Sunday, February 23, 2014

Farmers market frenzy

First stop after breakfast with family in the big city yesterday was a farmers market my son goes to all the time. It did not disappoint me either. I was able to pick up treats for the hubster and myself.
After that my son directed me to a super awesome natural market (health foods type) store. I would usually head to Planet Organic when in the city, but I have now discovered this one thanks to my son and it too was awesome.

One of my favorites...picked up this hand made toque at the farmers market.

Some rather unique flavors of jerky at the farmers market for the hubster.
OMG...these are sooooo good, the next time I am in the city, I will be buying HANDFULS of these!

I have found this awesome glass water bottle that allows you to keep your lemon on the top and squeeze when ever you want more lemon....brilliant, as I love fresh lemon in my water...and it's so good for you!

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