Sunday, December 30, 2012

On the down low

These are pictures I have taken in the last little bit of from ground really I dedicate this post to my sister who made fun of me and my "crazy" shots....I think they look "artsy" lol
Vancouver Sea wall Dec 26, 2012...nice and rainy!

Vancouver Sea line of bike & pedestrian lane

Willowbrook Mall in Langley Dec 2012

Vancouver Sea Wall Dec 25, 2012

105 Mile House Dec 30, 2012

Stewart Road in Yarrow Dec 27,2012

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Good times

Well the holidays are over.....well for us they are anyways....we had a week off and now in a day we are back to working reality.
We had a chance to go to the coast for the holidays with family and friends. I can't even put into words how much fun I had.
Here's a small run down of events....Christmas at my parents, Christmas night I spent the night at my one and only Uncle Nicks apartment ( something I have been waiting 41 yrs to do) he lives downtown Vancouver practically right on Robson Street and it was AWESOME, boxing day spent running the sea wall in Vancouver with him as he photographed me running,  followed with shopping at the Running Room and Whole Foods ( which was crazy since my eyes were fluttering to the back of my head with excitement and over stimulation from being in the "big city" ), spending the next day at my best friend Carla's house and getting my hair curled by her and having another great friend Daphne over, the day after that having dinner with ANOTHER best friend Judy and her husband at a AWESOME Greek restaurant, oh yeah, and in between all that....MORE SHOPPING lol...also seeing my second brother and his family...whom I have not seen in two yrs as well, along with having my one and only sister there with her husband too.
So you can imagine the amount of fun and craziness that took place this week. Here is ONE picture that can give you a small glimpse into the insanity of my family. This is my Mom and Dad....I bought this apron in my small town and brought it to my Mom for Christmas....well....all I can say is that they got "out of control" and they can NEVER blame me for they way I turned out when this is how THEY behaved LOL.
Yes....that is my Dad grabbing my Mom's boob....and yes....that is my Mom saying "wooh, that's going right through the apron".
There should never be another question to me wondering why I turned out to be who I am after one sees a small example like this LOL.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I find the above statement to be very true for me. It's really is amazing what running has done for me. It's so great all the things that can get accomplished on a run for me....such as.....planing wedding speeches for friends, organizing and planning ideas, mind and spirit calming, sometimes just zoning out and feeling the earth beneath my feet....and the list goes on and on.....there is never a run that is the same as the one before, no matter if I do the same route over and body is always reacting and feeling different, and for this I am grateful.
I love that it's just me and the road and my thoughts...some people write journals....I me running is the same as putting a pen to paper, except I am "running" those thoughts into the ground and working them all out.
Running is not for everyone, but it has become something for me, and this I never would have thought would be so powerful.

Monday, December 17, 2012

My gym is a little white!

On my run yesterday I snapped a couple of pics....the run it self was wonderful, on top of the snow feels like fluffy clouds but also at the same time a little bit like squishy sand too, makes for foot placement while running a challenge, but hey, I figure that means I am working different muscles in my legs by doing so.
The days are much shorter now, so makes running difficult to fit in....last week I went a whole week without running....I got my self into a bit of a funk so to speak. I have been working graveyards, day shift, afternoon shifts..alllll over the place, so it have been a huge challenge to get any type of routine down, yet alone stay sane. So last week I finally had my mental snapping moment, I broke.
I did not run, I just about quite my job, and I ate a lot of sugar crap. NOT GOOD LAST WEEK AT ALL.
However, the important things is that I got my self out of my slump and I am back on need to give up at all, just get back on the bus and keep going, that is the most important advice I can give. I no longer beat my self up over missing one run, or eating a handful of choc covered blueberries. I just start again with the next RIGHT decision.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Quilters unite....errr...ummm maybe not

