Sunday, January 23, 2011

You know your getting old when.....

You actually ENJOY listening to CBC Radio in the car while driving anywhere anytime! That no matter WHAT the content of the show is, you keep listening to it! I thought that was the end of it with CBC....but then this happened.....I have become addicted to watching CBC Television documentaries. OOOOHHHHH boy, this has happened to me and I am not 40 yet....what the hell is gonna happen to me when I actually am OLD lol.

So speaking of documentaries, I watched a really great one the other day that my hubby had PVR'd. It was called "Raw Milk - The Milk War" It was a story about a man in Ontario fighting the gov't to sell his raw milk to people who wanted it. As of 1991, the Canadian gov't made it illegal to sell raw milk, saying it was dangerous and was making people sick. It's not illegal to drink it, just to sell it. Weird. I know me and my siblings never got sick from the raw milk we drank from our cow Dixie! I remember even squirting the milk straight from the cow's teat into my mouth! Anyways, he fought hard, lost a lot of money and land, but in the end won his battle in Ontario.
Just a while back, I was reading in the local paper how another farm in the Lower Mainland is fighting the same fight them selves.
It just makes me how did any of the people ever freakin survive in the old days when we milked our own cows, butchered our own meat, baked our own bread and grew our own gardens before the gov't set up certain crazy rules to regulate crap that just freakin doesn't need regulating! 
I am sure that if the gov't saw my house they'd shit there pants and try to regulate something we are doing here lol....and if they did, I would force them all to sit on the porta potty I had to pee on for 18 months LOL.

So tomorrow when I get in the car, I shall snicker to myself once again, as I listen to CBC Radio 1 in the car and learn some more crap about something totally useless that will inevitably come up on at least one of my conversations at some point in my life lol.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I found this, I read it, and I had to copy & paste it...why? just because I liked it!

