Saturday, November 30, 2013

Always fishing for enlightment

To stop learning, to stop yearning, is to stop growing. I hope I never stop yearning and learning. I like to surround myself with people who have the same thought process too...who seek all the time, who question all the time, who never find the answers but love what they find and love the adventure of looking.
My children help me with this all they seek their own adventure life and share with me what they have discovered, it grows my mind and spirit again and again. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with happiness for them that I literally will just sit down and cry, and it's not a bad thing at all, it's such a great release, to be so happy that I get filled with tears and let em go. It's hard when they struggle and you not only see their pain, but as a Mom you freakin feel it in your heart just like theirs, but you can't fix it for them, you can guide them, encourage them, listen, but we can't fix it as Mom's and that's the hardest part. advice for today is this....go for knowledge, for ideas, for love, for stars, for what ever you catch will not be what you caught last time, that's for sure!

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