Monday, December 17, 2012

My gym is a little white!

On my run yesterday I snapped a couple of pics....the run it self was wonderful, on top of the snow feels like fluffy clouds but also at the same time a little bit like squishy sand too, makes for foot placement while running a challenge, but hey, I figure that means I am working different muscles in my legs by doing so.
The days are much shorter now, so makes running difficult to fit in....last week I went a whole week without running....I got my self into a bit of a funk so to speak. I have been working graveyards, day shift, afternoon shifts..alllll over the place, so it have been a huge challenge to get any type of routine down, yet alone stay sane. So last week I finally had my mental snapping moment, I broke.
I did not run, I just about quite my job, and I ate a lot of sugar crap. NOT GOOD LAST WEEK AT ALL.
However, the important things is that I got my self out of my slump and I am back on need to give up at all, just get back on the bus and keep going, that is the most important advice I can give. I no longer beat my self up over missing one run, or eating a handful of choc covered blueberries. I just start again with the next RIGHT decision.

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  1. Way to go keep up the good attidude! People can't help but be inspired by persistence no matter how cynical & addicted to Captain Crunch they may be...