An author out of Flagstaff, Az wrote a book called, “A Way to Live” and published it himself. “A Way to Live” made its way to bookstores on the West Coast, particularly because the world was searching for a new Vonnegut. “Kurt’s getting old,” liberals thought, “and we desperately need someone to replace him.”
A young man in Seattle picked up the book out of the self-help section. He had just gotten paid and figured $4.99 was a fair price for direction.
The book was about another young man named Chris, who was directed to grab a piece of lined, white notebook paper.
He did so.
Theodore, the young man in Seattle, did this as well.
He was also directed to grab a writing implement.
Chris chose a pencil in the story, and Theodore chose a red pen in his dining room.
Next Chris was directed to write any message on the paper – something he’d say to god if there were a god and if he were to meet him and if he were a he or spoke a language or cared about his creations.
“Ahem,” thought Chris. “Dear god. Hope you got the letter. No, that’s a song.”
Theo: “Ok, god… why is there so much suffering in this world?”
Chris tried again, “I’m sure you’ve got other prayers to answer and all, but I need some direction in my life right now.”
Theo disagreed with the book, “Why would we ask for direction, will god even respond?”
Chris agreed. “I need to write something that will be more of a command.”
“Or maybe less a command and more a suggestion.”
“to make the world better, to help people change their lives.”
“Ok.” they agreed.
Chris wrote, “Life, please be more rational.”
Theodore wrote, “People should share themselves.”
The book ended with a bunch of tax tables and geological surveys, but Theodore didn’t. He folded the paper into thirds and slid it into an envelope, slapped on a stamp and addressed it to:
North Pole, Canada”
Do they have zip codes in Canada? Probably not important in this case.
To his surprise, the postman accepted the envelope and took it to the processing station.
This was in December, so a postwoman understood the letter to be for Santa and threw it into a pile with the other envelopes that had pictures of reindeers and divorce papers. “On Christmas I’ll be at my dad’s house, since it’s a weekend, so you can deliver my presents there, Santa.” The postwoman’s name, however, was Gloria Orenthal Demeules. “god,” she said. “It’s addressed to G.O.D.”
She wondered if it was someone trying to get in touch with her – one of her neighbor’s cute kids who would send her a personal message out of all those faceless envelopes?… or perhaps the strapping bag boy at QFC was sending her a message… she’d told him about her job going through Santa letters from divorced kids. He knew she was G.O.D. Maybe he was telling her about sex, and how he wanted to do terrible things to her. She hoped.
(needless to say, Theodore was that strapping bag boy, but Gloria never found out she had been right.)
She opened the mail.
“‘People should share themselves’…. Why, that has nothing to do with presents.”
Against post office policy, she took the note home with her and put it on her mantle as the only Christmas card in a lonely season. She wondered about it often. She decided to live by the card that had been sent to her by forces unknown. (Despite her staunch opposition to religion, she came to the conclusion that only Santa could have sent this to her, as a reward for raking through the misguided wishes of divorcees’ children and filtering them out). “More than anything else,” Gloria told her sister, Wendy Althea Demeules, “I’ve been sharing my writing with other people. I mean, I don’t know if I was supposed go out and give charity or whore myself-”
“Oh Dear!” from the other end of the line.
“-but neither of those would have the effect Santa would want. ‘Share yourself’… it’s so… vague.”
Gloria went to poetry slams and read her material to an overly enthusiastic and privately judgemental crowd of white adults and black teens. She felt better. She didnt mind the lonliness anymore – or – perhaps – by sharing her poetry she began to be less lonely. Something like that.
Either way the next month Gloria realized other people could experience the same thing. She could help them change themselves.
She grabbed a red pen and sat down.
She wrote, “Lose some weight.”
She slid it in an envelope, slapped on a stamp and took it to work.
“Dave. I need you to do a favor – deliver this to anyone in the 98112 zip code, just randomly, ok?”
“You got it.”
Needless to say, Dave opened the envelope thinking it was a private message.
“‘Lose some weight’? What the fuck?”
Gloria left work that night in a car whose doors had been discreetly keyed. When she got home she prepared a number of other messages to be sent out – 25 in all. Here’s a few of the ones she wrote:
“People should share themselves.”
“Listen to new music.”
“Light candles tonight.”
“Feast on the rich.”
“Forgive your parents.”
and so on.
At work the next day, she handed a couple out to each postman, asking them to deliver to random mailboxes. Each of the envelopes was addressed to ‘god’.
Privately, all over the city, people read these messages, pondered for a few minutes whether they were asses of a joke or part of a chosen few, then quizzed their mail carriers. The postmen didn’t care to talk, and some even spat at the homeowners.
And so it began: dozens of Seattlites reacted the same way Gloria did – they thought of the letter, then followed the advice. Some thought it was a message from aliens, others thought it was from the postmaster general. Some thought the Chinese had given up on cookies while others were sure that astrologers had given up on newspapers (though cookies and newspapers continued to run fortunes, as far as the Seattlites could tell).
One woman, Elizabeth Liason Frye, got the message, “Drink 8 glasses of water a day”
Hugo Ulysses Goldberg received, “Don’t stand for injustice.”
And about half the people decided to send messages back, addressed to ‘god.’
and so on.
After a few months the media caught on and there was an explosion of letters to ‘god’ with everybody receiving at least one a week, then one every couple days.
By the time June rolled around it had become a morning ritual:
Hugo woke up at 7, ate breakfast while writing his daily suggestion, and tossed it in the mailbox on the way to work. Every day. And every day he received a new message in the mail, “Don’t shop at Fred Meyers,” or “Give yourself a breast exam.”
Hugo’s interactions at work became a reflection of these daily pieces of advice – people felt a lot more comfortable speaking their minds, leaving little slips of paper on their coworkers desks.
“I like the world more now,” Hugo would say. “We can be so much more open with each other.”
Theodore, bagging groceries for Gloria at the QFC, wasn’t liking the world so much.
“I don’t like the world as much anymore,” he would say. “Nobody says anything of value anymore.”
Gloria was a perfect example of this. “Theo,”
“Yes ma’am?”
“Did you know that I started this letter-writing trend?”
Lying bitch, I started it. “No, I didnt’ know that! What was your first message?”
“I said, ‘Lose some weight’, just some good healthy advice.”
Theo was quiet for a couple seconds.
“Ma’am? What if the person it reached was already thin?”
Gloria blinked. “Well, I guess I never thought of that.”
Gloria was 25 pounds overweight and Theo never shared himself with loved ones.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

My idea of normal..

Well, I know there are a few people thinking in their heads right now..."this should be interesting"....just never you mind!
This last week I took a drive to the Fraser Valley as I had a Doc apt there. While I was there, as I always do, I try to squeeze in as many visits with friends as possible. Living there for 30 years some how enabled me to collect of few of them, and for some reason they keep opening the door back up for me when I come back to visit lol.
This time I had an extra visit planned, one that I didn't really have planned til the last minute. Waaaaaaaay back when I was in elementary school I knew a boy named Vince. I have not seen him since then except for one time 16 years ago on the side of the road in Chilliwack for two minutes. Well, a few days ago, I found him on facebook, made him a friend, told him I was coming out, and told him I would contact him when I get out there.
Now some of my friends think I am who meets people from elementary school...I DO! Let me tell you....DON'T EVER BE AFRAID TO DO IT, cause it was AWESOME. He has turned in to a real great person, seems like the little boy I remember from grade 6. It was an amazing experience and I am glad that I think it's normal to meet people from your past!

