Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The results are in!

Went to the doctor yesterday for a full physical and to get the results from some blood work I had done last week. A co worker of mine suggested that I get my fasting glucose and cholesterol done....so I did and here are the results:
Glu Fast          3.9     The average range is 4.1-5.6 ( I am wonderfully healthy in the sugar dept)
Triglyceride    1.19    The average range for this one is 1.70 (again, I am in great condition in this area)
HDL              0.98    The average range is 1.30 (this is were I am a wee low...this means I have to eat more oils or things like avocados and walnuts, or take a fish oil supplement....which won't be happening since I am now vegan lol.
I have made an appointment with a local nutritionist now through the doctor and have to write down everything I eat for the next three weeks so the nutritionist has a starting point to work with as well.
So some exciting results and exciting changes in the future!

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  1. way to go sis :-) how is your iron? seems our family has issues in low iron, at least josh and i do ( mine was a 5 and should have been 150 or so, up to 50 last test yeah ) :-( also big sis just wants you to keep an eye on your sugars being LOW. 3.9 is not bad as long as it does not go lower for any length of time. maybe get them to do a AC1 test to get a 3 month average. when Greg gets to 3.9 he is getting food in him ASAP to get them back up to at least 5.

    keep it up