Monday, November 21, 2011

My tongue bleeds....often!


That is often the thought that goes thru my head...and then something happens...the brain to mouth filter switches OFF!
Seriously....there's got to be an app for that somewhere that can be installed in my brain somehow lol. However...sometimes it's a good thing. Either way...I have had both good and bad experiences from the loss of my filter.
Working in the customer service industry, my tongue is bitten daily, and sometimes quite often in a day. Other days it seems my tongue had the time to heal.
Yesterday....was not one of those days :-) I had the most customer service challenging experience TWICE. Oh yeah, it was MY day yesterday. How did I handle it.......ummmmmmmmmmm, probably not the way I should have, but it wasn't all that bad either. could have been a lot worse....and people who are close to me or who know me and have worked with me will say and attest to can ALWAYS be a lot worse with me LOL.
I won't go into great detail of what happened, but it all ended with me having to defend myself ONCE again LOL. The thing that really gets my goat, is when I have to defend my self when I was completely innocent of all charges. I really really think that someone needs to invent a mic system thingy that can be pinned into my name tag so that the all mighty office authorities can hear EXACTLY what went down and what was said by EVERYONE. Now THAT would be great! Maybe then, the office authorities would have some idea of the what happens in the trenches.
I often have a laugh to myself as to where I have come over the years and various jobs I have held, and what I have learned from them all, and what I have learned just from getting older. If this is what I am like at almost 40, I can't even imagine what my filter is going to be like at 50 or 60. Ahhhhhhhh the public should be very afraid.......cause my filter might just get thinner and thinner with age LMAO!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Bad economy? HUH?

Well that seems to be all I am hearing and reading. And yes, I can see some of the effects the economy is having in some areas. My hours have been cut waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back at my job at on of the local grocery store. I live in a really really small town about 30 km outside of a bigger smaller town lol. That bigger smaller town is the central location for lots of outer smaller towns. It's quite the meeting place for all of us crazy small towners to meet up, whether it be for supplies of groceries, gas, materials...or GOSSIP lol.
Well I have always heard about how hard it is to get jobs in small towns. Even when we were thinking of moving here a few years back...people were already warning me of the troubles I would have. Well....I have had no troubles getting a job. In fact, not only just getting one job..but two. In fact...I have had my pick of a few jobs already in my short time here. So, when I hear young kids or adults bitching about how there are no jobs, I feel like just smacking them. It seems that society has been a little spoiled...everyone only wants the "good" jobs. Well hell ya!!!! Who doesn't want a super duper great paying mon-fri benefit paying job!!! We all do! BUT, it's not what's always out there. in my take what you can make the best out of it!!! It seems to me that people just haven't suffered enough yet if they are still this picky. My parents always had the opinion that if you had two arms and two legs you had NO excuse!
Well, I may not have the "best" jobs in town, but I have TWO...and those TWO jobs help my family. Beggars can't be choosers! And so I am gonna have a blast with what I have been provided with. It's all about attitude I believe. Choice. How do you CHOOSE to be while at work. For me it's easy, I don't have to choose. I love work...ANY work, anytime someone wants to pay me to work, I'm a happy camper!
Could be worse, could be NO work, or work for next to NOTHING, or work and NO money...THEN I'd have something to complain about.
Yes, I make minimum wage, at two jobs that deal with the public...but if it wasn't for the public...I wouldn't have two jobs!!!
I REALLY REALLY have no time or respect for these kids who whine and bitch about no jobs, who aren't willing to work for what they can get, or go on welfare cause they are to freakin lazy, and then join things like occupy Vancouver and sit in a tent and smoke weed and bitch some more about the politics that they never voted for in the first place. And that's a proven fact....the stats are out there...PEOPLE ARE NOT VOTING...especially the young kids....specifically the ones protesting in Vancouver right now. Every time they interview one of those kids I just have to shake my head, cause half of them can't even put together ONE coherent sentence.
Ohhhhhhhhhhh boy, now THAT was quite the rant I just went on....sheesh.
Anyway......all I wanted to get across was this....if I can get a job..ANYONE can get a have to have a GOOD attitude and be willing to actually WORK! 
Wow, I feel a lot better now lol!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Naughty doggy!

Our dog Brooklyn, she loves toys, she loves tree's and roots and pretty much anything she can get her teeth on and starting tugging and pulling....we have seen the funniest things out of her. For example...there is a wooden walkway in our backyard that was built there probably 40 years ago, so it's VERY old and decrepit. So I guess one day Brooklyn was bored and so she thought she'd tear it up for us LOL...I walked around back and there were boards scattered ALL over the place, all I could do was laugh my ass off....I was imagining her tugging and pulling these things out of place, growling at them as if to tell them " you will not dominate me boards!!!!!!!!" LMAO
So this pic you see of her here, is from last week when she found one of my husbands duckies..he collects ducks, and well, these ducks were outside and she found them. This is what she looks like when she knows she probably shouldn't have what she has!
P.S. No dogs were harmed after the making of this picture ( even if it was her owners duckie!) LMAO

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I think winter has arrived!

Raspberries covered in snow

Garden area 1
 These are various pics taken around the yard this morning. Winter has finally arrived here on our mountain. This is just a little bit of snow, later on in the winter months I will post pics of how crazy it gets here with the snow. I will look back at these pics in a few months and be so envious of the little amount of snow. Usually by this time of year, we have already had a few snow falls, so it was nice to have a little longer Fall season.

Apple tree's

Our road

Garden sign

Bird suet

Garden area 2 has gone to bed for the winter

Big ol tree in the yard

Winner is.......ME

 Recently I was a winner of a great prize from this blog spot If you go there you will see pictures of the great prizes I have won. All I did was enter her giveaway!
And then just the other day, I went to a local craft show here in town, and I was ANOTHER winner of a local artists door prize! I'm just saying...this winning is GREAT.
Anyone else out there winners lately? And if so, what was it!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Grow Op's Galore!

