Saturday, December 29, 2012

Good times

Well the holidays are over.....well for us they are anyways....we had a week off and now in a day we are back to working reality.
We had a chance to go to the coast for the holidays with family and friends. I can't even put into words how much fun I had.
Here's a small run down of events....Christmas at my parents, Christmas night I spent the night at my one and only Uncle Nicks apartment ( something I have been waiting 41 yrs to do) he lives downtown Vancouver practically right on Robson Street and it was AWESOME, boxing day spent running the sea wall in Vancouver with him as he photographed me running,  followed with shopping at the Running Room and Whole Foods ( which was crazy since my eyes were fluttering to the back of my head with excitement and over stimulation from being in the "big city" ), spending the next day at my best friend Carla's house and getting my hair curled by her and having another great friend Daphne over, the day after that having dinner with ANOTHER best friend Judy and her husband at a AWESOME Greek restaurant, oh yeah, and in between all that....MORE SHOPPING lol...also seeing my second brother and his family...whom I have not seen in two yrs as well, along with having my one and only sister there with her husband too.
So you can imagine the amount of fun and craziness that took place this week. Here is ONE picture that can give you a small glimpse into the insanity of my family. This is my Mom and Dad....I bought this apron in my small town and brought it to my Mom for Christmas....well....all I can say is that they got "out of control" and they can NEVER blame me for they way I turned out when this is how THEY behaved LOL.
Yes....that is my Dad grabbing my Mom's boob....and yes....that is my Mom saying "wooh, that's going right through the apron".
There should never be another question to me wondering why I turned out to be who I am after one sees a small example like this LOL.

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