Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The art of soul searching

Everyone goes through it.....some do it when they are young, some go through it when they are older, other seems to search their whole lives for some type of meaning in life.
For me, just when I think I have figured it out, I know I really haven't, because really....that's impossible....no one will ever have it all really figured out. That would be way to easy.
Not only do I have to endure my own search, but now as a Mom, I have to watch and listen to my children's soul search and seeking of all things meaningful. What I didn't think I would discover was how much of an influence my children's own search would influence my own search...which in actual fact is truly inspiring. I just love hearing all of their new discovery's and how it's changed their life and why, and I can hardly wait to hear over their life time what new things they discover.
Well at my new job, I work with a couple of younger men who are the same age as my son, and they too are in the midst of soul searching....one of them has such a unique and interesting life story already, and he likes to talk to me at work about his thought process and he likes to bounce ideas off of me, but also to inform and challenge me too....what a great gift to me really, to be able to have such great intellectual conversation while working and getting paid :-)

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