Thursday, March 24, 2011


I am posting today because of a girl (well she's a grown woman now, but to me she's still a girl) was ranting to me that I have not posted for a while. So because of her, I am gonna tell you about kids.

I had in my mind to NEVER  have kids.....and well, if you know me, that sure didn't pan out, and I had two very special and unique crazy kids just as mental as their mother LOL.
I can't imagine having more then two kids, and women that have more than hats off to you! I know two woman who have 6 kids of them I talked about here...Carla....she had 3 boys and 3 girls....and one of those girls....has gone and grown up and now is about to have her 6th child!
Now this is something who in the world PLANS to have 6 kids....well SHE did! I cannot even fathom the craziness in her house! However, I know one thing....that family has so much LOVE it oozes out all over the place.
This woman, Cheryl, I met when she was about 8 yrs old I think, so yeah, I feel really old when I talk about her having her 6th child. Now what a child SHE was as a kid..HUGE heart then already, clearly inherited from her mother too! And an attitude and a streak to match! was a total honor to watch her grow as a woman!

I currently work at a large grocery chain where I live in a small hickville town. And at this store I am a service cleark, which means you do EVERYTHING. One of the fun everythings I get to do, is blow up balloons for kids when they come in the store. However, sometimes my balloon blowing up and giving away can get out of control, and when you walk around the store, all you can see is a small sea of balloons bobbing around the isles lol...I think it's funny, but the bosses don't lol...I told them they should be happy cause now there is no screaming child but a nice quiet or slightly excited one now.
What seems really funny to me, is now that I have been there a while, some parents just come over and drop their kids off with me now LOL...the kids just know me as the balloon lady...or as some of them say "bawoon yady". Some kids that are at the check out I will just walk up too, ask their mom's if it's okay for them to have a balloon and then I grab the kids and take them away to the balloon area lol, and the parents just sit there and let me take their kids LMAO, and I don't even know them lol.
So as I am walking with the kids to the balloon blowing up area, I start small chat with the kids, like "what's your favorite color, how old are you, are you in school, or sometimes they don't talk at all, and so I tell them about my day, and I get a mini therapy session out of a 3 yr old LOL.
So the other day, this boy, around 4, comes with me to get a balloon (he's a regular, so he know the routine a bit) and I ask him what he's going to be when he grow up...he tells me a fire then I told him that when I grow up, I am going to go to the moon....he thinks for a sec....and then says "me too", so then I said " okay, well when I grow up and your grow up, why don't we have coffee on the moon"....he then runs back to his mom with his balloon, and says to her "Mom, I'm gonna have coffee with the balloon lady on the moon when I grow up"! So I was having a good laugh at that one....but it doesn't end there...the next day, I am a Tim Hortons getting a coffee..and who is there....THE KID...and he says to me.."hey balloon lady...your having coffee but we're not on the moon yet"!!!!!!!!! I just about crapped my pants!!!!
So a few people at work think that I should open up a daycare cause they think I'm good with kids LMAO LMAO LMAO...yeah....for like 30 SECONDS lol....these kids come in and then they LEAVE lol, other peoples kids are fun...for a while....but not like for 9 hours type of fun lol. I love kids, don't get me wrong, I love talking to them, hanging out for a bit, they make me laugh, but then I really really like my adult hood life lol.
My kids are now 16 and 20..just ask one of them what life growing up with me was like....oh geez, they's probably have to start their own blog just on that subject lol.
Currently what I love the most about my the laughing fits I have together with my daughter in the car mostly, we laugh so hard BOTH of us can't see the road....and the AWESOME intellectual conversations that my now adult son has with me about life and all other things odd! I just LOVE the hugs they give me, and I love that even though they don't know it..they are just as crazy as I am, if now worse.......
So Cheryl....if your kids are gonna be ANYTHING like you.......HOLD ON....and you have my number right, for when they run away from home, they can come to Auntie Robyn's house LOL! I'll put them on the bus to come here lol.