Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cage fighting

When I think of UFC...or MMA...or cage fighting.....this is the man I immediately think of. George St.Pierre....and he is delicious! I have been watching him now for about 10 years...and when he gets on the big screen I turn into a different person....I am not sure who or where this person inside me comes from, but I turn into a complete lunatic....not that I'm not crazy prior to this, but it's a different kinda that makes me scream "punch him in the effing face, get em get em get em", but I scream this at the t.v like a mental ward patient lol.
My brother went to a pub with me once a long time ago to watch a fight and he too couldn't believe his eyes lol.....who is this and what happened to my sister lol.
Well for some reason, I freakin love watching UFC. I can't even remember when it started or why or where I was, but I love it.
I'm pretty sure that George here had something to do with it...I mean, seriously....look at him....I can tell you one thing...I'd have no saliva left when I was done with him! lol
However, last night in his defending fight, he got his ass kicked and he looked like this:

That's okay though....everyone needs a good beat down in the cage once in a while. Should he have lost? Maybe, but he didn't, and there was something that the judges thought gave them enough reason to give him the win. His opponent afterwards said he gave 70%, and how he really could have kicked his ass and the title should be his.....well....I say this to coulda woulda shoulda buddy, but you didn't....don't brag after the fact of what you coulda didn't and now your sitting there pouting about it and making want the title, then fight everything you have, leave no doubts in yours and everyone else's minds that you did the best you could. George admitted he gave it his all, but his contender didn' for that, I have no respect for him...and all for my Georgey.
Best fight I have seen in a while though....phew, totally worth the pay per view price!

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