Sunday, September 23, 2012

Veg Head

It's been a little over a month now that I have become a full fledged veg head.....VEGETARIAN. Why you ask!! Why not I say. What do I have to lose really. Do I miss meat...the first week I did, but not now. I have been experimenting with different foods and combinations and have been pleasantly surprised by it all. My husband is still not used to me not eating meat...just last week he went to the grocery store and bought steaks and came home and said "Oh hunny, I got some really yummy steaks" which I replied "Well I am really happy for you and the kid, should be a yummy supper for you" which he replied "oh crap..I forgot" lol.....ohhhhhhh boy.
My Dad became a veg head about 20 years or so ago, and he's almost 80 yrs old! I have an Uncle who's been a veg head for as long as I can it's not like it's some new idea to me. I have friends in my life too who are veg heads, so I have been more then exposed to the whole idea.
I just decided once summer was over that it was time for a change. One of the first changes I noticed with in a few days was this: WARNING. THE NEXT LINE MAY MAKE YOU GROSS poop LOL...yup...totally different now in every aspect. My energy levels are also different, but not drastic enough for me to say it's all because I stopped eating meat.
Anyways...this is a really fun journey, and I look forward to trying new things that go with it. The following are a few photo's of a few new things I like to eat!

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  1. well it appears the older you/we get, the more like our parents we become lol