Sunday, September 23, 2012

Misty morning walks...

This was my walk this morning at 7:15am....just after I got off of working a graveyard shift. Everywhere else there was no fog....but because we are currently living by a lake..the fog and misty air just hovers around our area. So when I go for a walk, it's like walking in a giant cool mist humidifier LOL. This morning on my walk I came across two things...first was a gigantic toad on the road that had it's head was as equally traumatizing to see in real life as for you to read it here lol....secondly...a HUGE pile of bear shit....yes...I know what bear shit looks like thank you very much......we have some in our yard to as well, so the bear is near. I just didn't expect to see it right in the middle of the road...what I really wish is that I could have been witness to the bear taking the shit in the middle of the that would have been some funny shit LMAO. So it seems I will have to take my bear spray with me on my walks in the morning.

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