Sunday, November 25, 2012

Quilters unite....errr...ummm maybe not

 My sister is the quilter of the family....I AM NOT. Some people have certain skills in certain areas and this is one area that I do NOT have skills. I went to Walmart and bought my self a quilting cutting board thing, and then bought a rotary cutting thing. As you can read...I also have NO quilting lingo skills either....all things quilting will be regarded as "thingy", so if you don't know what I am speaking of then to bad, contact my sister for a interpretation lol.
So last night I started on the "pile" in the dining room. This pile has been growing for a few months. It is the jeans pile that has been collected by me from various share sheds. Why buy used ones when I can get them for free!!!! So I don't have one of those special square quilting thingies, so I used a square like bowl that my husband found in the cupboard here for me lol....yes, he too has now become involved in this...and by involved I mean he gives his two cents worth on what he thinks I am doing wrong! Interesting right!!!! Yeah...that did NOT last long as I gave him the "look". It's funny how he becomes an expert on ALL things I try even though he has NEVER done them lol. As he likes to say "but I'm must trying to help you hun". LOL.
So anyways, back to the "pile", I started on this journey smiling.....this is how it looked after 10 minutes...
Guess what I'm thinking LMAO...
I'm thinking "who does this for fun?" No this fun? At what point does this become fun? Is this also yoga? Is this yoga for quilters? HELP ME UNDERSTAND THIS INSANITY LMAO.
So, I ended up cutting out approx 80 squares....are they all perfect squares...HELL NO...sheesh...I really have no idea what to do with the next step either, cause this first step was so exhausting I can't imagine this fun getting any better....I will mention that I did get through that process with out any profanity, so for this I should get a special quilting award just for that.
So this is what I have sister shall have no fear of me want to take over her quilting retreats fact I will only attend one if I can become the entertainment factor of it, where I can sit and mock the happy quilters....seriously, someone needs to do some stand up comedy routine on this stuff, cause I really do think it would be endless.
The other thing I have decided is this....I will complete this ONE quilt, my own jean quilt to cuddle with, it may take a LONG time, but I will get it done, it may look like a MAN did it, but I don't care.
Wish me luck!


  1. oh those quilters at retreat would have you gong in no time lol :-) just so you know, there really are no rules to making quilts, the quilt police DO NOT exist despite some ladies thinking they are lol. Mckenzi has not piped on how to do it yet :-)

  2. Hello my darling wife ! It's your husband actually taking the time to read your blog...

    i think this is the second time since you started blogging a year or two ago ? Not that i don't want to read what you have to say, but most of the time i just forget or don't have the time.. or i have heard the story or joke or complaint (hmmm can i say that ?) before ?
    ....well i guess we'll see what happens after i post this..... i might be banned from your blog or maybe someone will have some sympathy with me and know what i have to deal with...LOL

    Do you want me to tell you about "square thingies" first or talk to you about how you tell the world i talk to you ? - well.... we'll start with the way i talk to you....

    i don't recall saying "I'm must trying.." - english might not be my first language, but i don't talk backwards like that... i mess up things like Windy and Vindy once in a blue moon but give me some credit.. i don't talk like i just learned english last week.....

    Now about the squares.. since you involved me in this to help you to find a square to use as a template -

    you know german squares are square, and most Canadian squares are square as well, but you have your own definition of what a square is.... and i'm sure they will
    work all just fine for your quilt.... but i still have to say something when the square looks more like a freeform cutout of a pancake ..LOL that's why i used my 2 cents to give you some hints... and all i got in return was "THE LOOK" as you call it....
    so i'm so sorry to tell you, yes i am an expert on what a square is... i learned that one in school and i think a square is still the same as it was 30 years ago..... so yes hun, "I'M MUST trying to help you"...... - secretly checking my pulse to see if i'm dead yet or not...luckily you are asleep right now....

    It was very quiet in the living room as your were cutting your 80 squares in the dining room and i thank you for that... the only thing i'm worried about is when you start
    sewing them together.. i don't think that will be such a "quiet" project you are going to take on,

    but i have all the faith in you that it will turn out to be .... a quilt... and even though you think i don't know sewing machines.. i will still help you, "the not knowing anything about quilting husband "that i am !... I love you anyways....

    i think i need to start my own blog... someplace to talk, and not just in response to my lovely wife.... i just
    need a good name...... hun - any suggestions ????.. love, your hubby

      I secretly would pay money to read THAT one :-)
      Oh yeah....I have a suggestion for you should call it "The know all be all, the life of a suppressed man" LMAO
      Love you hun!!!!