Friday, February 28, 2014

Let me in your inner dome

I am addicted to people....this is no secret.....but it takes the right type of people to turn my crank...I can't just get addicted to any ol person.....there are people that are unique and interesting but quite frankly annoying as hell to no....I am not addicted to them. What is it that piques my interest of a person? I have no freakin's like a crap shoot....there is no pattern so far....I can't say what the "selling point" lol....of a person's brain....some people will say one sentence and I just have this drive to not let them leave and I need to ask them 20 more questions immediately, there are times when they just cross my path, don't say a word and I just have this feeling that I need to pick their brain. It's the brain picking I love the dive into the depths of the person's brains...their pattern of thinking and thought process, the understanding of what and why.
I probably should have gone to school to be a physiologist, but I'd have to listen to everyone lol....even the annoying that would suck....cause it's all fun and games till someone gets punched in the head.
So...if you meet me, and I'm asking you many while you still can....cause if you don''s gonna be a long long visit lol.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Eye eye doctor

So it's been about 4 years since I have seen an eye doctor and today I had an appointment to see if there were any changes.
So since we moved, this eye doctor is new to me. He is a young buck, and a funny one at that. Just like the pic above...he asked the usual..."is one better then 2, is 6 more or less then 7" which I answered "I failed math" he giggled a bit, finished up his test, entered his "findings" and then turned to me to tell me my results.
So he says to me "Robyn...over the next four years or so your gonna find your self pulling the book further away or closer to you, like your adjusting to make it clearer.....this will get worse and worse"
I replied with "Well aren't you just the bad news bear.....are you telling me this because I'm getting"
He said "Well....I'm just trying to gently point out the obvious"
I couldn't get mad at him...he was freakin funny, and he said that for all the years I have ever teased anyone about them taking off their glasses to see's payback time.
I still can't believe I had to pay 90 bucks for a test that took less then 10 minutes, and included questions like, is 4 better then 5 and he entered a few things in the computer. Sheesh...these doctors.....eye tell ya :-)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Farmers market frenzy

First stop after breakfast with family in the big city yesterday was a farmers market my son goes to all the time. It did not disappoint me either. I was able to pick up treats for the hubster and myself.
After that my son directed me to a super awesome natural market (health foods type) store. I would usually head to Planet Organic when in the city, but I have now discovered this one thanks to my son and it too was awesome.

One of my favorites...picked up this hand made toque at the farmers market.

Some rather unique flavors of jerky at the farmers market for the hubster.
OMG...these are sooooo good, the next time I am in the city, I will be buying HANDFULS of these!

I have found this awesome glass water bottle that allows you to keep your lemon on the top and squeeze when ever you want more lemon....brilliant, as I love fresh lemon in my water...and it's so good for you!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Talk to lovers do

It's not personality to those that know me.....I like fact I like strangers most....cause their story is unknown and I want to know all about it. For some the idea of wanting to listen to others or hear them is...well...not appealing. For me....well this is my life desire...I wish I could just spend my whole day and the rest of my life....talking to strangers and meeting new people all the time. Humans are so interesting and so intriguing, how can one not want to talk to them all lol.
Each person has a different perspective on something...and each person you meet in your life knows at least one thing that you didn' yeah...that's pretty awesome!
Do I get shy with new people? Sometimes.....other times I don't know what happens to me, but my mouth is talking before I am thinking and the receiver is often open mouthed shocked, but they always come around....eventually lol.
I wish the rest of the world was like this....just as interested in "hearing" others, wanting to really care and know about someone other then themselves....what a wonderful feeling that would be.
So go out there, talk to someone you don't know and have never met, make your self vulnerable and just be yourself!!!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Spice spice baby

Me: Ummmm....hunny...I think we are spice hoarders.
Hubster:'s all your fault, you always tell me when we are in town that you need this one or that one, and I can't check the cupboards first to see if we have it already or not.
Me: I don't know what your talking about....I haven't needed or used half of these freakin spices that are now taking over our kitchen.
This is how my Monday afternoon was spent....taking every spice jar, container, bag, package that was in the cupboard or box or black hole lol and combining them all into my canning jars and labeling husbster did not stop sneezing for two hours LOL.
However.....FINALLY it's all organized and labeled and we BOTH now know what we have and I am pretty sure we won't be buying any spices for a year lol. spice things up :-) spice spice baby!!!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Oh for the love of Paneer

There are many things I have been able to give up.....cheese is the hardest one for me.....I had a wee bit of a challenge with milk, but now that I am fully on the almond milk I don't miss regular milk at fact, the thought of guzzling milk like I used to makes me wanna wretch lol.
So I struggle with the whole cheese thing.....especially PANEER...OMG...I freakin LOVE this I am making Paneer Tikka Masala for lunch....the smells in the house are delicious!

