Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'v been waiting for you!!!!!!!!

I have had this crazy obsession with having a Kitchen Aid mixer for about 5 or so years(specifically a red one). And not just one of those small ones with the small motors, one with a really good strong motor that won't peter out with the first tough dough. WELL.............yesterday before work, I was doing my usual routine...stopping at the mail, and taking a look at the share shed..and there she stood...all alone on the shelf in the shed...calling my name!!!!!!!!!!!! I could not believe my eyes....I grabbed it like a crazed lunatic before anyone else might show up. My heart was racing with excitement, like I had just scored the million dollar ticket lol. So I drive off and I'm thinking to myself...there is no way this thing works..like...who would put this in the shed if it worked...so I was thinking of all the things my husband would have to fix on it (cause he's super awesome that way, he found me a high end espresso machine there too, he just had to tweak it a bit and now it's GREAT) 
Anyways, when I got home, I plugged it in...and walla!!! It works perfect, on all settings, motor sounds great. Now all I have to do is buy the bowl and the attachments..which online are super crazy cheap!!
So once again, I am totally convinced that if I wait long enough, I WILL find everything I need for free at the share shed!!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Who needs a dryer anyways....I don't!

My laundry has learned to hang in many places in the last 3 years lol. This was one of the first places...we had no laundry line or even a washer at this point. When we first moved to the hicks, we would have to go to town and do our laundry at the "town laundromat". We'd then bring it home and hang it to dry, since we were to cheap to pay for the dryer part. Sometimes I would long for soft towels, my body has adjusted just fine over the last few years now!!
I remember back when I would DIE if I had to use my shower towel more then ONCE. Now...oh man...I think I use it for a week LOL...oh stop, before you say gross.....IT'S JUST USED FOR DRYING MY BODY for crying out loud...sheesh...I just had a shower and then I dried off!!! So yes, I have learned to be frugal and smart with my money.
Yes we have a dryer...lol..in storage...and one day when all of our reno's are done, it to well be installed. But really, I am not sure how much use it will get, now that I am so used to the "hang dry". I mean...I save a lot of money just hang drying our laundry. And it's no skin of my butt! Yes, I have to plan a little more, I can't just throw the laundry in and know that in a hour or so it's gonna be dry, and I can't hang the laundry outside when I am having a fire (learned that one the hard way the first year...lol...all the clothes had to be re washed...kinda not cool to have people think there is a fire ALL THE TIME...when you smell like fire).
So my laundry will continue to hang in all kinds of places until the fateful day when reno's will be done. ( don't hold your breath it's gonna happen anytime soon LMAO)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

To meat or not to meat, that is the question!

I watched this documentary last night and found it to be very thought provoking. So much that still today my husband is still debating and discussing it with me. This NEVER happens. So not only did I find it very good, he must have too! And most of the time when I watch documentaries he's not that in to them. But this one really got us both thinking.
It talks about the health effects of food in general. Yes it is more geared towards eating no meat, but they do prove some very good points that no one could deny.
My father, who is heading towards his 80's became a vegetarian about 20 or so years ago, not sure on the exact time frame, it just seems like forever ago now. He was your very typical meat and potatoes type guy. We grew up on a small hobby farm where we had our own dairy cow for milk, goats, chickens, horses, pigs, ducks, peacock, and some more that I can't think of right now lol. Not to mention HUGE gardens. So our cows, pigs would go to the butcher and our freezer was filled with meat. So EVERY meal was filled with meat and all things yummy. My Mom did a great job feeding all of us the most healthy meals one could get, no processed foods, all home made and all of the land as much as she could. I remember my Dad always having huge meat portions on his plate, so for him to become a veg head was a real shocker. Which makes me think, if he can do it anyone can. YEAH RIGHT....try telling that to my husband. I can't even begin to imagine him not eating meat. But today, a day after watching that documentary, he is still talking about it and the health factors. So we might just start with one day a week, like a meatless Monday to start, but the fact that he's even talking about it is great. So once the freezer is all empty of the current meat, we are not buying anymore (at least that's how we feel today, don't hold me or him to it, I wouldn't want to be caught at midnight secretly eating meat LMAO) My Dad is not the only veg head in the family, I have an Uncle too who has been one for a million years, and a few friends as well.
One of the other major things that stuck out in this film to me was the studies and proof they had on the effects of dairy (milk) on people and the amazing studies they had on it. It effected me so much what they said, that today...NO MILK FOR ME. I used to think that I could live on mild and toast alone. Well, not no more. Not after the facts that were shown in this film. I have gone off of milk before, just like the whole coffee thing. So I know I can do it, and it won't be to hard.
Anyways....we shall keep our thought provoking discussions going about meat and see what happens! 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Getting used to his new digs

