Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fire anniversary

Well two years ago today our world changed. Our quaint, unique little shit shack started on fire...and we are now forever changed because of it.
You never come out of an experience like that the of the major changes that we had to make was that we are no longer living our dream of living in a forest in a cabin and topless gardening for the rest of our lives. I had a dream, I lived it for five years, and now I am moving on with a new life.
I think about my dream was not everyone's dream home, it was was a shitty old log house that had so much character that it truly felt like it represented everything about me and I fell in love with it the first time I saw it....the hubster...well not so much...but I have a husband who loves his wife so much that he to learned to love it the way I did.
We have times where we sit here and we are sad....wish we were still there...but one cannot wallow on the past of what was...ya gotta move forward and this is what we are doing.
We still have the property and the burnt out house....not sure what we are gonna do with it....but we just can't give it up just yet.....we will be heading back there this spring...and I know the second we are back there it will bring it allllllll it always does....but I feel so incredibly blessed to have lived my dream for five years....that's more then a lot of people are able to say in their life time. I am grateful for a roof over my head...running water, a bathtub...electricity..a furnace that I just push a button and it comes on...a good paying job with a vehicle that runs to get to it....and a husband who loves me and understands his crazy wife and he desire for weird homes lol. Happy Fire Anniversary to us.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

The journey


Oh the journey of life for everyone is different of course.....but what thing that seems to stay true to course is this one order to be happy WITH have to be happy by yourself first.
I had this journey experience and I am so grateful for is never appreciative of it when in one likes being alone...most people sob, and wallow in self pity..."why can't I find the right one"...when should be saying "yeah..I am the one....and why wouldn't any one want me".
When your happens.
Being a single parent for many years....I longed for a partner who was equal, who could take on the challenge of my extrovert personality. I had a few relationships that did not work....and at the time...was devastated and lonely and thought no one was ever going to be what I wanted.
But after while....instead of being "needy"....I took the road of  "picky"...and by picky I mean....I'm gonna start seeking what I WANT...and not just "oh hey, I'll deal with what's out there".
When it's a choice and not a situation of much better...and this is what they call "the one"..where you "just know"
I see so many people in miserable relationships...and I get why they are in them...I've been there done that...I just wish I could tell them to get out cause the future is so bright their gonna needs some shades!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Unexpected day off

So I was up at 4:45 this morning....showered, packed lunch...all fresh for the final work day of the week.....and then I started the car with the remote car started.....for 5 minutes...then died.
Well.....lets just say the non morning type person that my hubster is was NOT impressed with having to meet his hubandly duties THAT early in the morning lol
So we found out it was the alternator...and so thankfully for of the people at my work lives a wee bit closer to me then the rest of the world lol....and a guy at work had an account at a place that had ours in stock and he gets a he went and picked it up for us today....and the lady that I work with is gonna drop it off here for tomorrow we can get it put in and be all good thankful for great people at work....weird to...since the guy who offered to help us out is the same guy who ALWAYS fights with me and calls me an effing idiot....I just don't get it...that guy is so confusing lol....he prides him self on being an asshole (his exact words to me....I'm not making that up...he actually said that to me) and yet he was the first one this morning at 6am to say he could help us
So by 9am this morning the hubster was really wanting me to go to work cause now all this much action this early really messed up his work day at home lol.....his routine got all turned around cause now the wifester was here to mess with it lol
Happy Weekend!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Stimulating, stylish, skillful Sunday

Hubsters good morning fruit plate

Hubsters new wall hang for his office...the stick is from our first road trip to the Cariboo when we bought our first home :-) 
Garden signs still coming along...lots of work still to be done.

I hate those creative days when you have SOOOOO much you wanna make but you just don't know where to start or which one you wanna try....this is how it is for me today....I have my sewing machine out, my paints and wood out ( lol..wood out....ummmm no....I don't have morning wood LMAO) and every other crafty tool that I own is out lol....should be fun to see what else I create today....HAPPY SKILLFUL STYLISH STIMULATING SUNDAY TO YOU ALL!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Plant lift off!