Please....try to focus on the Paneer dish here....not the pigs doing it on top of the stove.....perverts lol.

So I  have to decide which of these bags are gonna be my underneath dish for my Paneer yummyness.
Either way it does not matter.....cause no matter what....I shall make a PIG of myself eating this for lunch!!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

When strangers become friends

Last summer I met these three strangers....I am proudly able to call them friends now. People that I can call up and say "hey....I'm in town, lets go grab some food".....or in one gals case who is in this photo....I was able to call her and say " the heck do you sew the neckline of a shirt?" which she responded with "come on over and I'll show you how".
The gal on the far left (on my right) is the one who "picked up a stray"...meaning me :-) She saw my add on the festival site and for the first time in her life, she took a chance she said for some reason and just felt moved to answer me and pick me up.
Well....who knew.....that it would turn out like it has. This weekend she came out from the big city (Calgary) and came for a visit. I now call her the city mouse and myself the country mouse. Well.....when the city mouse comes to the county she brings awesome city treats from fancy stores for us!

She had some awesome city fancy name for these....something like Macrons? Not sure...but soooooooooo freakin yummy and delicate...and she also brought the hubster some awesome smoked super uber thin buffalo he was so happy to get treats too lol.
It just feels so good to be so blessed by life's events and how they change things.....I am so happy to have met this wonderful group, and to be able to call them friends. We look forward to many more fun times with them all....the next one being in June when we go to the city for a fun adult musical dinner theater with some more city fancy food and company.
However, we can't wait that long to see the next time we are in the big city....the fancy friend who came for a visit this weekend is taking us out for Ethiopian food...CANNOT excited.
I really really like the city mouse....just sayin :-)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Racism alive and well in 2014

Well, I am usually able to find a funny cartoon or meme to attach to my blog posts...but not today. I don't want to find something funny for such a serious subject. Sometimes I just need to get down and real about shit and today is one of those days, and this is why.
Yesterday a co worker saw a man outside heading towards a door at our work, and as the man approached the door, he asked him "Can I help you?"....the man asked where he goes to apply for a job, to which the co worker responded with...."we are not hiring, in fact we are doing lay off's" the man was walking away...these are the exact following words that came out of his mouth "Oh man, it's never felt so great to tell a drunk fucking chug there is no job for him here"....and as he as saying this sentence....he got more and more excited and energized that he was able to destroy this person.
Now....let me explain a few things here....the man that walked up to this door was of First Nations descent, well dressed.....NOT drunk like it was claimed, and we ARE in fact hiring fork lift drivers who we are in desperate need of in which maybe this man had the skill set....but now we will never know this because of my experience that I witnessed. did this all end.....well....let's just say it has NOT ended....and that this has now turned into a DAILY work torment I am sure for the both of us now.
I torment him about was a racist douche bag he is, and I print stuff out at home and bring it to him in the mornings, and say things like "educate yourself before you open your mouth about shit you don't know anything about".....and he continues to be disgustingly racist towards First Nations...and quite proudly too.
However.....what I do know he needs most is someone to show HIM unconditional love....for he has not had that in his life....and to have so much anger...well one is not born that way, they are made and influenced that I am making it my duty in my life and time at this particular job to show him love and kindness even though he is angry and bitter and clearly hurt, and show him that love can prevail.....I WILL BREAK HIM OF HIS please....send your good vibes this way so I can feel them not only replenish me daily but inspire me to be a model to him, so he can see that's it's so much nicer to be happy then to be angry and bitter all the time.
I started today by telling him that no matter how racist he is or what he says that may make my heart cringe, I love him and accept him for all that he is....and I know this makes him cringe, I also told him, that we may not agree, and that's okay, but I still love him ( and by love, I mean in a Mom kinda unconditional love way...let's just make that very clear...he's just a kid...who currently isn't feeling any love from his real Mom either).
I could go on and on with all the other things that came out of his mouth in regards to racism, but I feel no need to glorify his non sense here...I shall just leave it at this...that it's 2014 and there is youth out there still that think it's okay to demoralize others different from them selves....moments like these make me shake my head and wonder what went wrong and where.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Lets take those ol records off the shelf

