Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Home away from Home..in the city.

This is our "city home" we are currently staying in. A townhouse that houses the family and dog, and we are very very grateful to have been given this gift while we wait and wait and wait. Can you tell we have YET to hear anything! That's right...STILL no word as to what is happening. So in the meantime you can see that I have brought some containers from the farm to here and started planting flowers and a few veggies.
Our dog Brooklyn on the back stoop....she too is learning how to be a "city dog". She can't just take off and run where ever she wants and bark whenever she wants...the worst part is we now have to pick up her crap EVERYWHERE she goes lol...oh how I long for the country life again!
This is how my gardening has started...in containers on the kitchen ledge. I have a nice pot of lettuce going great guns on the left hand side. I already transplanted some cabbage that I had in the small ones. In the small ones now I have just planted some cucumber seeds. So once those are big enough I will transplant them outside as well. My sister sent me a pic of place that was over run with containers for gardening...she laughed...I laughed harder cause that's pretty much what's about to happen here lol...I'm sure the neighbors are already freaking out lol.
I found this planter at the dump a few weeks ago...someone somewhere made this and then because the original wooden wheels broke off they chucked it out. So I grabbed it...even the little fishing dude on the bench seat is homemade. Yes part of one of his legs is missing but it makes me laugh and I love it. So once my cucumber plants are ready for transplant I will put them in this planter outside.
So there you have it...a small update! Happy container gardening!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Life must go on!

Well we still have no idea what is going to happen with our home. This process goes a lot slower then I had ever imagined. Some days I get angry that it doesn't go faster, other days I don't care. I think one of the reason's it's harder then I thought is because I am away from my home for the best part of the year lol....SPRING AND SUMMER! I love gardening and tinkering around outside, and since it's a good 20 min drive one way from where we are staying, it can be a "gassing" LOL....like....lots of money in gas, and really, do I want to drive every single day out there to just water the garden once or twice when it's really hot?
These are some of things I am having to come to terms with. I usually have two gardens going and with many other outdoor projects on the go. Since we most likely will not be back there anytime soon, I am having to decide what to do with the whole gardening thing.
Well.....today I went out there and picked up a pile of my gardening containers and brought them to our home in town. I have started my small but sufficient container gardening here in the city. It already has made me feel better being able to tinker with the dirt and come up with a small scale of what I am going to do in my very small space here in the city. No matter what, no matter where I am, I will ALWAYS get some kind of gardening going. I am just so happy I have hoarded all of my containers over the years. There have been a few times where I thought I would not need them anymore since I have so much land to plant what ever I want where ever I want....until all of this craziness happened.
So today I got spinach, Swiss chard, lettuce, and a few pansies I picked up yesterday all planted in containers. I have a few things on the window sill that I started a few weeks ago that are starting to come up...like cabbage and something else I totally forgot what I planted LMAO. Oh well...nothing like a growing surprise lol.
Anyways....I am learning to live with uncertainty...and all the things that come with it. Onward I say.....onward!!!!!