Sunday, February 2, 2014

Oh my Sunday....

Well hello there you sexy thing February.....seems you have snuck up me quickly. Day two in to this short month and I feel good!
Did some shopping in town with the hubster yesterday and had a FABULOUS Indian buffet cuisine that I have managed to scout out...and I have been there a few times but the hubby has not, so FINALLY he was able to partake with me....and he liked it...yippee....this is a yippee, cause the hubster is a VERY picky person with food and the quality of it was super that he actually liked it but all super that BOTH of us could eat and eat well! This place had the most amazing food for both meat eaters like the hubster and the veg head like me.
Once home I accomplished the laundry and organizing.....I just love how it all looks on Sunday.....but then by Wednesday not so I believe it gets this way because of the 4am grab and dashes that sometimes take place before work in the dark lol.....but none the is the pretty picture of my work clothes all lined jeans, short sleeved work shirts to go over the long sleeved work this time of's all about layers people!

So this morning I thought I would partake in a work out at home....we managed to bring our stationary bike from the farm here when we moved but it has not had much yesterday in my "get shit together" mood, I got this little area together.
So as I have said previously...I have been running again....but I have never been the type of person to do the bike I thought it was sorta lazy and not as much as what I needed.....WELL....may I now beg for forgiveness of this insulting idea of what I thought it was all this morning....for half hour...IT KICKED MY ASS! Seriously.....I did this program 4 thing, were it goes up and up and then down...three times....meaning tension on the wheel...well....last night when I was setting it all up and just trying it out.....I thought that tension 2 was a bit hard....but after this morning....tension SEVEN is actually the hard one....NOT 2. I was huffing and puffing so hard I thought the neighbors were gonna hear me....sheesh.
So....for this week, instead of heading off to the gym, I will be heading to this bike and doing a little bit of a different work out, along with other things I have planned for my sorry ass :-)

I have a feeling that it's gonna take a whole week to build up the numbing feeling in my ass so that I can make it through a whole half hour on the bike without having to adjust my butt every two minutes.....sheesh AGAIN.....weird that I have to like build up a sort of callus on my ass bones lol

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