I was told yesterday, that in London Drugs in the city you can buy NEW VINYL RECORDS!!! have to pay about $25. Insane.....I had no idea they are no going BACK to this.....which is great I suppose...I can't see paying that much money for one though.
However.....last night I took out the records that I brought home with me this past summer from my parents place in BC and had the time of my life. Everything from childhood records such as The Music Machine & Disney stories on five albums of Johnny Cash ranging in dates from 1959-72.
Me and the hubster sat back and had a good laugh but also a good time singing along. I even had a German record that the hubster remembered from his youth and was standing in the living room dancing and singing in was soooooooooooooooooo cute! So.....rock on vinyl, rock on!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

What in the world are we doing? crazy that for most of the world this is true....unless you have some sort of awakening and realization and get out of it. I was blessed to have five years FREE of this when we lived in our forest on 12 acres....the most blissful five years of my life.
Now being back in the hub of things....I feel us slipping back in to this and it's we really want to be back in this mind frame again? NO
So....what to do we get out of this? Not sure yet, but I'm gonna work on it that's for sure!

And how true has this become too! That this has somehow been switched around.....and this whole paradigm shift has happened so fast....look how fast the world has changed even from the 60's to's staggering....yes there are similarities that have lasted through time....but the evolution of all of this is...well....frightful.

I see this and I do no want to be this. So I shall spend my Saturday, purging....purging of consumption guilt and reflecting on better days.....grateful for my therapeutic five years....and how I can be more like that person again. Happy Weekend :-)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Today's topic: Key phrases or words

******WARNING.....SWEAR WORDS AND OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE WILL BE USED IN THE FOLLOWING POST!*********************************************

Today started like any other day....get up early, go to work, begin work day with a morning meeting. this morning meeting....I brought up a wee bit of a "sensitive" topic. I started off my little rambling this morning by wanting to address the "elephant in the room"....meaning there was some serious tension going on in the last few days at work among our little group of 10 or so....and I thought I would be the one to address the affects of this tension on me and how I felt like because of the "douche baggery attitude" (yes, that is the exact words I used, and another co worker loved it so much he wrote it down and continued to use it for the rest of the day) our TEAM was falling apart. I also wanted to point out the affects of others bad attitudes gave others in the other part of this giant company a bad idea of who we ALL were, and I did not like being lumped in with the other douche baggeries. I suggested we act as a team and work together rather then against each when I addressed this "section of bad apples" ( meaning there were only two guys I was really directing this at, but I did not say their names, I just said ALL fork lift drivers) I guess they did not like this, however....there was really only ONE guy who I was giving a particular scenario about, and he knew who he was, but he himself did not have the balls to confront me after...he sent his large outspoken bully buddy after me. Now this guy was currently be "watched" by management as it was...and what he said to me today just tipped the scale over the edge and knocked him self out of the work park.
You see......he first came up to me ALONE...cause that's what this bully does best....tries to intimidate....sadly for him....he has NEVER dealt with a woman like ME before ;-) He then started in a normal voice telling me that "I am to never talk like that in a morning meeting again, unless I have all the facts right...and that yesterday he tried calling me 9 times and I never answered" to which now there was one more person there who shot down his claim and this angered him immensely,now another person shows up, and when I too was able to prove to him his claims were false and then invited him to our bosses office for further discussion since he was so eager to NOW talk about this rather then when we were all together and not secluded....he lost his totally freaked out in aggressive anger and called me a "fucking cunt". Now to most people they might have a total break down from hearing this...well.....this is not my first rodeo nor will it be my last....I'm a big girl with big girl panties, and this little man has NOTHING he can do to affect me.....why you ask....CAUSE I DON'T LET SMALL MEN AFFECT ME LIKE's sad actually that he has no control over his words or emotions and has to resort to such pathetic behavior.
So, with in the hour, he was fired and walked pay out no nothing..fired and gone.
I just wanna know when I get a freakin award for not cold caulking him into next Thursday!!! :-)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Another one of those moments

