come and go so I can build. I think that someone is trying to teach me a valuable lesson on patience.....weird...wonder why? LOL
Really though, I can't complain about family is safe and sound, we have a place to life temporarily, we all have jobs (which is a amazing for such a small town) we are surrounded by people who care for us and have great friends in our lives...I really have no right to whine about a could always be waaaaaaaaaaaaay worse, and for this I am so very grateful.
So, in the mean time, we are spending every minute of the summer that we can out at the farm, soaking up the country quietness and the evening campfires, and the wonderful feeling I get when I am at "MY" place.