Monday, February 17, 2014

Oh for the love of Paneer

There are many things I have been able to give up.....cheese is the hardest one for me.....I had a wee bit of a challenge with milk, but now that I am fully on the almond milk I don't miss regular milk at fact, the thought of guzzling milk like I used to makes me wanna wretch lol.
So I struggle with the whole cheese thing.....especially PANEER...OMG...I freakin LOVE this I am making Paneer Tikka Masala for lunch....the smells in the house are delicious!

Please....try to focus on the Paneer dish here....not the pigs doing it on top of the stove.....perverts lol.

So I  have to decide which of these bags are gonna be my underneath dish for my Paneer yummyness.
Either way it does not matter.....cause no matter what....I shall make a PIG of myself eating this for lunch!!!

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