It still boggles my mind how MY vegetarianism seems to affect people who are NOT me lol. This particular special moment was today with another co worker....however...this one was sorta a cute one...but non the less...still awkward. My co worker being a meat eater....and now having the chance to get to know me a bit better over the last four months, has now come to some understanding of who I am...and he no longer feels the need to tell me how great his meat sandwich is or how great his steak was last night (which when people do this it still makes me wonder who the unstable one if all veg heads go around loudly announcing how great their beans were last night lol) today, he announced that he was eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and how he wondered if I noticed that when he has a ham sandwich he doesn't eat by me cause he has respect for me so he goes away to eat his meat.....uuuuummmmmm.....I didn't even know what to say.....ummmmm, thank you? lol.
He thought that he was doing a good thing to leave me in my area to eat his my shock left and my sassy ass kicked back into gear I asked him if he left to eat his meat in shame because of the guilt LOL. Anyway...he just felt that he was doing a good thing by not inflicting his meat desires in front of me.....which in a sense is nice, but however, not necessary....I told hubster devours meat regularly, and I do not have a problem with meat, I just choose not to eat it...but for some reason his drive to be respectful of " us vegetarians", he will no longer eat meat in front of me or another one if he ever met "one of us again".
But on a side note.....I did break the "man does not garden" ego barrier he did put up.....cause he is now super excited about creating his very first patio garden this spring all because of me....I even got him set up with buckets from work today which we drilled holes into the bottom of...and another guy even came over and advised him to put some pebbles in the bottom for better drainage lol.....I printed him off a list of shade veggies and other ones he could grow easily on his balcony and all the things he could do in his apartment to start the process's just so exciting to watch others get excited about the idea of producing their very own food.....soooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!!!!! I had such a proud "work mamma moment" :-)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Oh my Sunday....

Well hello there you sexy thing February.....seems you have snuck up me quickly. Day two in to this short month and I feel good!
Did some shopping in town with the hubster yesterday and had a FABULOUS Indian buffet cuisine that I have managed to scout out...and I have been there a few times but the hubby has not, so FINALLY he was able to partake with me....and he liked it...yippee....this is a yippee, cause the hubster is a VERY picky person with food and the quality of it was super that he actually liked it but all super that BOTH of us could eat and eat well! This place had the most amazing food for both meat eaters like the hubster and the veg head like me.
Once home I accomplished the laundry and organizing.....I just love how it all looks on Sunday.....but then by Wednesday not so I believe it gets this way because of the 4am grab and dashes that sometimes take place before work in the dark lol.....but none the is the pretty picture of my work clothes all lined jeans, short sleeved work shirts to go over the long sleeved work this time of's all about layers people!

So this morning I thought I would partake in a work out at home....we managed to bring our stationary bike from the farm here when we moved but it has not had much yesterday in my "get shit together" mood, I got this little area together.
So as I have said previously...I have been running again....but I have never been the type of person to do the bike I thought it was sorta lazy and not as much as what I needed.....WELL....may I now beg for forgiveness of this insulting idea of what I thought it was all this morning....for half hour...IT KICKED MY ASS! Seriously.....I did this program 4 thing, were it goes up and up and then down...three times....meaning tension on the wheel...well....last night when I was setting it all up and just trying it out.....I thought that tension 2 was a bit hard....but after this morning....tension SEVEN is actually the hard one....NOT 2. I was huffing and puffing so hard I thought the neighbors were gonna hear me....sheesh.
So....for this week, instead of heading off to the gym, I will be heading to this bike and doing a little bit of a different work out, along with other things I have planned for my sorry ass :-)

I have a feeling that it's gonna take a whole week to build up the numbing feeling in my ass so that I can make it through a whole half hour on the bike without having to adjust my butt every two minutes.....sheesh AGAIN.....weird that I have to like build up a sort of callus on my ass bones lol