Monday, July 23, 2012

Four blissful and eventfull years

On the the 21st it was our 4th wedding anniversary. Not a huge long time, but it was OUR time! The things we have done and gone through in those four years is amazing. When we sit around and think of the things we have experience in our 6 years together we often sit and laugh and say things like "what were we thinking" lol.
I cannot think of a better man I would have wanted by my side these last 6 years. When I dreamed as a little girl of the man I would think I was not him lol....because this man I married is even BETTER then the one I thought of as a little girl.
So on our fourth wedding Anniversary, we went for Chinese food, nothing special, but very special to me. The night before, I was off work at 11pm....and when I got home we sat up talking about my day at work and his day....thought nothing of this is our usual routine....when I had arrived home I brought my hubby some yummy snacks from work he likes and said Happy Anniversary, he joked and said..."but I didn't get you anything" I replied with...."oh hunny, who cares, I only brought you some treats, it's nothing major...sheesh".
So I told him I was tired now, it was after midnight, and at the strike of midnight we had kisses and wished each other many more happy crazy years together....I toodled upstairs and went into our dark bedroom to turn on the bedside lamp....and my bed....was a dozen roses!!!!!!
I am spoiled everyday in ways that no one else would ever understand like me. I have been blessed tenfold when I met this amazing man. Thank you hunny for the last four years and all the ones to come!!!!!!!

We eloped in a helicopter!

Me sitting outside of the helicopter we eloped in!


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