Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hootie comes to visit

Except this Hootie is a big freakin owl right outside my back door in the tree...and not just one....but TWO of them. They were so majestic to watch, it was like I was hypnotized for hours, I couldn't stop staring at them, watching them spin their heads in that crazy robotic motion they do, then watching then clean them selves and seeing and hearing them do their "hoot hoot"...never have I been witness to so much, right in my back yard, so close!
I'm pretty sure they are here because I have spread my new rabbit's poop in the garden, and they can smell the fur and scat all over the place and they probably think it's dinner time lol.
Sure wish I had one of my daughters snakes frozen rats in the freezer right now, so I could thaw it and throw it his way.

He was keeping a close eye  on me.
It's harder to see in the pic, but there is one off to the left in that tree, and then the bigger one in the tree off to the right.

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