Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Apple madness!

Haney goes "Hog" wild when he gets apples LOL!!! Happy first day of spring!!!!!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Only in the country............

Only in the country could the following scenario happen. I work at a local convenience store, and one of the locals that always comes in tells me that he and his wife have a little farm and they have two sows (mamma pig) and that she just had 9 piglets! Well....I just squealed with delight, and said he must bring me some pictures of them. So today he shows up at work again, and poor guy wasn't even in the door all the way and from across the store I shout out..."did you bring me pictures?"...he replied with "I did better then that, I have one in the truck with me!".
All I can say is that I acted like a complete idiot as I squealed like a school girl with delight. This piglet was soooooooooooo cute. So after I was done cuddling and was back inside I had a giggle to myself about the whole situation....how this would NEVER happen in the city!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Brooklyn & Haney

So far on our funny farm we have a dog and a pot belly pig. A few years back we had three chickens, but they went to chicken heaven :-)
In a few weeks I am getting an old trailer for free and I am converting it into a chicken house and I will get a few more chickens to hang out with the pig.
This morning our dog Brooklyn came for the morning feed with Haney and these are a few pics I took.
Last night my husband set up a "pig cam" for me, so I can watch Haney from my computer anytime to see what he's up too!!! Crazy I know, but seriously, unless you have a pig, you have no idea how much fun these crazy things are!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The melt is on!

Today temp hit a high of +10. WOW....it feels soooooooooooo great. However, it has been very windy for the last few days here and as much as we would love to spend some time outside, it's terrifying when you hear the tree's creaking.
We had one fall on our boat in the back yard a few days ago, and we were hoping to get outside today and cut it up and pile up the wood. But since the wind is still at it, it's not gonna happen.
With today's warm temps though, we were outside for a while making homemade trenches for the tiny rivers everywhere. I always feel like a kid when we do this, and really, it's so much fun to watch the water find it's way to wherever you make a path for it.
So hopefully the wind will die down and we can get outside and get some things done :-)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Harvest remnants at the dump!

So like I have said in past posts....here in the Cariboo there is a large grow op problem. So since these people use our local dump as their dumping ground for all of their stuff, there are many locals like me who take advantage of it.
Today, this is what I drove up upon! The top picture is of a bag ripped open with parts of the "harvest" strewn all over the place. The rest of the bags have soil in them. Last year and before the snow I grabbed about 20 bags of the soil. I then came home and mixed the soil with my compost and rotting horse manure and tons of fall leaves. This way it gets lost of extra nutrients and I don't have just "harvest" soil. So the rest of the pics are of what I saw today at the dump. Just gives you an idea of what it looks like when they are finished with their grow op and they harvest. The first time I was SHOCKED...now I have become immune to this sight. The smell is still very overwhelming though. I just shake me head and think to myself  "only in the Cariboo"!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

March 2012 Snowpocolypse here in the Cariboo!

Well it started yesterday....and it kept going and going and going. This morning I took a few pics of what our little funny farm looks like!
Front of the house
I know the greenhouse is out there somewhere! So is my garden!
My purple lilac tree...covered in snow!
I find it very hard to believe that about 90 days from now, I will be almost ready to plant in this garden in the back area of the house! When I walk around this garden and see 4 feet of snow covering it, I close my eyes and dream of the days it's +30 and I'm cursing the sun cause it's so hot and I have lots of weeding to do lol.

The snow paths keep getting taller and taller on each side too, this one is almost 3 feet tall, it's hard to tell unless your out there walking through these tunnels I call paths lol.
Today this sun is coming out and the great melt down has now started. I hear lots of crashing and booming all over the yard and on our roof as the snow if melting off the tree's and house making grand booming sounds, freaks out the dog cause she thinks someone is here every 2 minutes lol.
Anyways...happy melting!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Must be harvest time again!!

That's what I say when I go to our local dump/share shed and find some good "stuff". I have posted here before about the local grow op situation that has plagued the Cariboo. Well, as long as it's here I am going to continue to benefit from it myself. The following picture is a way that I profit from the "harvest".
I found 4 big bundles of bamboo sticks. For a gardener this is AWESOME...I use them for my peas, beans staking all my plants..making little fences..and the list goes on. These crazy things at Home Depot can cost a pretty penny and you don't get all that much in a bunch there. I know this cause I remember being one of those city slickers who bought the small pricey bundle! So for me to find FOUR bundles...you better believe it I started shouting like the IKEA commercial..."START THE CAR........STAAAAAAAAARRRRTTTT TTTHHHHHHEEEEEE CAAAAAAAARRRRR!"
There was some soil dumped there as well, but I didn't have any extra garbage bags with me or my shovel, or I would have been loading up on that too! Free soil!!!! Here in the Cariboo where the soil can be very clay like this is again...AWESOME......I mix the found soil with horse manure and compost and I'm good to go!
So if I can't beat the grow ops...I'm gonna use there left over, disposed of goods to my advantage!