So from last weekend to this weekend I have lift off on my cabbage and kale....and the hubster has lift off on his lettuce and some of his herbs.
This weekend I have started three different kinds of peppers to be kept in my green house once it's complete. But at least they need about 8 weeks inside the house so I'll have time to get my butt in gear and get the green house done lol.
All of our snow if gone here in our Southern Alberta flat land home...and at one point today before the sleepiness took me for a three hour nap, I even raked part of the lawn....CRAZY...since back at our farm in BC there is still 5 feet of snow everywhere lol. I DON'T miss it one bit..although it's very beautiful there, and I thoroughly enjoyed my five years of beauty there...I really really really like not having snow in the middle of March.
Happy Spring Growing Madness to you all!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dysfunctional work family

This actually happened at work I witnessed the whole thing.

REALLY?  Someone actually made a quiz for this LOL...if you have to take a quiz to find out if your work is dysfunctional you are part of the reason it is!!!

When you spend 40 or more hours a week with these people...they become your "work family" terrifying as this is to me, it kinda is the truth. I mean...I sometimes feel like I see more of them (regrettably) then my own hubster. And when I do get home, I just talk about them to my real live hubster insane is that lol.
So last week I had a little "issue"....that's what I have decided to call it okay, leave me alone of the guys at work stated this "when your husband comes to work to kick so and so's ass, I'm gonna hold all the rest of them back and just let em at him".
So I told my hubster this statement....he laughed...and said "why would I have to go in there....they should be more terrified of what your gonna do to them" lol
He's see....what they should be more afraid of is me getting into their "heads"....and I have started this...on Monday in fact...and it's freakin them all out...some of them know I am doing it, but for the most part most of them don't....they know somethings up, but they can't pin point it...and this makes me gleeful :-)
I have in fact been able to crack three of their "domes" (and by that I mean....get into their heads ).
So they should never fear that I would come in and loose my mind and start screaming and fighting...oh no...what they need to fear the most is what I am going to do to them over time mentally, and to do it with a smile on my face :-)
I love how when I really start to get into their heads and they have the realization of this...they try to change the subject immediately...cause they just realized how vulnerable they just became to me and they get all freaked out by this discovery as they are standing right in front of me...again...I just smile.
Today I had one guy even say..."stop it, don't go there" to which I responded "stop what? You allowed your self to go there, why are you afraid of it? Do you still need to work on that?"
Yup....that's right....I will get them all gathered by one....and I will find out why all of them are the way they are lol. What will I do with this information? Arm myself with this knowledge of how each one works so that I can better utilize them for a more functioning work place.....and maybe for personal gain....ya never know LOL.
I am looking forward to after work beers again this Friday, where I will have the opportunity to dive a little deeper into a few of their domes, as they make them selves vulnerable with beer LOL.
Cheers to work place insanity!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring gardening itch

With the warm weather we had this weekend as a Chinook blew in, one can't help but get the "planting fever".
I am happy to announce that it wasn't just me getting the fever this year...but the hubster too was getting all involved and excited lol....yeah...what the hell....something crazy is happening in this family....I'm drinking beer and the hubster is excited about gardening :-)
So I like to be as frugal as possible when it comes to all things gardening, because one can spend a crap load of money at the store in regards to ANYTHING with gardening products.
So this afternoon I took all of our recyclables to the recycle center a block away and while I was there, I noticed a bunch of those plastic containers that people get produce in from Costco or they get their cookies and such too...well those containers make freakin awesome little mini greenhouses when your starting your seeds indoors.
So it's pretty sad when you come home with more then you went to the center with in the first place lol....this is a sign of a gardening addict lol.
So after I pulled out my last years seeds and some of the new ones I have already been purchasing and laid them all over the coffee table...I and the hubster started a few seeds this weekend. I will do more again next weekend, so we can spread out the times on the germination.
So the hubster seeded some of his herbs and two hours later is hovering over his containers and yelling from the other side of the room "when are they gonna grow?" LOL...sometimes he's worse then a three year old.
After our seeding frenzy....the hubster helped me get started on the frame for a small greenhouse I am building and have great ambitions for.
Again...the wood I got for free from my work, and the pex pipe I will be using as hoop supports I got free from work and same with a big box of screws you can see...all this garden stuff so far is free, with the exception of a few seed packets. Yeah frugal gardening!

Some of my plastic containers that I picked up from the recycle station in the sunny spot on the table.

Seed packet mania!

