Thursday, November 21, 2013


The beautiful girl in this picture needs you. Her name is Alisha, and she is currently fighting for her life in a hospital back east. Today she lays in a hospital bed with burns to 70% of her body and she is not conscious. She was taken out of her burning basement suite and now needs you to whisper her name to the universe and beg that this world still needs her.
I met this amazing soul at Shambhala this past summer, and was blessed to have camped with her in my group for five days. I had many days where I was able to sit with her for hours and have amazing conversations, the kind that just move your soul. She is an amazing human with an amazing out look on life for being so young. If you pray, please pray, if you meditate, please meditate, if all you do is speak, then speak her name as someone will hear her name and know she is still wanted here on this earth.
Alisha....thank you for showing up in my life and teaching me something in our short visit together, you have blessed my life. FIGHT.....FIGHT HARD!

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