Well he's been here for a few days now, and he seems to be settling in just fine. I just love going out there and finding him totally covered in hay, and then when I call his name he grunts and sticks his head out of his home made hay cocoon. The more time we spend with him the less anxious he is. My hubby even put out a night light for him so he can still see at night...so cute. Because this temporary place is attached to our house, we can hear him "redecorating", and I just have to laugh imagining how he's moving his hay piles to a more suitable place for the moment.
He's even cuter when I bring him his apple treats. He becomes puddy in my hands. And who can resist all that adorable crazy grunting when he greets you! NOT ME....guess I become puddy to him then lol. Ohhhhh boy.

Monday, February 13, 2012

New member of the family!

This is how our new baby came home with us. In a home made crate in the back of the station wagon, surrounded by groceries from Walmart!
This is our name baby Haney, and he's playing peek a boo with us in the back of the car. Seriously, he's ridiculously cute, and even though he pooped in the crate on the way to his new home, it didn't even smell that bad, my hubsters farts are waaaaaaaay worse lol.
 This is our dog Brooklyn meeting her new brother and giving him the inspection and stamp of approval. She can hardly wait to play with him.
Finally out of the cage and taking a look around the new place!
Yup, he's posing for the camera! I seriously can't believe I have a pot belly pig!!!!!!! So excited! We got him for free from a family who is moving into the city and can no longer take care of the animals they have cause they can't take them with them. When we had chickens a few years back my daughter painted the chickens nails with bright pink and green nail polish. I can hardly wait to see what she does with this pig! Maybe she can tame his mo-hawk hair thing he has goin on lol.
I now just have to figure out to make a big harness for him so I can take him for walks down the road...cause that would be just AWESOME!!! lol

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February Fire

Oh life is grand when I can spend the day outside having a nice big fire. This is the first one of the year! I had such a great day! I just might have had a few bailey and coffee's while I was out there :-)
It starts at noon like this.

Which then leads to a bit of coffee with Bailey's!


...and ends at night like this!

We had a wiener roast tonight to start the year of fire pits off in style. MMMMMM half cooked wieners...yuuuummmmy.  If you step away from the fire at all though....brrrrrrrrr it gets cold. Can't wait till my next days off again to have another one!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Seed-Dealer wanted

Yup...I need a seed-dealer I just found out lol. I can find one I have been told at "Seedy Saturdays" and Seed Exchanges. Why you ask? Because of Monsanto...that's why! I have become more and more aware of this rather large homestead devil. To this day I still gather information on them that's new and alarming to me.
I find it alarming that it's okay with the government to allow this company to literally kill us. That's all I can say with out my blood pressure going through the roof, other then that, all I can say is....look it up yourself, get informed and see what this company is doing, and if you haven't yet...THEN OPEN YOUR FREAKIN EYES PEOPLE.
So I thought I had a good source for seeds, and I am learning this is not the case....so this year will be my first year I get real serious about my seeds. I have no clue on how to seed save or seed swap or any of that bazaar lingo. I do know that I do not want to be lied to when buying what I think are safe seeds to grow food in my garden that I believe is safe.
So, my search is on for a good seed-dealer lol.....wonder how that's gonna sound in the grocery line up in our small town LMAO.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Winter sowing

As you can see from the pics, I started with a bag of soil, filled my milk and soda containers with the dirt and planted my seeds. Then took the batch out to the garden, but them on a table. Now all I have to do is wait for mother nature to do her thing. Here are a few links to a few sites I found on how to winter sow. Very interesting and informative.

I have put up the bird seed feeder FAR away from my containers and plants so they don't get curious and start digging through my stuff lol. Hope that helps lol.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Snow curls & snow paths...the Cariboo way!

One has to be careful when walking around the house these days...the snow and ice curls coming off the roof could be DEADLY!
We have been woken up many a time in the middle of the night to huge crashes and bangs, you'd think that a 50 foot tree just fell over or that a truck came crashing down the road...but no..it's just the ice curls breaking off the roof.
The snow paths are in our back yard for the dog. She is staying outside right now cause it's nice and mild, so why not get some fresh air! She also seems to find EVERY single blade of grass in every nook and cranny and she eats them and then pukes....YUCK...I have been woken up the last few nights to her gagging....so...today and tonight...she shall puke to her hearts content outside, and I will have a nice sleep.
The pictures were taken today, and I can hardly believe it's Feb 1...I seriously have no idea where the whole month of Jan went! I figure that if it keeps going fast like this to me, spring should be right around the corner LOL!