Thursday, January 30, 2014

Where did ya go?

Like seriously....where did January go? I cannot believe tomorrow is that last day of the first month of this year already!
First of mornings.....let me get this EARLY mornings...have been filled with treadmill time.....

Like I had said a few weeks ago....I have been going to this gym in the city...and I had a three day pass, but they only checked me off for the one day...and well....I guess the guilt has not gotten to me yet, cause I still have not paid lol.....and they are in fact greeting me each morning with smiling faces lol. Every day I think "today will be the day they FINALLY figure out I am treadmilling for free lol", but every day I walk in and they never ask me to check in, so every day I just keep pushing myself further and further.....and apparently this is the "ugly just finished my work out face" that I have.....

No wonder they don't as me to check in or pay....I LOOK ANGRY AND FRIGHTFUL lol.

The other thing dominating my time and mind has been the huge lay off's going on at work. My work used to run 7 days a week, and they just shut down the weekend shift, let them all go, and they also let go just under a 100 people from my shift...I was one of the ones that made the it felt good....but also extremely hard to see and watch people being walked out. Since this lay off, the people left have been going MENTAL with stress....and there are many changes now being that we all have to gather first thing in the morning like some crazy Chinese work camp and do our morning stretches.....I have heard they do this at Walmart too....well......I think that what in fact they all need to do is some freakin yoga so they all can just chill the hell out!

But one thing that greets me daily...either in the dark of the early mornings, or the light of the end of my the wild gang that roams the fields and sometimes back alley's of our little village.....and they seem to be growing and seriously out of control type growing....or they are gathering other village gangs to theirs lol....I dunno....but I stopped counting today at 30 of them. As long as this gang stays out of my garden come this summer we will be just fine co existing together in the village.....

I just had to stop today and take their pic.....and even when I get out of the car....they are not scared.....and they seem to have a lot of youngsters....seems they have the same problem as the local colonists around here.....PROLIFIC lol

The other thing that if funny about getting used to living in southern AB is how pissed off I get when there actually is's like we go for a while with no snow and then day of snow...and it's like it's personally insulting me with disregard of my needs DARE there be snow in the winter months dare I conceive of a winter where there is little snow lol.....yet alone only for one day....sheesh.

So....I look forward to February.....cause it's just that much closer to garden seed planning and warmer weather.....and of course....the one year anniversary of us finding this crazy village!!

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