 My sister is the quilter of the family....I AM NOT. Some people have certain skills in certain areas and this is one area that I do NOT have skills. I went to Walmart and bought my self a quilting cutting board thing, and then bought a rotary cutting thing. As you can read...I also have NO quilting lingo skills either....all things quilting will be regarded as "thingy", so if you don't know what I am speaking of then to bad, contact my sister for a interpretation lol.
So last night I started on the "pile" in the dining room. This pile has been growing for a few months. It is the jeans pile that has been collected by me from various share sheds. Why buy used ones when I can get them for free!!!! So I don't have one of those special square quilting thingies, so I used a square like bowl that my husband found in the cupboard here for me lol....yes, he too has now become involved in this...and by involved I mean he gives his two cents worth on what he thinks I am doing wrong! Interesting right!!!! Yeah...that did NOT last long as I gave him the "look". It's funny how he becomes an expert on ALL things I try even though he has NEVER done them lol. As he likes to say "but I'm must trying to help you hun". LOL.
So anyways, back to the "pile", I started on this journey smiling.....this is how it looked after 10 minutes...
Guess what I'm thinking LMAO...
I'm thinking "who does this for fun?" No this fun? At what point does this become fun? Is this also yoga? Is this yoga for quilters? HELP ME UNDERSTAND THIS INSANITY LMAO.
So, I ended up cutting out approx 80 squares....are they all perfect squares...HELL NO...sheesh...I really have no idea what to do with the next step either, cause this first step was so exhausting I can't imagine this fun getting any better....I will mention that I did get through that process with out any profanity, so for this I should get a special quilting award just for that.
So this is what I have sister shall have no fear of me want to take over her quilting retreats fact I will only attend one if I can become the entertainment factor of it, where I can sit and mock the happy quilters....seriously, someone needs to do some stand up comedy routine on this stuff, cause I really do think it would be endless.
The other thing I have decided is this....I will complete this ONE quilt, my own jean quilt to cuddle with, it may take a LONG time, but I will get it done, it may look like a MAN did it, but I don't care.
Wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The results are in!

Went to the doctor yesterday for a full physical and to get the results from some blood work I had done last week. A co worker of mine suggested that I get my fasting glucose and cholesterol I did and here are the results:
Glu Fast          3.9     The average range is 4.1-5.6 ( I am wonderfully healthy in the sugar dept)
Triglyceride    1.19    The average range for this one is 1.70 (again, I am in great condition in this area)
HDL              0.98    The average range is 1.30 (this is were I am a wee low...this means I have to eat more oils or things like avocados and walnuts, or take a fish oil supplement....which won't be happening since I am now vegan lol.
I have made an appointment with a local nutritionist now through the doctor and have to write down everything I eat for the next three weeks so the nutritionist has a starting point to work with as well.
So some exciting results and exciting changes in the future!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Love is........

Being kidnapped by your husband after working and 8 night stretch of graveyard shifts and taken to a town where I can really shop!!!
This is what my husband did for me a few weeks ago. So sweet of him.

Even better was that he picked a hotel right downtown so I could just walk right out the door and spend all the time I wanted at a used book store five doors down. AND....the book store is closing out so I left with with HUGE bag of books and it was AWESOME.
You know it's true love when you get excited by TWO beds for sleeping LMAO....yes..we did sleep was sooooooooooooooooooo great! Yes I love my husband, but we love sleep too lol.
It was so weird to be in the "big city" lol, looking out the window and seeing more then 4 cars can you tell I have turned into a country girl :-) was a wonderful whirlwind 24 hr trip of escape from our small town, but it's always nice to get back to the slower pace that's for sure!

All I want is.....

A few little midgets in a battery operated cart to follow behind me and gather my layers of clothes that I would like to strip off while running. (and yes I am aware that I was just totally politically incorrect with that statement, get over it) I start out cold, but then warm up and wish I had someone to take my layers, rather then having to keep them on and sweat my ass off!!!
Secondly I would also require them to be my personal cheer leaders as well, I mean, if they are out there anyways following behind me, the least they can do is motivate me!!! I am just sayin!
I believe these fellows might be available once they are out of jail!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Waiting for results.....

