Sunday, October 27, 2013

Oh the lies

This was never more apparent to me once I became a vegetarian over a year ago, and then again when I attempted being a vegan.
It first started with family and friends...."Where will you get your protein? Your gonna loose nutrients, your gonna miss out......etc." This list went on and on and on.
So I asked myself...WHY....why do these people think and say these things? Why are they so convinced that what I am doing is so crazy and wrong, where did this believe come from?
Who told them they had to have meat in there life to live "properly"?
I was told "our ancestor hunted meat, it's all about survival"......ummmm were you there with our ancestor? Where did you get this information about our ancestors if non of us were alive back then....did the government tell them this info? Did the "food" people tell them this?
Well someone somewhere who is making money off of this has been telling and brainwashing people for decades about this....that meat and dairy is the way........why, cause "they" make money of us being sick, they make money off of the industry of it all. Why do they want people sick....because there is big money in it...big money in medicine. One example of this:'s a HUGE anti inflammatory....yet the doctors will prescribe expensive medicine that will have worse side effects then anything....OR you could buy a juicer and juice some celery....along with some other very effective things to make it taste yummy and you will have the same effects of medicine just with out all the other CRAP man put in it. I can give you this example because I DID IT and IT WORKS! I tried it, went into it thinking it probably won't work, and even with my negative opinion I was pleasantly surprised.
So if you would rather not take the effort to try something new, and take the effort to make something better for you and you would rather just "take a pill" then all the power to ya, but don't come to me and complain about all the side effects and complain about the government doing this and that or the food and drug act doing this and that....because every time you take a pill instead, your empowering those people and filling their pockets with even more money and confirming in their eyes that what they are doing is right.
Well, this has been your friendly Sunday morning rant....HAVE A GREAT DAY! 

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