Monday, November 11, 2013

Beautiful day off activities

So I have had four days off this weekend and it's been pretty fantastic....we were able to get lots done around the house and get stuff done in town too. Yesterday we moved our giant rabbit downstairs to a more roomy and pleasant area for her where she could roam around all day and to crazy rabbit bursts like crazy....which by the way is hilarious to watch.
Yesterday it snowed.....for the last three Sundays in a row it was snowed, but the snow is usually gone by Wednesday which is soooooooooooo nice....we are not used to this happening.....we are used to when it snows in November it stays and never goes away until nest April lol.
This morning when I woke up it was GORGEOUS.....the sun is shinning and beaming in through the windows....I just got so much energy to bake, so this morning I am baking some cinnamon buns for a couple of boys at work who are the same age as my son, and they love cinnamon buns, so what a nice treat I will be able to share with them tomorrow.
So today is also Remembrance Day.....a day of reflection of a war that was fought many moons ago....a war I cannot relate to but I am told I have to. I am very torn about this, and the feelings I have about war and everyone telling me about freedom. When our troops go and fight in foreign countries in this present day and the media tells us they are fighting for our freedom.....I tend to disagree....they are not fighting for me....they are fighting for another country, not ours and that country is having their own dispute and it has nothing to do with don't tell me it's about OUR freedom....oh man.....I could REALLY go off on a tangent in this subject, but today is not the day for it. Today is a day of happiness and baking and relaxation time.
Happy Monday!

How can you wake up to this and NOT be filled with JOY!!!
Baking madness has begun!

The kitchen counter clutter has also begun lol
My giant rabbits new digs....yup, she has her own sectional couch, she might be a tad spoiled lol

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