I was advised to go to the doctor and get my fasting glucose levels and cholesterol levels taken. Why? Why not...again...I think it was great advice really. I think it will benefit me to know where I stand and know that I have a place to measure from.
Since starting to eat as a vegetarian at the end of August, I have lost around 20 pounds....I don't know for sure, as I did not want to step on the scale as a measure, I just wanted to feel better. But in October I thought what the hell, so I did, and now I have some idea of where I am at.
I feel soooooooooooooooo much better though...lots of energy and an overall great sense of well being. I love walking and running as well, which helps this whole process.
I have decided to take the next step in to being Vegan. This has thrown my Mother into a tale spin, as I am going there for she has turned into a crazy person on the internet looking for recipes for making me a vegan Christmas dinner.
I told her I would make my own food, but I find it rather cute and funny that she is making an effort which is very nice. I am sure that she will be the only one willing to make this sacrifice for me as everyone else seems to freak out when I tell them I no longer eat meat, milk, cheese or eggs. So I have a feeling that I may be bringing all my own meals if we EVER get invited out again lol.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Crazy, radical, what for?

These are some of the questions I have fielded since I stopped eating meat 2 months ago. My answer has mostly been "why not" back to people. However....I think it's about to get worse LOL.
I am have been contemplating going on a completely plant based eating plan....some call it vegan, not vegetarian, because, vegans don't eat dairy, or eggs or basically anything with a face lol. Well there have been a lot of arguments now between the two worlds of plants based eating and vegan eating, each with their own views on the subject. I personally don't care either way..all I know is that I won't be eating eggs or cheese or milk on top of my already not eating meat.
Why you ask? lol...and I will say why not...again. I have ordered some books on line about the whole plant based eating lifestyle. So I am not going to try this just quite yet, as I would like to do some more research yet.
I am sure my family will have me institutionalized for this one, I am sure I will hear a lot of "well now this going to far" or "your crazy".....I already get a lot of..."I could NEVER go without my meat"...and I say to them "that's nice, good for you". I don't really care either way if you eat meat or not, this is MY choice, not anyone else.
And like I said about being a vegetarian, if I don't like it, I can always stop and starting eating meat again. Well the same with the next step...if I don't like eating only plants based meals, I can always start drinking milk and eating eggs again lol.
I stopped eating dairy products a little while back for about 2 months, that was all I at that time was able to do it for. I am a HUGE milk and cheese fan...I could guzzle milk like an out of control lunatic. I could also eat POUNDS of yummy cheese. So for me, not having those particular things will be a challenge.
So I shall see how this next stage in my adventure will pan out. Who knows, I may only last a week without once I start this...either's not gonna kill me!
This will be my reading material for the next few weeks while I decide what I am going to do and how I am going to go about doing it! Wish me luck!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bambi on ice

 This is how I felt this morning on my walk/run....the roads were just icy enough to make it CRAZY to try to do any type of running or walking!

I really feel like I should have been like this guy....wearing my helmet, cause it felt like I was gonna fall and smack my head at any moment lol.

I do have these...but they are only good if they have something to grip into...not just surface ice particulates on the road....I really really HATE running in these conditions....makes for a longer and more stressful workout...I like mind numbing, non thinking workouts LOL....not the ones where I have to concentrate on every freakin step.
So here's to hoping it either warms up, or freakin snows a little so I have some grip!

Friday, October 26, 2012

The darkness......

I have been working some pretty crazy hours lately...and because of this, it has really messed with my internal clock. I am usually a morning person, not a night time person, but working graveyard shifts kinda changes that whether I like it or not. the middle of these graveyard shifts, I got thrown some early morning/day shifts. So now my clock is really all wonky lol.
So I was in bed pretty early last night and therefore I was up 4am type early. So I tried to keep sleeping, but tossed and turned...over and over....thinking I could hold out til at least 7am til the light started coming out to go for my run.
Well that lasted about half hour....and then I was done waiting in I just got up. I was out the door by 5:30am in total darkness....there were clouds, so I did not even have some moon for lighting. It was a BEAUTIFUL morning I have to say...for a fall/wintery feeling....not too cold, not to warm...just right. So I had a small flashlight with me which I started off using....and then I got all paranoid.....thinking...geez, what happens if the light runs out half way through this freakin hour walk/run, then I am really screwed lol...and then I got to thinking....what if there is a bear out here...and I shine the light in his eyes, who would be more scared...him or me...and would he run or would I run...would it be a stand off or just a full out me shittin my self LMAO.
So I decided.....screw it, turn to flash light off, let my eyes adjust to the darkness, and just enjoy it. So I just told my self that if it was my time to die via a big bad bear, then it was meant to be, I was not gonna get my self all in a tizzy over the worrying. I didn't take my music with me, so it was total quiet except my breathing.
I have to say, it was the most amazing, relaxing, zen like walk/run I have had yet....I just ran right in the center of the road and embraced the quietness of the morning. No traffic to worry about, no animals out, just me and the darkness..and I liked it!!!!
So back on graveyards means I will be running in the light again after I get off work, but it sure was a treat this morning!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Forming habits....