Well, really, need I say anymore! lol
 I live in British Columbia! The province that has the highest rate of grow ops and from what the world seems to think, the best weed (marijuana). I could go on and on about the pro's and con's of the industry...and maybe I will just for one small moment, after all, I am not one to keep my mouth shut for very long on any subject lol.
Here's what I think. I think that if my kids were ever addicted to weed or smoked it on a regular basis I would kick their ass, and do everything I could to get them off of it, cause really....IT MAKES YOU STUPID!!!! I have yet to meet a SMART pot smoker, even the half ass smart ones usually are out to lunch in some aspect! Now if my parents or husband or relative were dieing of cancer and just wanted to have some pain relief in their final days, you better believe it I'd buy the best bag of weed I could find for them!
I moved from B.C to Alberta when I was 30, then back to BC just a few years ago, but this time I moved to the Cariboo area, and I thought living in the city was bad...WELL...the country has WAAAAAAAY more grow ops. In fact, we live on a mountain, dead end street, and in the first two weeks of moving to the middle of no where there were THREE grow op busts on our mountain!!! CRAZY. Now, today, three years later, there are STILL a crap load of grow ops, and since we are in such a small town, you hear things....gossip. So you tend to hear who has one who got busted etc. I live about 5 min from our local dump, and there are ALL kinds of crazy things that show up there. One day, I drove around the back of the dump area, and I swear it looked like a movie set. From a distance it looked like huge white umbrella's, you know the kind that they use when the are shooting gorgeous models and they need the right lighting? Well.......... there was all kinds of this stuff, except that is was metal, not nylon like a regular umbrella....there was a HUGE dismantled grow op all in pieces taken to the dump! Okay, so me and my husband are some what addicted to going to the dump...okay, we really LOVE it fact, we call it the mall. LMAO. So we opened the trunk and started to go through what we could actually use and throw it in the car. There was some amazing things that would cost a crap load of money for me to buy, like about 10 rubber made totes (the BIG ones) and light fixtures that these crazy people used to hold the grow op lights, they are in the perfect shape for putting on shelving for me to start my plants in the spring when I still have three ft of snow to melt lol. Then there was a crap load of piping and tubing for the water system they had set up, so I piled all of that into the car so now I don't have to go to the local hardware store to buy my watering system for my new greenhouse!
Tonight when I stopped buy the dump, there was another "harvest" that had been done, and I came across about 20 bags of soil. I made two trips, and got a total of we LARGE bags of the soil. This is GREAT stuff, it's been fertilized nicely for me already, and since we have such crappy clay soil up here, it's a welcome addition to my garden soil and mulch pile. So to say I really HATE the grow ops here....well, I can really, cause when they are done with their illegal stuff and dump it, I come along and use it all for my legitimate stuff!
So yeah, there are pro's and con's to everything, it's just a matter how of you use what you find!!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pumpkin over load!

Raw pumpkin

Pumpkin seeds ready for dehydrator

Pureed pumpkin

Cooked pumpkin

Well I am pretty sure I have enough pumpkin for the next 2 years, and all I got was two pumpkins. Sheesh...I can see how pumpkins would be the same problem as zucchini's, you always have waaaaaaaaay to much and can never get rid of it, and you pretty much bake and cook and freeze all you can. Well I can see why I will never GROW my own pumpkins, cause I seriously would have no idea what to do with them all.
Today I made three pumpkin pies, pumpkin cinnamon buns ( by the way, WOW, they were freakin good ). I have three large freezer bags filled with the pumpkin goop, and tomorrow I am going to make some pumpkin walnut loaf. THEN, I think I will be all pumpkin'd out!
I have to say though, making pumpkin pie from scratch for the first time was very rewarding and TOTALLY does no taste like store bought.
Here is one of the links I used: and then for the ridiculously yummy buns, try this blog:
So that was my Nov pumpkin experience, wonder what other new things I shall try this month :-)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


My leaf hoarding pile!
My greenhouse, half done :-)
The garden is put to bed for winter!
My horse manure hoard pile!
Well, as you can see from the pics I have posted from today, my garden is ready for winter, and greenhouse is ALMOST done. Most important part is done, sides can get done anytime really, even if I had to wait til spring for that. I received my last pile of horse poop before the snow flies, which makes me really happy, cause it can rot all winter long under the tarp and snow.
I was at the dump today and was sooooooooooooo happy to find a bunch of bags of leaves!!! Sick I know, like who gets excited about finding bags of leaves at the dump lol...ummmm ME! I was blog surfing the other day, and came across a garden blog that showed pics of how she grew her potato plants. BRILLIANT was all I could think. This lady took some chicken coop fencing, made like a barrel shape out of it, put some leaves in it, put a potato in the bottom, and once the potato plant sprouted, she would just keep adding leaves on top, and because it's all chicken wire, it keeps it all neat and tidy. Once she was ready to harvest, she just lifted the round fence barrel thing up and there were all the potato's! Clean and all! Oh man, that got me so excited for next years growing experiments! I have heard of people doing this with straw, never even thought of leaves!
My garden has all of it's lasagna layers in it and finally covered with about 8 bags of leaves that I had raked from a friends place. That makes me laugh....I have 12 acres, yet I have to GO SOMEWHERE else to get leaves....I however don't have tree's with leaves! So that might explain why I get so ridiculously happy with leaves. I have a few tree's in the yard that give us leaves, but not nearly enough for my gardening ideas and plans and desire for great compost!
So hopefully the snow stays away a while and I can still get some things done outside.
Happy Nov 1st to you all!