Tuesday, July 31, 2012

First step

Well we have made the first step in our journey this week. You may laugh at our first step, but considering this insane roller coaster ride that we have been on, ANY step to me at this point is freakin exciting okay!!!!!!! We made the call to Hydro to have our current service to our farm disconnected and have arranged for a electrician to go out there next week and disconnect the wires from the house and put up a temporary pole for us so that we can have power there while we build. The next thing we did was make the call to the "call before you dig" people lol. Once that call is in, they have 4 days to send us the drawing of where our gas lines to the house are, so that when the demolition guy comes next week we are good to go and he knows where stuff is too.
So you see, this type of movement to me is THRILLING...the fact that something is beginning to happen is beyond words. Last night we even finally came to consensus as to what house plan we both wanted. So we can now take that to the city today or tomorrow and get our permit pulled for building, since we found out yesterday that this to can take weeks to get from them....OOOOHHHHHH BOY....the things you learn that you never thought you would need to know.
So I will be taking pictures through out this process or journey as I call it, so that we may share with the world this nut job life we are living and creating in! Stay tuned!!!!

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