Saturday, November 2, 2013

Deja Vu has struck our family again. Last Sunday my sister's house in Calgary was the victim this time. The daughters snake heating pad. She had just been given it by her boss at the pet store she works at...and it was the first night being hooked up. All night was fine, but then the morning came, my sister and BIL left and in that hour and started.
It could have been a billion times worse then what it was, but none the less, still devastating and damaging. They came home to a house full of smoke. They were able to rescue their two dogs and three cats, but my daughters beloved snake has gone to "the other side". She loved that snake so much, she got it as a baby and has raised it for the last three years, being solely responsible for it.
Not only did she need to deal with the loss of her snake, but she had to deal with the devastation of living through another fire in less then two years.....but this one consisting of her losing most of her stuff, and my sisters house being devastated.
It's times like these that one is reminded once again how precious life is and how we take so much for granted, and that stuff is just stuff and that there is so much to be thankful for. I can relate to everything my sister is going through, with insurance, frustration, anger, stress and just pure exhaustion. Your life gets turned upside down and you just crave some type of normalcy.
Please send your positive thoughts and if you pray, the please do so for my sister and her family and that there may be a positive outcome with insurance and that she may find some peace amongst the insanity that is her life right now.

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