Thursday, September 6, 2012

On the move again....

Well...we have moved AGAIN. Our first temporary home has been cleaned up (by my most wonderful husband cause I have been working insane hours at work) and packed away and moved to our latest and greatest new temporary home.
This one is about 5 or so km away from the main town area, so it is VERY nice to be on the outskirts of town. The most wonderful thing about this new place is that the home is on a bit of land and it backs right on to a every morning I get to look out at the lake and see the ducks swimming around, there are dear the roam through the property and just the nice serenity of the quietness. Complete opposite of our last temp home. But....I cannot complain to much about that old place, we were given a roof over our heads in a time of need and desperation so it was a GREAT gift.
We just have been given another great gift in this home. It again worked out so wonderfully for us. A friend has gone to the Vancouver Island for the winter and spring and needed someone to house sit for her, and she thought of us and asked if we would like to move in....well....who in there right mind could say no (country folk who aren't used to city living)....NOT US!!!!!
I really feel like I have moved into a castle in this's just what my country soul needed...and I have to say...I don't miss my old city neighbors one's was getting really really out of control with the horrible things that they were doing there in the city next door....I could do a whole rage blog just on the idiots next fact, maybe I will do one, it may be therapeutic for me lol
As far as an update on our actual home in the the next few weeks we will be taking down what's left of the old house and getting the area prepped for winter, so that in the spring we can start our new build and adventure. When we take down the old one, I think that's when it will really hit me....that there really is no more old crazy shit shack LOL.

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