Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I find the above statement to be very true for me. It's really is amazing what running has done for me. It's so great all the things that can get accomplished on a run for me....such as.....planing wedding speeches for friends, organizing and planning ideas, mind and spirit calming, sometimes just zoning out and feeling the earth beneath my feet....and the list goes on and on.....there is never a run that is the same as the one before, no matter if I do the same route over and over...my body is always reacting and feeling different, and for this I am grateful.
I love that it's just me and the road and my thoughts...some people write journals....I run....to me running is the same as putting a pen to paper, except I am "running" those thoughts into the ground and working them all out.
Running is not for everyone, but it has become something for me, and this I never would have thought would be so powerful.

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