Another "normal" idea for me is picture taking. While I was at my doctors I thought it was normal to ask him if I could take a picture of him and I together...he did not hesitate one bit, which leads me to believe he too thinks this is normal just like me!!! lol
By the way, if you ever need a Orthopedic surgeon...Dr.Rose in Abbotsford seriously is the BEST. Not only cause he's good at what he does, but because he spent  an hour with me instead of the allotted 1/2 hour, he let me ask him all those crazy questions people never think of or would want to ask their doctor. Things like.."did you always know you were going to be a surgeon? If you could have any other profession what would it be, one that would make your heart happy?" and a few other questions too, but I won't go into much more detail.
Anyways, my "that's just not normal" week was AWESOME....I just wish people could live in my shoes for a day, you's probably have a BLAST! 

Monday, January 3, 2011

My therapist, adopted Mom, and personal angel...Carla

Well I should have done this post first, but my head was a little hot still so I had to post the other one first lol.

I have the best therapist, adopted Mom, and personal Angel sent by God all in one person...CARLA. If this woman is not in your sucks to be you!!

This crazy nutcase came into my life about 18 years ago, and let me tell you, she hasn't changed at bit and I love it...however, she has changed me beyond believe! She is the therapist that is better then anyone you could ever possibly pay for, and I really mean it, if I had to pay her, I'd just give her my left leg now lol, she's that great! She loved me unconditionally like only a Mom could do, no matter how horrible the story I would tell her, no matter how disappointed in me she was, she never showed it, she only ever showed me love, and because of that, I have learned to do the same!
Most of all though, I know for certain, God sent her to me...because He knew that the world needed a tag team of craziness!!! I went through an amazing spiritual journey because of her, and have an amazing believe and understanding to day because of her, I may not know all the answers, and will never claim too either, I leave that all for her!!!! For some reason, she seems to ALWAYS have the answer.
This woman Carla....helped bring the light back into my life, brought strength back into my bones, and helped me to remember that I have the biggest mouth with good intentions....most of the time LOL.
If I could be like her to ONE person on this earth, then I know that God is smiling and saying "that's right my little earthlings, I'm creating the best tag team EVER". My hope is that then that person will pass on the friendship of a lifetime she has given me!
My favorite part of Carla...her laughter! I LOVE TO LAUGH...with her the most, but mostly in life in general because of her! So if you want to know her, just ask me and I will introduce you to her, but I shall warn you, you'll never be the same again!!!!
Maybe one day I will scan and post the pics of when Carla called me and asked for a when Carla calls and asks for a favor, there is no way in hell your gonna say no after all she ALWAYS does for you....she asked me to dress up like a hooker and told me to be ready in a few hours, as she had a plan! If Carla plans...YOUR SCREWED....because if you ever think I am a deviant... she is the grandmaster of deviance! She then passed that on to her 6 kids, and is in the process I am sure of passing it on to her..ummm 18? grandkids...there's a million of them anyways, that's all I know...they're Dutch...need I say more LMAO.
So yeah...hooker story in more detail with day...I will post lol.
I love you Carla!!! 

My first public rant...

Where to start....well how bout here.....DO NOT TREAT ME LIKE CRAP...there! This is how this rant starts! I am picking this particular rant today because of what specifically happened in my life today! How I dealt with it today actually stems waaaaaaaaaaaay back to past life experiences and growth from them. I am happy to say, that I have actually learned many a thing from my earlier life crappy experiences and have moved on to tell others of how they too can learn from them or of their own.
I am officially now pushing 40, and I am pretty proud of it! Proud that I can stand up for myself as a woman and not tolerate any backlash whether it be from a male or a female. This particular experience today was from a male however. This particular person is in a position of authority in a public service organization! I need not say more. I would expect a person of such stature to be professional, or have some professional training of some great degree in order to be in his said position.
Well it seems not!
I could go into great detail about the situation that brought him and I together today, but really, no one wants to read that boring crap lol! So needless to say, he and I had a confrontation today, where he felt the need to be little me, mumble incompressible blubberings, say more untrue facts and then hang up!
Now those of you who know me and know me blood pressure went from 0- 1000 in about..ummmmm TWO SECONDS! Seriously...are you kidding me, is all I could did not just talk to me like that....and a few other unpleasantries as well lol 
I am so happy that I can stand up for myself, what worries me is that there is a world of women, girls and yes males as well, that cannot. Not sure why, as this whole concept seems crazy to me now, but that's only because I went through the trenches first to get to this great place of self confidence!
So....I have had the day to think about things, and I am no less disturbed by the unprofessionalism by this person, but I do know exactly what I will do about it! I can barley wait to go to work tomorrow, to show him how a professional does conduct one self!!!
Ahhhhhhhh that was a great little vent! 

Oh boy Oh I go....

Well this is it! I have officially done it! I have created a blog for the whole freakish world to read! This blog will have absolutely no set pattern or purpose, I have no clue how often I will even post. I am so not responsible for ticking anyone off lol, this is just my space to type away just because I can!!!