Saturday, November 9, 2013

Buy local and support your local artist!

Today I went to my first Christmas craft show...and I have to was rather exciting. I have lived in a very small town for the last five years, and so going to the Christmas show in that town was....well.....alright. I mean, it would have been better if the people made different things each year, or others joined in, but that usually never happened and so you pretty much saw the same stuff year after year.
Well being near the big city here in Alberta now.....I GET CHOICES AND I GET TO SEE NEW FUN STUFF!!!
So my hubster was gracious enough to drop me off at the fair and let me doddle for a while and not feel rushed, I had such a great time looking at so many fantastic local artists.
Since both of my kids are SOOOOO talented, I very much believe that one should buy and shop local and support those who live HERE or at least in Canada.....the days of internet shopping are so crazy and you can buy anything and everything from China or beyond, I think it's important to show those HERE that they are important to us HERE!
So today I purchased from two localish area artists. I couldn't resist and owl shirt and a little owl stuffy that was just so darn cute.
I was able to have a little chat with each artist and they too felt the same as I....SUPPORT LOCAL.
This talented young lady made the owl stuffy and a bunch of other fantastic stuff.
Front of the owl stuffy filled with grain.
Back of owl stuffy with cute little saying.
This amazing woman draws ALL of her OWN stuff, then silk screens it all to different wears, from shirts, to bags etc. Her husband(boyfriend?) supports her gleefully. Amazing pair of humans these two!
This is the awesome owl shirt I bought from her, truly great artist talent, saw her sketch book....totally amazing!
This is another fair happening in the northern part of Alberta in Edmonton....I heard it pretty fantastic...and I would LOVE to go and take this in...anyone out there wanna go, I have 5 or so $1 off coupons for it.


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  2. I love those Owl things, they are really creative and special:)