I have officially formed the habit of exercise....and I love it, in fact if I can't get to it, I am rather cranky and my whole day is ruined pretty much...I am now obsessed with making time every day for it. Yes I get aches and pains, my knees hurt, my feet hurt, it's raining, it's snowy, it's dark, it's cold...bla bla bla bla....there could be a million excuses to NOT work out....especially cause I do mine OUTSIDE.......cause I use what I have and that's my outdoors!!! Yes I have to dress appropriately, depending on conditions...yes I may have to layer my clothes, and strip half way through lol...but it beats having to DRIVE to a gym, and mindlessly run on a treadmill going no where (not to mention the fees one has to pay)....don't get me wrong, I love treadmills, I have's buried in the back of our storage container right now, so I as I said before...I am using what I have.

 This is me heading out yesterday morning for my wog.
All laced up and ready to head out.
Me taking my starting time to that I have a new stop watch...very excited I only had to spend a whole $9 bucks on it too!!! Don't need anything fancy, just something with a stop watch and the time really.
This is my "gym".
I believe it's best to get out and at it early, that way my brain has no idea what's actually happening you can see from the stunned look on my face...the "WTF am I doing" face...and I have already stripped of the hat cause I am warm enough already.

Brown spots are the Canadian geese bird poop bombs I am forced to wog around...sheesh, like can't they poop somewhere else..and it's freakin winter...why are they still here!!!!!!!
So happy I am done for the is a freakin mess, but who cares...I am done and ready to hit the shower!
Oh yeah, I forgot these girls...I pass them every morning while wogging, and in my head, I have deemed them to be my personal wogging supporters....I know if they could talk they would be saying..."you go girl" LOL....oh come on....let me dream okay LOL.
Oh ending time too....sheesh..forgot about that lol.
This is the scene this morning.....this is what I wogged in was a pretty brutal sand on the roads yet....super icy....I had to be pretty careful....but none the less, I got it done, and it was very pretty to wog in.
Now if I could only get the music fairy to come and put new music weekly on my MP3 player so I have a new fresh playlist every week LOL.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Motivation makes it happen.....

The key to a great workout is MUSIC...if you get the right play list on what ever device you use it makes workouts more tolerable and often more invigorating and satisfying.
This might all be true.....unless your me..and you ask your husband to put some good workout music on the MP3 player. Well let me give you a run down of how my walk/run went this morning....
It started off with a song called "Evacuate the Dance Floor"....good song....gets the pace going for the start of the walk, arms are pumping...I'm feeling really song..."Blue" by Eiffel 65...this is a song from I think the 90' me a small flashback and a smile on my face.....I press on in my"Funhouse" by Pink....oh boy, I just LOVE her...anything by her gets me going...always such a great there are a few more songs that come one that are of good beats so this pleases me...but then this..... "HIGH" by my husband trying to imply that I would have to be high to be walking/running at this hour of the morning...or because even if I work a graveyard shift I still come home and get out there and walk/run lol...okay....I have a small smile on my face wondering what he was thinking with putting this song on here for me...after's a rather slow pace...and really ridiculous lyrics there are a few more tecno songs that come on....and they get me back in the mood again...but then...BAM....super slow song...called "Hallelujah" (now this is one of my fav song, but NOT for workouts) so now I'm thinking....did he put this one on here as a message to I should be saying this while hallelujah my fat ass can keep going LOL...sheesh...I am at this point really wondering what's going on....and just when I really thought my husband was nuts....I get this "Hallelujah" by Matthias Reim....GERMAN TECHNO....WTF
Is this his way of trying to get me to learn German...cause after 6 years of being together all I know is my days of the week, how to ask where the bathroom is and a few colors.....well let me tell you...German techno is is no way something that I want to learn while fact it is so freakin annoying yet hilarious to listen you ever listened to angry sounding German techno? Come on...give it a try..especially when your right in the middle of the most heart pounding, must...keep..going..part of the run LMAO. After that, I was pretty much done....I just pulled out the ear buds and finished up with a warm down walk and a head shake...wondering if my husband was at home laying bed giggling at the concoction he created for me. 
So's lesson is....GO GET YOUR GERMAN TECHNO FUNK ON!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Misty morning walks...

