Friday, November 15, 2013

Forklift school

This is where my morning started out at a table with a dude who told a MILLION ridiculous stories...and not very much book stuff.....not really all that shocking. I mean, how can you really teach someone about how to drive a forklift from a book. For a few of the newbies there, it was informative....for someone who has already been there done can get a bit dry. I took to doodling in my book for quite a bit of it.
I have been on a variety of forklifts for a variety of jobs I have had in the past.....from driving a stand up forklift that's more like driving a stand up video game (that's the only way I can describe it lol...cause it has a freakin joy stick lol) to driving small/med size forklifts of different kinds. I have been VERY lucky to have had some amazing co workers along the way who have taught me and showed me tricks of the trade that have helped me build my confidence in a forklift and build my skill set.
Today the instructor just assumed cause I was a chick I would need to "go last" after the "professionals"....well once the pro's were done I went....and well.....I am proud to say he informed me that I was better then the "pro's". To which I smiled gleefully inside....once the basic forklift was done.....I was sent to one I have never seen nor set foot in....and since I did so well on the normal lift, he sent me out to the field where this big boy was and told me "your a smart girl, go figure it out"....I had a small mild heart attack internally and then told myself...."yeah...that's right....I can figure this shit out on my own!"
So I spent a while out in a big ol muddy field with pallets and cones and other machines having a BLAST....I have discovered that I just LOVE this machine called a telehandler. I was on such a high, not only cause it's totally an awesome machine...but because it has some crazy ass components to it and I totally mastered it all on my own....from crabbing the wheels and maneuvering in some awesome ways to just all out sweet techniques.
Anyways....all in all....the day was a success, I was re-certified and I am good to go for three years...and I discovered a new love of a new machine....which my new job just happens to have and you can bet yer ass I'm gonna be ALL over it come Monday morning :-)

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