The start of the greenhouse/hoophouse....I'll take more pics next weekend of the progression on this.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Lake front property?

Well as you can see, across the road on our neighbors yard to the left is a lake....and with the super winds we have had for the last two days, we often look out the window to see if there are any waves or peaks forming lol.
I told the hubster to call the neighbors and ask them what time their outdoor pool hours are and do they have towel service :-)
Not sure how long this spring like melt down will last since we have not lived here at this time so we don't know what to expect to see really. This type of Chinook weather though makes me want to start today I am going to start some of my longer germination seeds in seed starting pots indoors....loooooooove the spring forth feeling :-)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Replenish and spring forth!

Well I did just that on Friday night....I refreshed my spirit with some Canadian beer. It's been a long time that I have been so agitated and annoyed to my core that I have gone out of my way to go and pick up some beer to swig on after work.
I am not going to go into the ugly details of the perpetrator at work who helped induce this irrational behavior of mine. What I will say is this....I cannot place the sole blame on them for the outrageous way I felt at work because of how this person acted and treated me....because this person would have not had this hold or power over me had I not reacted and allowed it to bother me.
So...I found it a good life lesson to revisit with myself and thought I'd share. You give power by reacting....and I know better, and for the most part I don't let things get to me in such a way it shakes my core....but after a looooooooooong battering week by this person and a looooooooooong week of avoidance and finally a head on with can just imagine.
So after work I stopped and got some beer, took er home, and drank some of which the hubster was stunned and shocked and excited cause he's never seen this before and wanted to know where his wifester was lol.
So was a soul replenish going to town or shopping of any kind this weekend...a full out stay home, collect my thoughts, replenish, get centered and renew my self. What a better weekend to do this then when we all "spring forward" in time on Sunday.
So I have done NOTHING all day and it feels pretty great...I had a fantastic two hour afternoon nap...and now I am listening to some fantastic ambient music that is soothing my soul to the core as I tickle my creative side in my craft corner of the house.
So I shall take the power back, thank the universe for another life lesson and move on and learn from it....and spring my ass forward tomorrow to a much better place mentally and emotionally :-)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Man-o-pause or Man-strual cycle

I don't know why at my age this still shocks at work and how they act. I have worked so much of my life with men....and most of the time I just shake my head and laugh it off.
Today it seems that for the most part....ALL of the men have "cycled up" together, and they are ALL freakin cranky as hell.
Today was going all good..and within 30 minutes of work, it just turned into one of those days where your secretly get to a computer or a phone with data and do a job search to see what's out there...but's like they all took there PMS pills or something and it all evened out for a bit again.....but then sets off the other one, and this pissed off that one...and BOOM.....they are all fighting with each other again. They are WORSE then's hard to stay out of it cause it just seems one of them always some how gets you sucked into the drama lol....I know I know...your shocked I'm talking about grown men...but what can I say....I just want the world to know what it's like for this middle aged woman just trying to make it in the male dominated world.....these guys though....sheesh....they make ALL women look real good....even the Desperate House Wives!
The back stabbing they do with each other...again yes....I'm speaking about grown men...mostly all in their 40's with a few 50 years old's and even a few 60 something er others....and then what seems to be deliberate sabotage they inflict on each other or to each other...and for they can feel like they are the bigger man or they think they look like the bigger man....I just don't get it....I just wish they could all meet up in the front yard, all pull down their pants and have a big ol penis party with a measuring stick lol...I wonder how many chests would be deflated along with their egos then!
So I can only hope that tomorrow they all take their pms pills at the same time or that they all cycle out of this insanity lol.....I times it can be very entertaining to sit back and watch the show...but dammit...I don't have popcorn at work and I don't have a chair to sit in!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

0 for 11

If your not Canadian....then you won't get this. If you are Canadian and your the one winning all the damn free stuff.....then we are not friends.
This roll up the rim campaign with Tims is reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllly chappin my hyde this started a couple of weeks ago, I have been going everyday before work....I even have a lady who brings me one to work once in a while....AND NOTHIN....not a freakin thing, no free coffee, no free doughnut....oh sure...all the others around me win stuff...and I will say....they gloat rather loudly about it let me tell you....when I actually DO win something....I will probably sound like I just won 10 million dollars lol.