This was my walk this morning at 7:15am....just after I got off of working a graveyard shift. Everywhere else there was no fog....but because we are currently living by a lake..the fog and misty air just hovers around our area. So when I go for a walk, it's like walking in a giant cool mist humidifier LOL. This morning on my walk I came across two things...first was a gigantic toad on the road that had it's head was as equally traumatizing to see in real life as for you to read it here lol....secondly...a HUGE pile of bear shit....yes...I know what bear shit looks like thank you very much......we have some in our yard to as well, so the bear is near. I just didn't expect to see it right in the middle of the road...what I really wish is that I could have been witness to the bear taking the shit in the middle of the that would have been some funny shit LMAO. So it seems I will have to take my bear spray with me on my walks in the morning.

Veg Head

It's been a little over a month now that I have become a full fledged veg head.....VEGETARIAN. Why you ask!! Why not I say. What do I have to lose really. Do I miss meat...the first week I did, but not now. I have been experimenting with different foods and combinations and have been pleasantly surprised by it all. My husband is still not used to me not eating meat...just last week he went to the grocery store and bought steaks and came home and said "Oh hunny, I got some really yummy steaks" which I replied "Well I am really happy for you and the kid, should be a yummy supper for you" which he replied "oh crap..I forgot" lol.....ohhhhhhh boy.
My Dad became a veg head about 20 years or so ago, and he's almost 80 yrs old! I have an Uncle who's been a veg head for as long as I can it's not like it's some new idea to me. I have friends in my life too who are veg heads, so I have been more then exposed to the whole idea.
I just decided once summer was over that it was time for a change. One of the first changes I noticed with in a few days was this: WARNING. THE NEXT LINE MAY MAKE YOU GROSS poop LOL...yup...totally different now in every aspect. My energy levels are also different, but not drastic enough for me to say it's all because I stopped eating meat.
Anyways...this is a really fun journey, and I look forward to trying new things that go with it. The following are a few photo's of a few new things I like to eat!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

On the move again....

Well...we have moved AGAIN. Our first temporary home has been cleaned up (by my most wonderful husband cause I have been working insane hours at work) and packed away and moved to our latest and greatest new temporary home.
This one is about 5 or so km away from the main town area, so it is VERY nice to be on the outskirts of town. The most wonderful thing about this new place is that the home is on a bit of land and it backs right on to a every morning I get to look out at the lake and see the ducks swimming around, there are dear the roam through the property and just the nice serenity of the quietness. Complete opposite of our last temp home. But....I cannot complain to much about that old place, we were given a roof over our heads in a time of need and desperation so it was a GREAT gift.
We just have been given another great gift in this home. It again worked out so wonderfully for us. A friend has gone to the Vancouver Island for the winter and spring and needed someone to house sit for her, and she thought of us and asked if we would like to move in....well....who in there right mind could say no (country folk who aren't used to city living)....NOT US!!!!!
I really feel like I have moved into a castle in this's just what my country soul needed...and I have to say...I don't miss my old city neighbors one's was getting really really out of control with the horrible things that they were doing there in the city next door....I could do a whole rage blog just on the idiots next fact, maybe I will do one, it may be therapeutic for me lol
As far as an update on our actual home in the the next few weeks we will be taking down what's left of the old house and getting the area prepped for winter, so that in the spring we can start our new build and adventure. When we take down the old one, I think that's when it will really hit me....that there really is no more old crazy shit shack LOL.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Not happening...yet...

Well just when I was getting all came to an end. We will NOT be building this year. We will be waiting till next spring. It was really a touch and go situation with the timing of everything....and I really was hoping we might actually get started, but in the end, it is not to be. When one door closes another opens...this is my mantra for many things in life.
So we will wait, we will have to be "city folk" for a time longer. At the end of the day, I would rather wait to build and not be in a rush then to be like crazy lunatics madly trying to get stuff done before the first snow fall here, which can happen as early as the first week of September. This way we can take our time and really plan out properly, rather then rushing and making hasty decisions.
So this is going to be the longest fall and winter I have ever had I suppose....waiting....waiting for the snow to come and go so I can build. I think that someone is trying to teach me a valuable lesson on patience.....weird...wonder why? LOL
Really though, I can't complain about family is safe and sound, we have a place to life temporarily, we all have jobs (which is a amazing for such a small town) we are surrounded by people who care for us and have great friends in our lives...I really have no right to whine about a could always be waaaaaaaaaaaaay worse, and for this I am so very grateful.
So, in the mean time, we are spending every minute of the summer that we can out at the farm, soaking up the country quietness and the evening campfires, and the wonderful feeling I get when I am at "MY" place.  

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

First step

Well we have made the first step in our journey this week. You may laugh at our first step, but considering this insane roller coaster ride that we have been on, ANY step to me at this point is freakin exciting okay!!!!!!! We made the call to Hydro to have our current service to our farm disconnected and have arranged for a electrician to go out there next week and disconnect the wires from the house and put up a temporary pole for us so that we can have power there while we build. The next thing we did was make the call to the "call before you dig" people lol. Once that call is in, they have 4 days to send us the drawing of where our gas lines to the house are, so that when the demolition guy comes next week we are good to go and he knows where stuff is too.
So you see, this type of movement to me is THRILLING...the fact that something is beginning to happen is beyond words. Last night we even finally came to consensus as to what house plan we both wanted. So we can now take that to the city today or tomorrow and get our permit pulled for building, since we found out yesterday that this to can take weeks to get from them....OOOOHHHHHH BOY....the things you learn that you never thought you would need to know.
So I will be taking pictures through out this process or journey as I call it, so that we may share with the world this nut job life we are living and creating in! Stay tuned!!!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Well, on the bright side of things.....

It's all mine!!!! Yup...yesterday I went to the bank and paid of my mortgage!! What a weird feeling. A feeling I thought would being happening much later in life. I was unsure of how to feel. I know I should have been happy....I high fived the lady who's pressed the "delete my mortgage button" lol. It's just that I don't have a home to go along with that pay off. So.....I have to look at the bright side of things....I am debt free, I no longer have to make mortgage payments, but now my life is going to go into double over time speed as I have to tear down the existing place and start from scratch!
Now where the journey really begins!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Four blissful and eventfull years

On the the 21st it was our 4th wedding anniversary. Not a huge long time, but it was OUR time! The things we have done and gone through in those four years is amazing. When we sit around and think of the things we have experience in our 6 years together we often sit and laugh and say things like "what were we thinking" lol.
I cannot think of a better man I would have wanted by my side these last 6 years. When I dreamed as a little girl of the man I would think I was not him lol....because this man I married is even BETTER then the one I thought of as a little girl.
So on our fourth wedding Anniversary, we went for Chinese food, nothing special, but very special to me. The night before, I was off work at 11pm....and when I got home we sat up talking about my day at work and his day....thought nothing of this is our usual routine....when I had arrived home I brought my hubby some yummy snacks from work he likes and said Happy Anniversary, he joked and said..."but I didn't get you anything" I replied with...."oh hunny, who cares, I only brought you some treats, it's nothing major...sheesh".
So I told him I was tired now, it was after midnight, and at the strike of midnight we had kisses and wished each other many more happy crazy years together....I toodled upstairs and went into our dark bedroom to turn on the bedside lamp....and my bed....was a dozen roses!!!!!!
I am spoiled everyday in ways that no one else would ever understand like me. I have been blessed tenfold when I met this amazing man. Thank you hunny for the last four years and all the ones to come!!!!!!!

We eloped in a helicopter!

Me sitting outside of the helicopter we eloped in!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My little city garden!

Beans, herbs and flowers....oh yes, and guard dog lol

Sunflowers growing tall

I planted three cabbages, and they are getting HUGE

One of the cabbages